Monday, March 27, 2017

Flynn's Turkey Work

When NSA Michael Flynn was removed, there was the 'OMG this is the start of sumtin' huge". This has not quite happened, yet. The information rolling out now about Flynn, and this technically was known beforehand, shows that Flynn would have probably had to leave eventually for his Turkey ties. At a minimum, he would have had to recuse himself from important Turkey related decisions. How awkwrd would that have been with Syria still in the news? The why behind the why is critical here. Michael Flynn's work was all about Fetullah Gulen, USG's man in the Poconos.

Erdogan is still in the process of cleaning out opposition in Turkey. Most of this opposition is made up of his old partners in Gulen's crowd. The contract between Turkey and Flynn's intelligence outfit was last summer, timed well with the odd coup attempt in Turkey. Turkey immediately made an extradition request for Gulen as the coup was stopped and reprisals began. While the accusation Flynn discussed a covert snatch of Gulen has been denied, the idea that Flynn could influence the decision to extradite at all important.

This was a smart play by Turkey as it was a cheap investment for a potential payoff. Turkey is a horrendous ally or frenemy as it isn't even clear what interests overlap for America and Turkey anymore. Doing anything to please them seems to have no payoff for America now. This investment was not just to get Gulen, but for the spectacle of a show trial and summary execution. Erdogan's post-coup moves have been across the system. Getting Gulen on state television confessing to whatever they put in front of him to admit would be worth it as a psychological and visual admission that Turkey is Erdogan's to control.

America has done plenty of rotten things, including to its own citizens. Extraditing a man to his certain death in a show trial would be cruel. Of course USG has been debating this very issue since the extradition request was made. How can it be done, why would we do it, what legal mechanisms do we have at our disposal for such a sensitive individual? Flynn would be stupid to suggest a 2am covert op to snatch and grab Gulen. His denial of it feels right, but then again, Flynn's reputation for field work does make it sound plausible.

What is rotten and offers Trump an exit, is how America has indrectly funded their 'opposition figure on ice' via education money and turning a blind eye to corruption. USG has been keeping Gulen on ice for the right moment. Sadly, Turkey's Erdogan seems to have carved out a quasi-sovereignty status in the USG empire. President Trump can take a page out of how America got Al Capone and remove Gulen from the equation without handing him over to Turkey for a show trial. Arrest Gulen on charges relating to his shady education network in America and imprison him for the rest of his life.


Anonymous said...

Gulen could just be a deep pocketed islamist roach spreading radical islam in America.

But a keen eyed skeptic could say Gulen is a CIA asset who is allowed to profit and preach in America to maintain his following in case we need to install him as a puppet if we decide to coup Turkey or similar.

Gulen's "education" network could even be surreptitiously training and radicalizing the next round of "rent-a-terrorists" that the US needs for false flags like USS Cole bombing, or as "moderate rebels" in Middle Eastern Country X.

If things go south, USG has plausible deniability. Gulen gets the finger.

The coup in Turkey last summer was weird and I don't see the deep state interest at all. But I don't think Erdogan is wrong to worry about Gulen. These islamist roaches deserve each other, put em in a windowless room and lock the exits I say.

BigBoy said...

Turkey's failed coup wasn't that odd. It played out almost exactly the same as the coup against Hitler with the bomb in the bunker right down to the troops who thought it was a training exercise in Berlin.

The actual story is pretty simple: The Military found about the purge list and launched a last minute coup with CIA backing or CIA ordering it. We know that it had CIA backing because the US and the EU nations played hands off. The Russians got wind of it and alerted the Turkish government right before the bombs went off at the president's hotel. President escapes harm and the coup quickly collapses when the troops realize it's not a training exercise.

Anonymous said...

Thats interesting. If it was CIA, then Gulen taking over probably was the plan, as I mentioned above.

Another reason we know the US at bare minimum had advanced knowledge of the coup is because they released the redacted "28 Pages" *right as the coup was starting*.

What better time to release something hugely controversial and damaging than when its news coverage will be justifiably blunted by a huge global event?

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Erdogan seems to be extremely cunning and stupid at the same time, the war in Syria has strengthen Turkey's true enemies, the Kurds, the Kurds next target is Western Iran and they have USG-Zionist support for it.

Both Gulen and Assad were friends of Erdogan in the past but now are mortal enemies.