Friday, March 10, 2017

Valuing Privacy + SM Review-Preview 81

The Wikileaks Vault 7 dump came and has confirmed what many of us suspected. The normies will not give credit to the paranoid crowd, and one doubts if they will even notice or change their behaviors. There was something peculiar revealed that I will write on later because it relates back to Snowden and the NSA reveals from 2013. We can also admit that privacy is now a supreme value while simultaneously saying we do not value it.

People who care about privacy are in a bind as everything you type, say and do is recorded somewhere. It can be used against you whenever they want to use it. What do you do? You might start with rejecting their consumer social media services. That is easy. People still email. People still call. If you value it the utmost, it might cause you to reorient to a more localized circle. All of this social media enabled our atomized, spread out social circles.

Forget email and letters, consider the advance of cell phone rates and spread or even Skype/Facetime. For the record, everyone who said that Microsoft bought Skype and then forced all calls to go to Washington before going to the recipient so someone could record and store them was 100% right. When I went to college, unlimited talk was not a thing. I had a cell phone my senior year, and none of my housemates did. They are everywhere now and in every social class. It makes separation easier, but it places every bit of communication in a centralized power's hands if they want.

But who really values privacy? It is a small number of people. If we valued privacy, we would also feel shame. We are a shameless society. We overshare. We often hear 'don't judge'. This is a society geared to inclusion (except prole white habits). No one can care about privacy when they do not feel any shame at their personal lives being revealed, especially when they so often reveal the details.

It is not just a dumbed down society that ho-hums at these revelations. It is not just an increasingly non-white society that rolls over and does not care as long as the television is on and EBT cash flowing. It is who people have been massaged to be via social engineering. What's there to hide because what is there to be ashamed of? If you value your privacy, good luck finding ways to hold onto it.


Last week I covered how advertising is downstream of power and progressivism. The poz is deep but a function of who is in charge. Weimerica Weekly was extremely topical as I wanted to cover the Swole Left meme that is manufactured and a joke, but it wrapped well into the recent campus and streetfight shenanigans.

This week I will cover why Japan is eager to invest in American infrastructure and generate jobs for Americans and not the Japanese. Weimerica Weekly might get around to breastfeeding, but there's so much that you all send me to discuss that we will see.


tteclod said...

Ted Kaczynski was right, it seems. A rustic cabin in the woods is better than the alternative.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I disagree with tteclod. There's value in the elite knowing how utterly discontent the public is. The solution isn't to retreat to a remote cabin. The solution is to do exactly what the alt right on twitter has been doing and just memeing the establishment into going crazy. Once they go crazy, they lose their grip on the public, and then it's a matter of when not if they fall apart. We're seeing it now. The answer isn't to go off the grid, it's to double down.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Off topic:

What do you make of the current situation in Syria?