Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Recently, Trump-trolls set their sights on Julia Ioffe. I've mocked her anti-Putin shilling and horrible predictions on Twitter. The trolls went after her for her Melania Trump profile. They sent Happy Merchant imagery, photoshoped images of Ioffe into Holocaust pictures and one where her head was placed on Britney Spears' body with the tag line "gas me baby one more time." Standard fare stuff from the toughest bunch of trolls on the Internet. They do this to everyone. Everyone.

Oddly, she shared it all. She tweeted the images. She went to the cops with Happy Merchant images. She went to other media members. Her plight became a NY Times Oped her coethnics could point to for evil antisemitism, and good Gentiles could tsk-tsk. Whining about anon nobodies in the NY Times is power and privilege. Trump's scary brigades have gone after many, yet most would retweet a tweet or two and fight back. Even Podhoretz fought back viciously and then ran off to eat 5 lbs of pastrami on rye. Did she enjoy the attention... playing the victim? Did she secretly like how riled up the trolls were? Was she herself riled up? It's a month later yet she still tweets images Internet nobodies send her.

Let's have some fun here. Can we take trolling to a narrative form? Can we approach trolling from a new angle? Can we be outlandish? If Amazon can sell dinosaur and human erotica, can't we delve into the realm of "Politerotica".... *Just CTRL+F "Kennedy" to skip the build up

FYI: Ioffe is blue, yours truly in grey.

Somewhere in a DC apartment...

Best photo I could find of her and my avatar (close enough)

Julia Ioffe: "What brings you to DC?"

Ryan Landry: "Talking to the Russians about that Siberian homesteading project they started, and you?"

"Taking notes from my War Party paymasters on how to smear Russia and Putin this year."

"As expected. So this is for the next 'hit piece' on neoreaction? Now that you have me alone, what is it you want to know about scary neoreaction?"

"You could wait on the insults. I'm a Princeton trained Russian expert. I guide policy and opinion."

>eye-roll< "Wow, a Russian immigrant took up a spot at one of our Ivies to be a 20th Century Russian history major. That's like me going to Potato U in Moscow to major in 20th Century American History!"

"I've lived and seen what Putin's regime does-"

"Ah yes, hanging out with expats, your friends in tiny opposition movements and fawning over Mike McFaul's every color revolution word. How many of those expat shits even speak Russian beyond ya lyubylu tebya to hookers?"

"You speak Russian? Expat culture is weak but it is important to keep Americans informed."

"Just enough, devushka. As you want them to be informed. Look at your writing. How laughable was 'The End of Putin'. You are simply a person with a Russian background that the media can use to write up the same anti-Putin article they would farm out to Masha Gessen, except in a cuter, more telegenic package. You're the one non-Jewish Russian they have."

"I'm Jewish."

"You don't sound it... or look it. You do that weird thing where when you talk people see your bottom row teeth so you look angry a lot, do you have an underbite..."

"What sounds and looks Jewish?"

"Sally Kohn, Rachel Maddow, Debbie Wassername Schlitz... You know exactly what I mean.  Your upper arm circumference betrays your age, but you're cute."

"Are you saying Jews are ugly? I've heard a you've said 'Jewish chicks... good bodies, bad faces'."

"Did you track down my Cornell friends? The Jewish guys loved that line. Am I wrong? What do Jews say about Gentiles? You probably kick your parents about Anglicizing your name because Yulia would look even more authentic for your essays bashing Putin. It's quite pathetic."

"Is that what you really think of me?"

"Of course! This fits far too many pundits because our media is the regime. Investigative reporting and punditry that even question the current progressive status quo is gone. What do you want to ask me?"

"Trump is just exported Putinism. Look at his advisors. Do you support Trump? Is Trump neoreaction's Manchurian Candidate?"

"No. Of this current grey slime of media approved politicians, he is a better selection. Even if he won, the system would grind to a halt. Our candidate? God no. We don't have a candidate. We shun the fraudulence that is electoral politics."

"But you want power don't you?"

"Well we want to build a system for good governance. Isn't that what everyone truly wants? Safety, civilization, order"

"For an American Putin."

"Back off your Putin obsession, it's for a system that can create a far more secure ruler with properly aligned interests, with authority and accountability."

"That seems rather silly to build a system of statecraft without power."

"Hey Russian expert, the Russians only formally ended Communism because their 3rd world loans went bad, oil tanked AND there was an entire system 'western liberal democracy' for them to switch to. If you're Jewish, how are you this dense?"

"There it is! Your crowd is pretty anti-semitic."

"Everything said that doesn't kiss Jewish ass is antisemitic now. I like how Israel is run so why not allow Americans and Europeans to run their nations as Israel does? A Jew once told me any nationalism will be anti-semitic because Jews are opposed to all of that due to their diaspora status. He also wished for all people to have their own version of Israel."

"He'll be ovened as that crowd puts it."

"Did you read Milo's Altright primer? There probably won't be ovens. One way tickets to Tel Aviv. It's time for all Jews to make aliyah. Can't Israel stop being a weird global exception and allow us whites to have Redneck Zionism?"

"I had to go to the police. Did you see what they sent me?!?!?!"

"I received death threats last year and laughed it off. It's the Internet, everyone threatens to kill everyone else."

"But your crowd is out there and mean. It's a wolf pack, e-Brownshirts or an online SA."

"My crowd? I thought this was about neoreaction not the alt right? Those guys are anonymous fucking twitter accounts that Erick Erickson thought were Clinton campaign workers and then Russian operatives. You fed the trolls. You're supposedly big time and you let anon accounts get to you."

"Dylan Matthews," >shivers at the thought of his face<, "was right... you guys are the edge."

"My politics are very... unconventional."

"So show me."

"Think of everything that keeps people safe in New York but if only stronger with more physical removal, being able to fire a goddamn teacher and if you were allowed to say why you did all of it and not feel ashamed you were saying it. Don't you want to live in Singapore but for white people or the belle epoque but with antibiotics and computers or for crying out loud pre-'68 Maine? We all want to have a king aligned with us."

"Maine is America's Russia, long winters + potatoes... you think that system wouldn't go Nazi?"

"Why would it have to? Watch the Nazi shit. My grandfathers fought the Nazis. One liberated a camp of your coethnics. My great uncles were both wounded by nazis. One had a metal windpipe for 60 years because of them."

"You dress sharp enough. A Kennedy in Nazi uniform... I can see it."

"No no no, I could never be a Nazi."

"Not even for me?" >unbuttons top button<


"I was a little Soviet girl. Could you be a Nazi for me... Operation Barbarossa in the sheets."

"Would you... wear a peasant kerchief, one of those hip scarves made of medallions and coins and nothing else? No--- what the hell am I saying??????"

"Yes... the Khazar Succubus Uniform with real Jew Gold. You must hold up your end of the bargain."

"I can't. Nazi BDSM might be more Weev's style. You should check with him-"

"I've looked all over Russia for him. Weev's a ghost."

"This is getting weird. I'm married anyway. You're using... mystical Jewess powers on me."

"Sleeping with married goyim + destroying a marriage is a double mitzvah, triple if on Sabbath. I'll finally earn my seductive Jewess badge. Give in, goy."

"That's incredibly wrong."

"You haven't left. Maybe just a little Holocaust-play?" (ed: click that link, many indulge)

"What is that? Look, that's really fucked up. You're sick and twisted. Have you watched The Night Porter a few times too many?"

Ioffe does '70s Italian Naziploitation 

"Israel had an entire pulp fiction genre of Stalags... Pogrom me."

"What, Jesus... do you want me to heat my class ring on a lightbulb and burn it into your skin?"

"Yesssss. I want a camp experience and not in the Catskills."

"Of course and you'd be in control. I know the sub in BDSM has the power because they say the safe word. They control the limits."

"You play?"

"Christ no. I watched that CSI episode where Grissom flirted with the Dominatrix lady. I can't do this. The most me and the brigades do is alter pop song lyrics into politically incorrect tunes and lift for the Road War. #KeepLiftingKeepPosting"

"Tell me them, what are they?"

"We had some fun turning Taylor Swift's Shake Them Off into Bake Them All, 'I'll just dance a jig jig jig jig jig when I bake them all bake them all'."

"That's a bit sick... and naughty... any more?" >bites lip<

"Well I did alter the lyrics to that sexy Ellie Goulding song from the 50 Shades movie, 'Love Me Like You Do'-"

"Is it Love Me Like A Jew?"

"No, that's actually funny but .. I've never told anyone them. They're too dark."

"Tell me. I want to know." >unbuttons blouse<

"It's bad... even worse than 'Bake Them All', which is upbeat and makes fun of everyone."

"Is it only about the Jews?" >pulls out her Hitachi, charges it<

"Yes, look... it's... I don't think you could handle these memes. They are pretty dank. My crowd lives on the edge. You couldn't handle a few pictures."

"I can handle it. Is it the racist frog? You know what I want." >Moves in too close<

"It's not that difficult."

"Sing it to me." >Runs hands up Landry's back<

"You can't whine to those ugly faggots at Vox or cry to Miriam if this hurts more than a photoshop."

"I want it to hurt. Give me the memes!"

>pushes Ioffe away< "This would break every taboo, every thing your people hide away or consider the biggest piece of their identity."

"Would you oven me?"

"....... Only if you asked."

>Hitachi turned on high<

"Sing... please sing it for me."

"What's your safe word?"

"Attic." >puts on kerchief and hip scarf<

"Every night, it feels right
Cuz they imported muds
They're so glib, They're a pain
But you're the only girl I wanna do
Never knew that it'd mean love a Jew, a Jew

They pushed queers, Obamacare
Letting stoners get so high
Trannies out everywhere
Let me show you what your people hide
You can see the world they set on fire, on fire

So oven all the Jews, ov-ov-oven all the Jews
Oven all the Jews, ov-ov-oven all the Jews
Touch the oven to, ta-ta-touch the oven to 450
What are you waiting for?

Integration, masturbation
Do you people ever stop?
Killing our whole nation
Civilization is gonnnnnna drop
And they'll just run off to Israel, Israel

Yeah, I can't keep their lies straaaaaaaaaight
'Cause they drove us to haaaaaaaaaaaate
There's gays in Star Wars I can't take this shit no more
>dramatic pause<
What are you waiting forrrrrrrrrrrrr?

Oven all the Jews, ov-ov-oven all the Jews
Oven all the Jews, ov-ov-oven all the Jews
Touch the oven to, ta-ta-touch the oven to 450
What are you waiting forrrrrrrrrrrr"

"STOP!" >drops Hitachi<

"Nyet blyad," >adjusts tie<, "that isn't the fucking safe-"

"Tie me up and slap me around. We've subverted Western civ too long. Give it to me!"


"What? What's wrong?"

"Let's Make America Great Again."

"I'll be your Khazar whorrrrrrrrre!"

>cries of passion< 

Take it away Ellie.....

Monday, May 30, 2016

Power Hungry Hillary, America's Mother-in-law

The Clinton campaign stumbles from stop to stop wobbling like a drunk between lampposts. The email investigation rolls on, and Clinton treats it as nothing. Nothing comes in the way of her goal. She must become president. Laws do not apply to her. Common sense definitely does not apply to her. Rules of elections do not apply. She will linger on for as long as she can. Power Hungry Hillary Clinton is America's mother-in-law.

Previously, I wrote how Clinton was perfect for today's America with the faux but obnoxious feminism and the Boomer female mentality. It was close but off to call her that nagging mom that forces you to applaud her meaningless corporate achievements. Clinton is not a nagging mom or even a nagging wife. That unfairly limits the comparison to men. She is America's mother-in-law. Regardless of your gender you likely have had a rough mother-in-law or know plenty of people with tense relationships with them.

Those mother-in-laws butt into any conversation, always tell you how to raise your kids, and constantly nag you about things you should do. You somehow fail the role they envision some hypothetical perfect son or daughter-in-law would eprform perfectly. This relatonship is especially rough on wives and when grandchildren arrive. Hillary has spent decades doing this to America with her signature fake book and tagline "It takes a village to raise a child". She explicitly states that she does not trust you to raise your own kid. It's the ultimate mother-in-law statement.

Like a bad mother-in-law, she hangs around way beyond when anyone wants her there. This is not just a matter of leaving the election as we know she has broken laws far worse than General Petraeus. Clinton is running for an office that we know has less power than proclaimed but comes with the prestige she seeks. Clinton loves the trappings of power, and even if she wants to have the controls, she might be too old (needs naps) or too infirm ("concussions") to truly rule. She just wants it. She has had designs on it since the media joked in 1992 that electing Bill was a "2 for 1 deal". Even the terrible sitcom "Grace Under Fire" made jokes about Hillary being the real president.

What would she really do with the presidency? Nothing too different from Obama. It's the same team, same donor set and same policies. We also face the same problems that Obama's policies have exacerbated, and the other problems that Obama has not touched. This, like your mother-in-law, is all about her. She is going to browbeat America into voting for her. If she can't persuade you, don't worry. She ill simply call on the dumber in-laws in the family to vote and nod their head to her banal ideas to make sure she gets her way.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Social Matter - The Ticking Nigerian Time Bomb

This week's Social Matter essay is up. It is on the migrant crisis in europe and how the cover of 'war refugees' is shlock and will be blown to bits the moment the real crisis in Nigeria blows. Nigeria already accounts for a decent % of migrants despite stories that Africa is rising. Just wait until Nigeria hits real trouble. The tension is already starting to drive people out.

Hope you enjoy. Always correct progs who say refugees and war immigrants. That is a lie.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Venezuelan Opportunities + SM Review-Preview 46

Maybe this is a bit too Evola, but where are the heroic adventurers? Why is no one forming a mercenary band and going after jihadis or random sub-Saharan African crackpots or storming islands for a pirate base? The answer is the great centralization allows for international law and forces to prevent it. There is no high power that would support it. That is a key, as the "international community' would crack down on Western based adventurers (Neutrality Act FTW). Is the energy gone? Would men even do this if given the chance?

I thought of this when reading about Venezuela. An external force aligned with Venezuela's opposition could possibly cause enough chaos to oust Maduro or topple Maduro in entirety and then act as a preatorian guard for the new regime. Channeling the thoughts and words of the BronzeAgePervert, "warriors would take Venezuelan warbrides for planting seeds". Taking it down several notches, what if you just ran a food smuggling operation? Pack a ton of food on a boat and smuggle it into Venezuela. There must be something in trade that one could sneak back into the US. Let's get some smuggling operations going.Pretty sure there'd be some hot Venezuelan smuggling dames for the taking.

Venezuelans are killing animals in the street to eat. There has to be some opportunity. Maybe you could use a Christian mission trip as cover....


Last week I wrote on the unmentionable nations around the globe, and Venezuela is near tops of the list. It is news editing at an earlier stage of reporting. Weimerica Weekly was about the weird things Americans do with their pets now. This week I will discuss the oil related ticking time bomb in Africa that may take the migrant crisis and immivasion to a whole new level.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

WW1: Russian Fighter Pilot In Color

Colorized photo of a Russian pilot in front of his plane in 1916. It truly is amazing not the technological advances in fighter planes since WW1, but the cost and boondoggle that they have become. There is the fight over design, requirements, funding, needs, project timeline and then the counter programs to measure if it is needed and we can't just keep using the current generation of fights. This pilot's plane was state of the art in 1916, but far simpler in design and far cheaper.

Have you read about the F35, its problems, or that it kills pilots who eject? Can it even beat the F16? Think of what Ilya up there needed with his propeller powered plane, and consider what we want from ours. Night and day. Needs change and the reasons, true and fraudulent, behind the needs change as well.

Great jacket.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Pets

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up. It covers pets and the weird rise of pet culture. This is not simply having a pet. This is not maybe going a bit further and buying Cat Fancy magazine. I touch on topics like pet birthday cakes and cats in strollers, but I also discuss pet insurance and pet pharmaceuticals. These are growth industries. There must be a reason. There is one, and it is quite Weimerican.

Social Matter's Patreon

Social matter has plans for 2016 and beyond. They now have a donate page. There is a Patreon page. I have written before I would never ask for money on this blog. Still stands. Social Matter is a different ball of wax with different goals.

For just $25/month, you could fund a kid in Kenya or for $25/month, you could fund shitlord research and journalism. Our side is going to need foot soldiers and fighters, and we are also going to need thinkers and a systematic approach to fight. Where do you want your money going? With my writing on Social matter, I can tell you some interesting folks have reached out to me. The ideas we discuss and the samizdat that we write end up leaking out into the broader political realm.

All help is appreciated.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Pope of Moldbuggians

Have you read him? The man who is the title holder for greatest acolyte of Moldbug. Only he truly knows what Moldbug was writing in those 10,000 word essays. Only he has a firm grasp on reality. Only he understands power. Well, him and like 5 or 6 people who truly know Moldbug, who himself is 100% correct. I hereby nominate him for the Pope of Moldbuggians.

Reactionary Future is a must read. RF produces good pieces like this on division of power. His post on power dictating culture is spot on and I agree 100%. The Cultural Marxist puppets you see on TV are nothing without backing from powerful elites. He discusses power and culture in other posts such as this good short one. He who has power dictates the culture. The incredibly short post but correct De Jouvenal post on the high-low strategy is something I agree with 100%. He writes a lot of great stuff. I read his blog weekly.

Ever meet someone addicted to conflict? It is a weird trait of modern times, and maybe these types existed before, but some people just love to have conflict. They love just to argue and have some conflict for the feel of battle. It is annoying. This writer seems to be one of those types. For every great essay there is an eye-roll inducing "I'm more reactionary than you, you suck" post. He writes posts where he creates conflict for the sake of it. Here he is talking past Nick Land if you will, and here he is arguing with no one for the sake of arguing and saying he is the best Moldbug acolyte of all. He is more reactionary than thou.

The Pope of Moldbuggians shall be "Reactionary Future". He is a good writer. I highly recommend his blog. The attitude is rather annoying, but tolerable for the other gems at his blog. A phrase of advice is, "Lighten up Francis".

Monday, May 23, 2016

A List of Unmentionable Nations

As a follow up to yesterday's post at Social Matter on unmentionable nations, what exactly would the 2016 list look like? We all know there are basketcase nations all over the globe. Many simply do not get the attention they deserve or the ink that American media should spill with regards to their importance to Americans. Steve Sailer is very fond of mocking the focus on Middle Eastern sand states versus anywhere else with the wink wink nudge nudge being the Israeli friendly donor class. Who would make the list?

Socialism Fails

1. Cuba - I recently saw an essay that described a port in Cuba as an environmental horror show, but the media skipped over how Castro's regime made it so. The recent trip Obama made to Cuba was met wit a lot of silence and glossing over communism's failures on that island.

2. Venezuela - As I wrote on Sunday, this is socialism/communism failing in real time. All the bills are coming due. This is also a nation that has seen its white population flee and hit a 40% line, so if you want a preview for the 2050s for America, here it is.

3. Brazil - Forever portrayed as sexy yet what else have they got? Always America's glorious beige future but goddamn, what a failure that has horrible educational attainment and rides the commodity booms and busts still. Brazil should avoid a hyperinflation but they have become so pozzed that a military coup and junta rule is now out of the question.

HBD Fails

1. Zimbabwe - Our sphere has covered the collapse from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe in one generation. Nice going progs. International community really murdered a nation there.

2. South Africa - Same as Zimbabwe but even worse because South Africa started from a higher level and has far greater natural resources. This is also an example of the Western world focusing all its hate in one direction and then walking away the moment mission accomplished was shown on the screen.

3. Haiti - You will only hear about Haiti after a natural disaster.
3a. The Dominican Republic - You will never hear about the Dominican Republic because it shares an island with Haiti and any news that is not voodoo child eating would make it look phenomenal versus Haiti, forcing some people to ask why.


1. Decolonization is covered pretty well by David Lamb in his book "The Africans". Read up on any of those nations for the horrors they inflicted on their fellow citizens once colonial rule ended. Even borderline success stories are awful. I recently shared a plane ride with a physician who spent 4 months in Kenya. He was retired and does the doctors without borders thing. His opinion of Kenya's government was "string them up and bring back colonial rule". Mild mannered midwestern doctor said that.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo - Radish has a spectacular long, sourced section on the Congo. They have had millions dead from their bizarre mining practices (for your Iphone materials) and civil war. I'd add in a rape rate that would trigger any woman, feminist or not. It was not always so, but alas, the International Community forced it.

Successful Nations

1. Switzerland - Just a nation of gun owners with a low crime rate. Nothing to see here.

2. Japan - Talk of low fertility makes it to American news broadcasts but never how they are dealing with a greying population (robots) or why there are no babies. Japan gets the "ha-ha" on their economy for the lost decades, but everyone I know who goes there comes back raving about the place. Maybe there is something to incredibly strict immigration laws.

3. Chile - Pinochet was bad. Pinochet may have killed 10,000. Pinochet was a fascist!!!! Pay not attention to Chile's growth and success compared to the rest of the continent since Pinochet took control in the '70s.

Incredibly Important Due To Immigration

1. Mexico - Is it a rising state? Is it a failed state? Should we worry that cartels control the nation? Should we worry about their habits and customs? This might be important because we already have 40 million of them living in America.

There are probably others Foreign nations can only be discussed when an event happens that can be used to the Left's advantage in America. This is amplified by the closing down of foreign offices. As the media has lost revenue, they have cut foreign offices. Where do we get our information on foreign countries from? Charlatans like Ben Rhodes.


If you know of any good examples of nations that will not be named, please put them in the comments.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Social Matter - Unmentionable Nations

New essay is up at Social Matter. It is on the odd phenomenon of unmentionable nations. Why do these nations escape the headlines despite sensational events? How do they escape notice? Why do we not hear more about them? Everything in our regime comes back to domestic politics. Something must always play to the Left's needs and strengths for it to hit the news, no matter how macabre.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump Brigades + SM Review-Preview 45

Trump has terrifying online brigades. I am not lying. Commentary Magazine wants you to believe it. Why did they write that we are brigades? It makes the legion of online trolls sound like an online SA. Ricky Vaughn got publicity, so this man, this online account that had 300 followers a little over a year ago, now commands 27,000 followers and frightens well fed conservative writers. What a Potemkin village!

Land notes the narrative forming that this might be an NRX presidency, which it is not. I would push back by stating that the Vox.com article was very explicit how neoreaction is not impressed with Trump because he does not go far enough. The interesting thing is to see the media graft NRx onto the altright in this mix of aggressive opponents of neocons. It is far scarier if opponents have a collection of thought and philosophy instead of just tearing down their structures. As I have typed many times, NRx and the Altright are different but we both see the same sickness and we both see the same problems.

Let's get rid of the jokers. We can split the spoils later.


Last week I wrote about the DC Metro being a disaster. It is a disaster because of the Left's ideology. Form over function will prevent any fix, and they must pay off their voting blocs with sinecures. Unfortunately, those sinecures involve real functions like track maintenance, design and management. Weimerica Weekly discussed the current divide in the Democratic party. I then spotlighted a small local race that reflects that divide. I threw in some "Just Like Us" news bits that show how the glorified gay voting bloc is not so glorious. I even sang for you.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

WW1: It's A Soldier's Life

It is only appropriate to indulge the two British soldiers above drinking a bit of rum. In between the ruin and devastation, it was life on the Western Front. Allow them that little bit of joy and relaxation.

 You never knew when your number was to be called. Half buried in trenches in Verdun, this was death on the Western Front. Pray that they were lifted out of the trenches to the realm of eternal joy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Social matter - Weimerica Weekly - The Democrat Divide

New Weimerica Weekly is up. I cover the split in the Democrat party as well as discuss a small town race that exemplifies this split. Because that race involves a candidate who has an identity asscoiated with cool, I then included some Just Like Us news bits. I wrap up with a shitlord version of "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Never Announce Your Intentions

Never announce your intentions, just keep things a quiet conspiracy. This involves tight opsec and completely aligned actors, but never announce your move. Do Muslims announce they will implement Sharia openly, wait that is a bad example, but you get the point. Muslims move in and make an area Muslim. They occupy space, keep tight social cohesion and because they have the same standards and tolerance for filth and crime, they convert an area. In America, we have seen this with blacks and now with Mexicans. Groups do not announce it, the group conspiracy and shared values just make it so.

This is important, and behind the scenes of the West going nuts over anti-gay legislation in Russia versus the West's silence on gays in South Africa during the 2014 Olympics and 2010 World Cup. There is the element of excusing away bad African behavior, and yes, the West wanted to demonize Russia. Reality is different. Much easier to be gay in Russia than South Africa, but South Africa has pro-gay laws. In reality, South Africans kill gays and men perform "corrective rapes" on lesbians. Never announce, just do.

Announce anything, and the full force of the West's cathedral organs will pounce on it. Have you seen "Welcome to Leith"? It is on Netflix right now. This documentary is about when evil White Nationalists tried to take over a town in North Dakota. Oh my God, how evil and terrible. White nationalism and neo-nazis are everywhere? Reality is different. Leith, North Dakota has 16 people. A white nationalist bought up property and was open about his intentions. Of course, conflict arose because of all towns in North Dakota he picked one that had a black in it.

This caused the cathedral immune system to go nuts as the New York Times wrote an article on this. Of all towns in America, the Times plucked this little story to focus on. This article then inspired the documentary. It is hyperventilating over nothing. A rinky dink town of 16 causes this much of a response? The Brown Scare is always on the look out for nazis. What would have been so bad about the fellow buying up the property and quietly administering the city in his desired white nationalist manner? How different is it from the Muslimifiication of entire swathes of Europe? Only difference is one is approved by the overlords and the other is not.

Imagine though had this idiot kept quiet about why he was buying property. Imagine had he kept his conspiracy a true conspiracy. No discussion of it. No mentions of their intentions. He could have even lied about purchasing the home of the black guy with his white lady and offered a sweetheart deal. Quietly accrue true power so that you can easily take hold of the superficial power of the town.

Be aware that you are in an occupied world. The official organs are against you. If you want to get creative and carve out niches for you and your posterity, you will have to be creative. Never announce your intentions, just do it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Democrat Switcheroo

There is a plan, and it is a convenient plan for the Left. It involves the "most important election in the history of the world part XXVI". The Democrats are a headless horseman. Unless Trump can truly shake up the board and there is a re-alignment going on, the Democrats have the votes just no leadership to run with any qualifications. Forget Texas going blue, once immigration shifts Florida to reliable blue, it is over. Clinton should be a solid bet for president. Problem is that she is an incredibly weak candidate. No one would be talking about her had Rudy Giuliani not developed cancer, preventing his 2000 Senate campaign. How do the Democrats secure November? The Switcheroo.

This has been discussed elsewhere, and even now, there are little hints of it. The switcheroo is for the Feds to indict Hillary Clinton after the convention and replace her with a Biden/Warren ticket for a sprint in November. Dems run a candidate without the Clinton stink and win, securing the presidency for four years. Why would they do this?
1. The Democrats truly want to go full Sanders, but the Establishment needs to boil the frog slowly.
2. Clinton is a terrible candidate, but Establishment vetted and not as scary. Perfect for frog boiling.
3. Trump is the only person who will run against her and throw every punch at the sleazeball, Clinton marriage of convenience.
4. The Democrat Establishment knows perfectly well what it gets from a Bush-Cruz-Rubio administration, but not so much from a Trump administration that also has a cult of personality and can manipulate the media.

The tells that this is coming have nothing to do with Clinton's crimes. Everyone in America now knows that she did far worse for law breaking than General Petraeus. Everyone in America who has watched the news, even in the twisted portrayal of the regime media, knows that she did something wrong. America knows it is getting a crook in the Oval Office before they swear the oath.

The only way that they will drop the hammer on her is if she starts performing poorly in reliable state polls in swing states and non-swing states that are becoming swing. Right now, early polls have her neck and neck with Trump in swing states and even Pennsylvania. State polls will come into focus and the models will be worked out. Vice President selections will be made, and she is most likely going to pick Julian Castro, but don't rule out Cory Booker. If she felt super confident, she would select Senator Tim Kaine. Watch the VP pick.

Say Clinton picks Castro or even Booker for VP. She gets to the convention and wins the nomination. She will pay lip service to the Sanders crowd, but post convention polls will shake out. Before America gets to the debates, the switch must be made. After the conventions, the first polls of August will set the stage. If she is struggling in state polls in Ohio, Florida, Penn and Michigan, the switcheroo can be set into motion. August is a no news month. perfect timing.
1. The Feds indict Clinton.
2. Clinton says she will step down from the nomination.
3. The Democrat leadership installs Joe Biden as the presidential nominee and Elizabeth Warren as the VP nominee.
4. Clinton does this because Biden will offer her a sweetheart deal and/or pardon once he is president.
4a. GOPe writes paeans to "good American" Joe Biden as a safe selection who is not a kooky socialist and not evil corrupt Clinton.
5. Democrats win and "Warren Court 2.0" gets going.
This would work. How many people vote party? How many people don't pay attention until a month or two from election day? The sprint race would give the Democrats the edge for opposition research, and would allow the media more control. One problem is that Biden would own all of Obama's failed policies and the legacy of the economy and foreign policy situations as of fall 2016. Phil Kerpen on twitter named this #FBIden. Keep your eye on the polls, and expand your expectations for what is possible.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Social Matter An Ideology of Incompetence: The DC Metro

New essay at Social Matter is up and it is on the decline of the DC Metro. This is a system that if you have rode the DC metro you might have thought it was clean and the stations were open and not dank. I was used to the Boston and NYC subway systems so when I spent time on the Metro, I felt it was a good system.

It is caught in a bad place though. Not so much the disrepair as much as the ruling ideology being the overlords running its show.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Generational Cycles + SM Review-Preview 44

Elsewhere, someone mentioned visiting Salem, Massachusetts as it is the fount of America's prog evil. They were not entirely joking. Strauss and Howe point out how the Salem Witch Trials were the fever pitch and then break for the colonial cycle's crisis period in America. Strauss and Howe might use to broad of a brush, but the colonial cycle had a crisis period that went along with the Glorious Revolution in Mother England. The colonies had their own troubles and tension, which carried on until that fateful witch hunt in Massachusetts.

Strauss and Howe like to point to the crisis of 2020. That is what they call their future crisis in their Generations book from the '90s. There is one problem in their analysis. They consistently point out that America will be a united community ready to face the crisis at hand. America enters the crisis in one form, and exits entirely different. Immigration has completely upset their 1991 book. As they created the book, the nation was over 75% white. The mood of the nation was to restrict immigration. California was still taking in Americans from all over the nation.

That all changed after their book was released in the '90s. Hispanics exploded from 9% of the population to now 17%. Asians have nearly doubled. Who remains that loves America? The Church of America is attended by Trump supporters and the people of the heartland, but not the Amerikkka crowd. A crisis period is stretches 15-20 years. I've always considered the true start to our crisis being the American Financial Crisis and election of a neophyte Marxist figurehead like Obama. Clock starts ticking from 2008. Should not end until 2028. I do not think we hold together.


Last week I tackled the new age of unrestricted warfare. There are far greater weaknesses in our interconnected, globalization friendly world than days of yore. This should create new opportunities. Weimerica Weekly covered an oddball that lives the great Weimerican tragic life. This week I will explore how ideology created the DC Metro problem. Weimerica Weekly might return to the sex roots, but some people have been sending me ideas that are interesting. I just need to find the time to research and set up a script for you all.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

WW1 - Maybe France Died at Verdun?

This photo is of modern troops in WW1 garb. Even if not the actual troops, the men in uniform help make it real and not just black and white. Why were they wearing baby blue? Anything was better than the red pants they started out wearing in WW1.

For victory, subscribe to the national war loan.”  Fantastic imagery as Napoleon’s Grande Armée merges with a column of poilus under the Arc de Triomphe.

Charles De Gaulle was wounded at Verdun. He was taken prisoner, and tried to escape multiple times. Once he made it within 100 miles of the Swiss border but was caught. 

Not everyone survived Verdun. By the end of March 1916, the French has sustained nearly 90,000 dead and wounded at Verdun. De Gaulle was lucky. He lived to fight another day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - A Weimerican Epic

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This is about an epic that started in an Internet forum. This epic is about one man, Bushie. He is the prototypical Weimerican. If you ever wonder who falls for marketing? Who falls for Internet scams? Who could be obese but do nothing about it? Who watches 15 hours of football? Bushie is your guy.

This podcast is a little under 40 minutes. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Idaho Royalist's Civilization From Chaos Series

Similar to last week's post on Spandrell's Song Dynasty Series, there was another series that was well done last year. This series was on the birth of the Russian Empire. The key phrase is civilization out of chaos. It is a tremendous series for a an unpaid blogger. If blogging can reach a high plateau, this series is there.

It is broken into four parts (one, two, three and four), and the author added an epilogue.

If you are a fan of Oswald Spengler's declaration that the Russians are a culture and not a civilization yet, this is definitely an intriguing read on those early days of the Russian state and people. While we citizens of 2016 live in what we consider a fluid time, not chaotic, not yet, it is good to look back and see eras that truly had disorder and chaos. Such states cannot exist for long though and order must be restored. How something is ordered determines its longevity.

Definitely check this out, and set aside proper time to read it. History without the Marxism.

Monday, May 09, 2016

South Sudan: Africa Gotta Africa

Remember the tears shed by Hollywood and the Left over Darfur and Sudan? A flood of tears for this foreign civil war. The propaganda was steady. Consistent with decolonization's history, the specifics of fighting, rape and killing were horrific. The film Hotel Rwanda was a guilt trip over Western inaction and hint hint, you can stop it from happening again in Sudan, America. No one really discusses Sudan anymore since the partition and Hollywood and the Left have moved on. South Sudan is an absolute failure.

South Sudan was created to end the civil war by separating the northern Islamic portion from the southern Christian portion of the nation. War and horror would end. South Sudan had 3/4 of the oil reserves of Sudan proper, so they could start out with some economic cushion. It did not happen. In a beautiful display of the thede concept, the South Sudanese went from united in their fight against the Muslims of the north to infighting between the Dinka majority and Nuer minority. For an example of the horror now being perpetrated on their former allies, soldiers who cannot be paid are allowed to rape women as payment. Africa!

The interesting thing in examining the split between the Dinka and Nuer is if one looks at modern scholarship, there is a focus on how the Nuer resisted the British more than the Dinka, therefore are magically punished for it today. If you read accounts of Cromer's time in Egypt, one can see how securing the upper Nile region was important to Cromer's administration of Egypt. This was not an undisturbed region with zero contact. There were Belgians and French in the area. That was the reason for the British to secure it because non-Brits might mess with the water and down the Nile, Egypt would be cooked. The Brits tried to administer that region, but the focus was on the Nile. The Dinka and Nuer did not take to organization and education as the northern Muslims did, and were of less importance and further reach from British administration in Egypt.

This is not a sad legacy of colonialism. This is tribal warfare returning now that the two groups cannot unite versus an outgroup. It is an interesting progression where Sudanese push the Euros out, then the Muslim, northern Sudanese fight the non-Muslim, southern Sudanese, and finally the Nuer fight the Dinka. This is nothing new and nothing to lay at the feet of the West. This conflict is a simple repetition of the countless tribal battles that Africa has had for ages. Similar to the problem of other post-colonial nations having internal squabbles, they have automatic weapons now. Cooperation between groups takes awareness that cooperation works as well as proof that cooperation and adherence to law and custom for various laws and rules works. It is not simply a matter of time. The switch must flip inside the group's mind that this will work.

It might never happen. Even if it does decades from now, Westerners will be asked to send money and forced take in refugees from this sad, war-torn area.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Social Matter - Unrestricted Warfare, If You Can Fund It

New essay up at Social Matter. There is an old essay from 1999 by the Chinese that perked a Westerner's interest, and that caught my eye as well. If the Chinese have been thinking this way for that long, it explains their moves. It also explains openings for far smaller players as the USG grip weakens.

America, operating its empire, has used multiple fronts to push nations around for decades. Greater power in the hands of smaller actors suddenly makes asymmetric warfare in those realms much more enticing.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Trump Victorious + SM Review-Preview 43

Trump won Indiana, and it was not even close. Is it the end for the GOPe? It is the end for them maintaining the status quo, so yes, the current configuration is over. Will it become a nationalist party? Will an isolationist or anti-intervention policy form? It is all fluid, and it is possible that it all washes away with Trump's exit whether in November, in 2020 or 2024. For the time being, enjoy the fact that Trump destroyed a great slate of GOP hopefuls with the entire GOPe apparatus smearing him for months.

There is definitely deep interests that are okay with Trump's stances and his proposals. The scary part is what it took for them to get airtime. There needed to be a man with enough visibility, enough money to self-fund, skin thick enough to take the insults and a mind that knew how to manipulate modern media and social media. I do not think Trump wins in November, and even if he wins, i don't think much changes, but let's all take a moment to thank him for destroying Jeb Bush.

This is the time of the fourth crisis. Is The Donald the Boomer to lead us out of it as Strauss and Howe predicted? No one knows, but what a time to be alive.


Last week I wrote on the Church of America experience of a Trump rally. Weimerica Weekly discussed the topic of "foodies" and our food obsession. This week I will write on the changing nature of warfare, and how the Chinese in '99 saw it for what it was to become. Weimerica Weekly will tackle an Internet oddity that has somehow developed into the Great American Epic (Tragedy). All of Weimerica might be encapsulated in one man's story.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

WW1: Pigeon Lofts

Pictured above is a double decker bus that the British turned into a pigeon loft for the carrier pigeons that were used. In the era of NSA surveillance, using birds seems alien.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Social Matter Weimerica Weekly Foodies

A new Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This episode covers a subculture within America known as foodies. If the term foodie sounds vaguely familiar, you might have a friend or family member who claims to be one.

This is lifestyle striving. I discuss what gave rise to the idea of being a foodie, how it trickles down from high end to low and just how our food obsession has allowed foodies to blossom. This clocks in at just under 30 minutes, so it is perfect for lunch or the drive home.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Spandrell's Song Series

Spandrell took a break from being a Gloomy Gus and cranked out a nice series of posts on the Song Dynasty of China. This is a fun series to read of history from a non-prog point of view. Spandrell does add some bits of humor via his writing style and approach to things. This is a fantastic story, and yes, Spandrell weaves it like a campfire story of what not to do.

Check each of them out: The Song Golden Age. The Song Decline. The Song Fall. The Song Surrender.

I highly recommend them. You might even be inspired to go digging into history books afterwards, at a minimum surf through Wikipedia. You will want to look into Yue Fei. There are many things in the narrative that are unique to China and many things applicable to all cultures. All cultures have their quirks and filial loyalty in China is quite the force even for the emperors.

One thing Spandrell stresses, and he does this in other posts, is how the Chinese, for centuries, are focused on good governance. They have seen dynasties rise and fall, expand and contract, and there is a long written record of deeds to see what worked and what did not.

The key for the Chinese is if they can avoid surrendering to the cathedral intellectually in the next decade or so. This may sound easy considering how the West is declining at what seems like a faster pace, but the Chinese send plenty of their wealthier citizens to American universities. Land cites this in posts where he points out how the Chinese will still cite people's consent or democracy as the legitimate form of government. They fall into that frame rather than denying democracy the stature as an aspirational form of government.

Democracy is just a form of government. The great secret to America's success was ever expanding space to settle and spread out, and the strength of our private industry and institutions while the public sphere was weak. In the history of man, democracy is a very weak and unstable form of government.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Protestants, Progs and Islam

How can the progs join forces with Islam? Why does it seem like Protestant countries are much more welcoming than Catholic and Orthodox nations? How can the latest outgrowth from the Protestants (Progs) somehow ally with Islam and even defend it? They are allies right now in voting, and the Progs need that Muslim vote now for while it lasts because they do not think of 40 years down the road. Maybe they do, and maybe they have no fear of what comes because of how alike they are. The similarities might take a while to see but once you do, you understand completely.

What are the similarities? Both are evangelical and universal faiths of the one true God. Both are reformations of Christianity. Both focused on political organization as the Prots wanted to take political control from Rome and Muhammad was trying to create a faith that could handl such wildly different tribes in the desert and lands of conquest. Note that the Muslim holy days are on moon cycles which means they change with the years so there is no holiday rivalry as Islam spreads to a new area with different beliefs and customs.

Both were subversive of the society around them. Both focused on reading the book. There is no inner enlightenment or higher understanding that the monks or priests have access to and only reveal and share with the laymen To be with God and understand God was possible in all men. There is little to no hierarchy as "did you read the book" was the focus. As Carleton Coon wrote, 
Brought up in the Arab tradition of small, personal organizations, Muhammad distrusted hierarchies and wanted none in his religion. In fact, he conceived of the office of imam as that of a lay prayer leader and preacher elected by his fellows for the occasion, since all faithful were equally religious, equally close to the deity.
 Consider Protestants. It starts with sola scriptura, but in modern times is almost laughable. Look at the American Protestant evangelical obsession with memorizing Biblical scripture. Even mega-churches are just local communities. Not too different from the Muslim obsession with memorizing the Koran despite the average Arab reading a few pages of literature a year.

These micro similarities extend to cultural similarities. Forget alcohol. Forget dancing. Protestants built crappy churches and mock praying to Mary and iconography. Muslims bar anyone from ever drawing their prophet. The hurdle for being a pastor is low. The hurdle for being a leader in Islam is do you have the Koran memorized and have made a pilgrimage to Mecca. Both engage in holiness spirals, but one is for defending trannies in bathrooms and the other is beheading infidels. Give Islam worldwide conquest and their holiness vector may change to things just as silly. Muslims blow up holy relics of other groups, no matter how much the UN cherishes them. The Southern clients of the Prots and Progs seem to be just as eager to erase the relics and monuments to the outgroup's past.

Why not split the world in two? The Protestants latest outgrowth of progressivism is dominant and acts like a fantastically angry religion. They even crafted apocalyptic scenarios like the Book of revelations and freely lifted from their Protestant roots (air will turn to fire, oceans will boil). The problem is that they can't split the world up in two though because of their evangelical and universal natures. It is too great a prize to capture and convert one of the other tribe. Whether by sword in the case of islam or educational indoctrination and media brainwashing for progs, the goal is the same. Convert or die says the Muslim. Convert or we will bar you from working and feeding your family says the Prog.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Social Matter - A Trump Rally Revival

New essay is up at Social Matter. I spent 6 hours standing in line, waiting in my seat, observaing and enjoying Donald Trump's rally in Indianapolis last Wednesday.

If Trump comes to your area, I recommend going to a rally. It's an experience. I tried to capture the build up, the wait, the pay off and the trip home. I am being honest when I say it feels like an old timey big tent revival. You walk out of the place feeling like you could punch through brick walls.