Friday, January 13, 2017

The Hyperemotional Left + SM Review-Preview 73

This week's insanity was provided to America, and the globe, by Buzzfeed running a fake news story about Trump, Russia and bizarre sexual acts. The Russians denied having any type of file on Trump or Clinton. The details of this fake dossier were straight out of Weimerica and straight from /pol comedy. Breitbart does not miss the perfect chance to use "Yellow Journalism" to describe it. I'll comment on the amazing troll job performed later. This all plays into a bigger item: the Left has become hyperemotional.

Nick Land noted months ago that the Left's desire for safe spaces, becoming catatonic at any different suggestion or feeling wounded by mere words or microagressions was creating an enemy that would fold up or crack up easily. The safe space, crying and shut it down crowd is one element of this agitated state but so is the enemies hysteria. The "treason" hyperventilating that started with reporters like Jeff Goldberg with a throwaway Trump conference line have elevated to many progs throwing treason and traitor around with no evidence. This is all rich coming from people who side with any person that washes onshore to fight against their fellow countrymen.

Buzzfeed's crew was agitated. The inauguration is little more than a week away. The bizarre smear is a desperate attempt to validate their claims of treason while pointing and laughing at the other. If the /pol crew truly did set this up by feeding it to Rick Wilson, who then passed it along to others and trolled CIA, DNI, etc. into considering it real and even embellishing it with a Russian angle, then we are not dealing with rational people but with overemotional lunatics. America has the greatest collection of intelligence tech known to man. Still it all relies on the human that uses it. Our human hierarchy is staffed with progs that so desperately want their narrative to be true and defy reality.

Reality should have stopped a variety of people. Immediately, there was pushback as one of the claims (Trump's lawyer Cohen going to Prague) was denied and debunked with simple fact checking. The rest, well the rest read like the greatest troll job in the history of trolling. Trump supposedly stayed in Moscow and in the room the Obamas stayed in. He had Russian hookers pee on the bed. This is genius trolling by the boys at /pol or some merry prankster. I hope that this becomes a public way for Trump to dismantle CIA because of just how easy it is to get them to sign off on evil enemies if the intel lines up with their desires. This make the Iraq War run up nonsense more believable as Chalabi fed them what they wanted to hear, and he was not an anonymous troll.

The Left is hyperemotional. This is to be expected from people who have turned politics into religion. Religious devotees do things like sob at farewell speeches of elite puppets and jump on any lurid tale devoid of evidence as long as it smears the other.


Last week I wrote about the potential for a white baby boom with the Trump presidency. There is an echo of Weimar turning over to Nazi rule that may be seen again. We will see. Weimerica Weekly was about the need to take the next step and build public spaces for people to push on the Overton Window as well as feel safe to pushback on progs.

This week I will write about a possible way for the Trump administration to split the Left via money and immigration. Weimerica Weekly will be a talk on the Obama presidency. The eight years are over, so what exactly did we see?


reluctantreactionary said...

The left is splintered between the hyperemotional shitlibs, and the more calculating Bernie Sanders supporters. The left has always used borderline nutjobs as shock troops, but the lunatics are getting close to running the asylum now. Even as the left splinters, it still retains control of the judiciary, media, universities, etc. Even the military is dangerously leftist. Trump had better make moves fast. I think he has a master plan to use Reagan style spending to buy cooperation in building his power base. The bad news is that even more out of control spending is on the way.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

The British establishment is also trying to undermine Trump, the CIA was created in recommendation of the British in opposition to the FBI.

Angry Midwesterner said...

We might have to gamble on some spending shocks. Trump is just a possible turning point. The alternative is letting things get bad enough for an American Pinochet rallying the rank and file troops, of course backed by some splinter elements within the Deep State. Impossible you tell me? 2016 has only proven possibility is always abound. Could happen next year, next decade, next generation, next century?

My analogy in medicine are the obese, hypertensive, diabetic folk who refuse to address their risk factors. That stroke can come any time now, and the life shock from it is HUGE.

The hyperemotional hysterics will make the initial rise of our analogous Pinochet that much easier considering he can rack up some easy wins to gain street cred.

High Arka said...

The independent variable in this equation is "Americans," not "the left." In 2003, "the right" was running around wetting its panties over Saddam's imaginary superweapons, and buying Chinese flags by the container ship. The left at the time appeared sane by comparison (if only by comparison).

Watch how quickly you all begin shedding patriotic tears and supporting globalist intervention when Trump's court Jews tell you to attack New Shitistan. Around about then, all the social justice blogs will begin seeming mature and reasonable--again, only by comparison, but not very reassuring in either case.