Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Fantastic Healthcare Failure

When is a failure not a failure? Americans were allowed to witness one this last week. Re. Paul Ryan failed on as big a platform as one can fail. His repeal and replace, that he had been promising since ohhhh 2011 did not get the votes. This comes off as comical since the congressional GOP did provide a repeal for Obama to sign that was a symbolic promise to their voters. The failure turns into a win for just about everyone not named Paul Ryan.

The Left can feel they won by the terrible Obamacare living on despite everyone hating what it has done. Well not everyone hates it, just everyone who pays insurance premiums. Note that this legislation did create a class of people, a pool of voters, that feel they absolutely need this to live. Tied to health, this might be the case. Far be it from society to tell a woman with hemophilia to think twice before having three kids all with hemophilia. True anecdote, and I sat smiling at her ramble on about how much she needs Obamacare for her family. Treatments keep your kids alive, not playing outdoors or with other kids due to their hemophilia, but alive, so how much is that worth?

The GOP in general can feel like they won because this removes the threat or fear that so many of the squishes had going into midterms. Shucks, if we do what we have promised, we may lose! The Left passed Obamacare and many Democrats fell on swords for that move, but it got done. They can say they tried. The entire time they can also blame Democrats for the problems in health care going forward, and yes, Obamacare will crash.

Trump wins as he hangs Ryan out to dry. This was Ryan's baby. Trump's team got to say they supported it while also citing it was a corporate gift. Triangulate. This will all probably end with Trump installing some form of single payer with private on top, but we will see how that gets enacted. Government option people should have to go to the government options hospitals or pay the difference between government agreed pricing and true pricing. Sorry, but the days of welfare moms going to the birthing suites with tubs and 600 square feet of privacy should be gone. Trump wanted a plan where he could announce premiums were freezing or declining in year one. Ryan's plan was not going to do that.

The health insurers win and the progs salivating over nationalized health care both win. I have written on the devil's alliance the two sides formed to get Obamacare, originally a right wing idea, passed. The corporations wanted a de facto nationalized health care system that they could manage for juicy profits. The progs wanted nationalized health care so they could use Obamacare as a Trojan Horse to overload the system. Health insurers realize the bad deal they made, but the longer Obamacare lives, the more premium they collect. At this point, the tolerable loss ratio caps that Obamacare first mandated are gone so they can make even more money.

Paul Ryan loses though. In retrospect, how great of a speaker does Tom Delay look? Say what you will about him, but in comparison to Pelosi, Boehner and Ryan, he got votes done quickly and with a fantastic method of roughing up his boys to vote the damn bill through. Ryan's star has fallen far from that day in summer 2012 when Romney announced that Paul Ryan was his running mate. That VP debate was the crack in his image, and it has been a growing tear ever since.

Obamacare will crash. A good first step is deporting illegals and removing incentives like our no questions asked health care system. The government will most likely always be involved in health care due to sheer numbers involved for the economy and the psychological emphasis on the medical field. After all, it is squeezing out an extra day or extending life. We're not a society that considers the afterlife or looks forward to a certain glorious paradise in heaven. People, especially rat people, want every bit here and fear death. They also want to outsource their care. Health care is truly how you eat, sleep, smoke, drink and exercise. Sick care is this industry people go psychotic about, and they don't want any responsibility.


Aryan Pride said...

Ryan- I really like your calling out the difference between the euphemistic phrase "health care" versus "sick care" and tying in the lack of personal responsibility; worthy of a stand alone article.

Portlander said...

Until there's an honest look at the sell-side, arguing over the cost-shifting among the buy-side, while interesting enough, won't solve the problem. It's 20% of GDP, twice any other developed country.

glosoli said...

'right wing'

You're fucking dreaming if you see a right wing on this cursed rock.

Robert What? said...

The new American Dream: get everything you want with someone else (the taxpayers) paying for it.

Portlander said...

"New-American Dream" FIFY. :)