Friday, January 06, 2017

Life In The Clinton Archipelago + SM Review-Preview 72

The Chiraq kidnapping, torturing and then sharing on Facebook of a white man with special needs by four blacks is pretty horrific. Is it kidnap, gang rape, imprison, kill and then fed to alligators horrific? Was it murdered and set on fire horrific? These crimes, horrible crimes, happen every single day. We tolerate them. We shouldn't.

Americans are reminded of the evils of lynching in the past, which of course always involved sweet innocent black victims. No, no they did not. Just look at the news records of two I wrote about here and posted the newspaper account. Many were of men guilty of crimes. Those were not for fun.

Now look at the Chiraq 4 and what they did. Detained a special needs white guy for being white, tortured, beat and mocked him. This is like a lynching. All of those "geez, wrong place wrong time" murders that people shake their heads at are modern day lynchings. Media would never call them that but what is it when someone simply takes a wrong turn and they get robbed, raped and murdered for being in the wrong neighborhood? Hollywood will have a white guy say, "Don't come 'round here boy" to some black teen in a spiffy outfit. Blacks will flip out when a white even puts the term 'boy' in a tweet in any way related to a black, yet this attack is not racial. Would Hollywood ever recreate the Knoxville horror? Of course not.

Are these attacks because of some crime these whites who wander into the wrong neighborhood done for retribution? No. They are for fun. If you are skeptical, look at the most horrific part of this. These fucking demons aired it on their Facebook Live. Like Jerry Sandusky raping boys in the Penn State showers, these four criminals did not fear sharing it with their social circle. They did not fear sharing it on Facebook. Sandusky didn't think anyone at PSU would fuss if they caught him. It's the same here. They did not fear any consequences to people they knew seeing it. They know the authorities will cover for them. That is true horror.

That is life in the Clinton Archipelago. That is the glamour of the cities the progs rule from which they are attempting to control the globe. Four crooks just looking for a weak loner to torture. This is why there will be blood in the 2020s. A lot of young men have nothing to lose. A lot of Americans still believe in civilization for the civilized. A lot of Americans believe the best days for America are behind it. A lot of Americans want to know why their country has changed and who has been hiding it.


Last week I wrote on the curious case of Somalis in America. America backed another loser in an international war we had no reason to even sniff at. There was no Weimerica weekly because we're doing a shuffling of what goes where. By the time we settled on a new day for Weimerica Weekly, it was beyond Wednesday. Social Matter has MORE CONTENT coming your way.

This week I write on the odd theory that there will be a Trump Baby Boom. It isn't so crazy to consider. I use an historical example that the media is constantly screaming about but never exploring for facts and data. Forget policy, it will be emotional. After all, euro and Japanese policies have not turned their plummeting TFRs around. Weimerica Weekly will be about how we will need to build going forward.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Clinton archipelago, simply genius

Son of Brock Landers said...

Alex, Not my phrase, but what a great phrase that came from this map...

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

What else is new, guys? Another day, another atrocity. My disgust for Whites for tolerating these events is growing along with my bloodlust. If I could get away with it and continue, I would. In meantime, wake me up when Whites start retaliating and taking some scalps of our own. Present situation is unsustainable.

kurt9 said...

If Trump does follow through on his promise to eliminate government regulation (and stop the FED's manipulation of the money supply for political expediency), I think the result will be a "Reagan-like" economic boom. It will be decentralized with lots of opportunity for small to medium sized businesses. It is not unreasonable to expect birth rates to go up with these conditions.