Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's Safe to Print

What's safe to say? What observations of reality are appropriate to mention in the public realm? Reviewing recent history (say Obama + black men), we can say that it is okay to point out the obvious or the traits of your tribe. Considering Jason Richwine's witch hunt (Sailer's article), which caused fat, four eyed pundits to link to his Harvard certified study and tweet racist!!!, it is not fair to comment on other tribes. Richwine was a guy on the wrong team making a statement because if you are on the right team and are in a position of power, you can say damn well what you please. Harry Reid saying the phrase "negro dialect". Satoshi Kanazawa was fired and made racist enemy number one for two weeks due to a study that had attractiveness ranks, and black women did not score well. The NY Times noted some genetic research in February on Asians that there was a marker for their specific hair thickness as well as the tendency for Asians to have smaller breasts. Richwine cannot mention tendency of Hispanic immigrants to have lower IQs, Kanazawa cannot cite poor scores for black female beauty, but the NY Times can point out the tendency of Asian girls to be flat. Tell me, what is safe to print? It looks as though he who holds the audience size sceptre decides.

Safe: "Another surprise was that the engineered mice had less breast tissue, meaning that EDAR could be the reason that East Asian women have generally smaller breasts" - NY Times

Horribly Racist: "No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against." - Richwine

One could argue that Hispanic immigrants and black women are members of the left's coalition of victims, therefore they are protected, but that's not quite it. Asians are part of that coalition, even if they are ignored at many turns due to group success. Richwine used test scores, and the NY Times just throws out small busted Asian women as if it's a known fact (any citations Times?). There's another element that strikes at the heart of the left's ruling elite. Brainpower. Richwine's observation was on IQ. Because we live in a supposed meritocracy, it's said that the elite earned their way up by virtue of being so smart that they got into the best colleges. They tell themselves that, stress it when polishing their privileged positions of power and there is some truth to it. What happens when IQ is shown to be mostly genetic and people know they start out two steps behind others? How will that make them feel about the Brahmins telling them to put the Big Gulp down, stop smoking, and other health-enviro mitzvahs? The delusional that a great teacher can coach anyone up is still alive and well, but what if you test at 105 and someone else tests at 80? Can a teacher close that gap? Never. Only the motivated may close the gap in wealth accumulation (proxy for health and happiness), but how much is motivation correlated with intelligence? If the truth got out, the left side of the curve, which outnumbers the elite by millions upon millions, would be angry.

Deep down, it just feels like Humpty Dumpty politics again, here if you're on the right team, you get more get out of jail free cards. Richwine was a witch hunt to smear opponents of immigration. To set out clear cut lines of what is safe would leave too much on the table to be used against the left's political points or restrict too much to be taken seriously by the great middle. The vague rules fits the left because they control the media. They declare what is sexist, homophobic, racist, offensive, and safe. Opponents always make the mistake. Their 'side' receives immunity, but gains the advantage of even broaching topics. Please institutional Left, keep shouting down scientists and research. Keep stifling discussions so that you can steer people into your party as that is what is polite and normal. It's not like the Chinese are racing ahead for maximum k-investment reproduction strategies.

Betting on Larry Summers

I'm betting on Larry Summers as the next FED chairman. I do not think Yellen vs. Summers equates to much of a philosophical difference. I know the media is pushing for Yellen hard, bringing out the big gun of sexism if you oppose her. Like gender means anything to the banks. Hard money vs. soft money? You think that means anything right now? Nope. What matters is that the money printing continue. Even taper talk is a joke as tapering still doesn't shut off the spigot. Candidates may have a history of being one way or the other, but they will deal with the bernanke bubble situation. It isn't pretty.

Here are my two reasons for predicting Summers as FED chair.

1. He's a Robert Rubin guy. Until I see otherwise, we're still living in Rubin's world. Rubin's the head of the CFR, and just pulled Tim Geithner back into his orbit. He's still the money man behind the Dems, and his proteges still lord over us. There is definitely a battle for supremacy of the bankster racket between the Whale (JP Morgan Chase) and the Squid (Goldman Sachs). This doesn't change the bankster game, just slightly alters who has the upper hand.

2. Summers was a huge proponent of the FED being the ultimate lender of last resort. This is critical. This might differentiate him vs. Yellen, whom the real decision makers may distrust on this subject. What if her experience at the FED has made her fed up with the TBTF banks, leaving her inclined to say 'no' next time they hit a crisis point? Summers won't hesitate. As I said in the run up to election 2012, forget Wall St donations; watch the Dow + S&P 500. Rank and file donations were for Romney over Obama, but tell me what the stock market did in October/November? It held up, therefore the leadership was fine with Obama. Polls may show Wall Street boys support Yellen, but they do not call the shots. Even the hot shots on Wall Street do not matter in comparison to their bosses' bosses, the masters of the universe.

Update 8-1-13 - NY Times reports Summers is now the frontrunner.
Update 8-2-2013 - Geithner now advising Obama on picking the next FED chair. They made their pick; this is political cover. Summers promoted Geithner throughout the '90s wherever he went despite his young age. Geithner will steer things his way. Both are Bob Rubin men.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bathing Suit Advice for Ladies

It's summer, and I've got my beach vacation all planned. I'm looking forward to a long weekend on the sand. I grew up on the beach. I worked two summers at a water park and can still describe a couple beauties who wore the perfect bikini for their figure. I laugh at how ladies always get new suits each season but guys rock their athletic shorts or the suit they've had since Hoobastank was big. The eye candy on the beach has been diminishing in recent years. It's the orcas. Even GLAMOUR knows the American woman is most likely bigger (70% chance). Their "what bathing suit works for what body type" has plenty of bigger body shapes. The slideshow is depressing, but for some regular or athletic looking girls, it shows a suit can really work for you if selected properly. I expected about 5 different normal woman types and then one thick girl suit pic. Nope. Terrible. I spent 25 years going to the beach every weekend. I've seen enough flops as well as regular women who looked gorgeous in the right bikini. Here's my bit of advice for the remaining American women still in shape. This is simple advice for flat or buxom ladies.

Flat Girls
It's OK, no one is going to make fun of you. If you're thin and flat, there are plenty of suits you can wear, but there's definitely one you can't Don't waste anyone's time buying a triangle top bikini. You look terrible. You make the triangles look bad. Stick to the bandeau top bikini.

Are you from Montreal? C'est si bon!
Where'd your breasts go?

Buxom Lasses
Reverse the suggestion. Run away from the bandeau top. It makes your breasts look like they are covering a ton of surface area. Not good. Stick to the triangle top to maximize the great gift from God that is boob depth. You curve the triangle, so it's like geometry messing with our eyes.
You got them for graduation? They look real... expensive.
One bonus bit of advice for the curvier ladies. If you get them locked and loaded in a halter top bikini, I'll pay for the lobsters and steamers at dusk.
Kinney Shores at night? Oh, nothing but waves + stars.
I knew a girl from Quebec who had the vanity plate "Papilon". Short for papillon, which is French for butterfly. Tattoo at the small of her back to match. When $15 filled your gas tank and there was only one fat friend per group.


In 1992, the US economy had GDP growth of 1% in Q1, 2.6% in Q2, 3% in Q3, and 3.6% in Q4, recovering from the nadir of -1% in Q2 of ’91. This was a terrible economy.

In 1992, the US was recovering from its first FIRE economy recession with new patterns of job recovery (slower, shallower gains).

In 1992, riots happened in LA with one man being brutally beaten on national television. No one went to jail for it.

In 1992, the US had a 3rd party candidate receive 19% of the popular vote.

In 1992, the media portrayed the youngest fighter pilot in WW2 (shot down over the ocean) as a wimp to cover for the Democrats running the first draft dodger.

In 1992, Goldman Sachs was at the vanguard of the capture of the Democrats with Rahm Emanuel running the new "in your face" style of campaign fundraising.

In 1992, the GOP became the aggressor in the previously unnamed culture wars with Pat Buchanan’s speech at the GOP convention. This allowed the media to portray the right as attackers and the left as victims, despite the left pushing for more liberal policies the next 20 years.

In 1992, Buchanan warned of the dangers of unchecked immigration, especially from Mexico.

In 1992, Dan Quayle warned of the dangers of glorifying single motherhood with Murphy Brown.

In 1992, Ross Perot warned of the dangers of debt and offshoring US manufacturing jobs.

In 1992, Buchanan was called a xenophobic jerk, Quayle a traditionalist idiot and Perot a hyper Chicken Little.

Who was right? Who is in charge?

Monday, July 29, 2013

China Can Revamp the Monetary System Using SDRs

I'm bullish on China's potential to be a reserve currency within 5-7 years. They are making many moves to cultivate foreign nations with yuan exposure, and their first move may just be to surpass the euro in the reserve currency game. A gold backed currency in an age of devaluing currencies does sound nuts, but if it were to boost their nation's purchasing power on the global market, it will mitigate oil and food import costs. Oil is incredibly important for them as they import more than the US does. If they do not want to be the reserve currency, they definitely want to be a reserve currency, as do other countries. This is about knocking the US down a peg or two, and in the Sun-Tzu fashion, a way to fight without firing a shot. Their in, as would be Russia's and Brazil's, would be reconfiguring the international financial system focused on dollar reserves to an altered system based on IMF special drawing rights.

IMF SDRs are best broken down on Wikipedia in simple terms. SDRs are claims to reserves by members countries. The members with stronger positions can exchange them for claims on the weaker members. The key thing that China, Russia or even Brazil could make a play on is that the SDR can only be exchanged for four specific currencies: Japanese yen, British sterling, euros and US dollars. After a dollar crisis and another shock to the dollar denominated financial system, the fear of relying on the dollar may allow for alternatives. China-Russia could push for a gold or even bimetallic system, but they could also make a push for SDRs to rise to a new role and allow for nations to have a go between not so dollar dependent. The key is what makes up the SDR exchange. Check out the list of economies by GDP. If we drew up an SDR bucket, including the Chinese, Russians, Brazilians and even Indians would make sense now. If the euro holds, and I don't think it will, the euro can gladly be in the SDR bucket, but even then, it's share of the SDR could be pared back. A disintegration of the euro could leave the German Mark as the only euro remnant in the SDR bucket. A second dollar fiasco would give credibility to the idea of other currencies being in the SDR bucket as well as the SDR itself changing roles.

The shaking up of the SDR make up as well as changing how it is used will most likely come with another push: changing how the IMF leadership is selected and who is serving on its board. The Chinese, Russians and Brazilians are not going to push for all of these changes to see Americans-Euros still at the helm. Asian countries are still angry about the draconian measures that the IMF forced on them after the '90s Asian currency crisis. South American countries share similar memories. Changing an institution like the IMF to allow for non-Western control affects foreign intervention, bailouts, trade and other geopolitical tensions. If China is playing a long game for hyperpower status, or even just regional hegemon in the Pacific, removing the IMF tool or placing the IMF tool in its hands is a rather important gambit to attempt in a time of crisis. It is easy to doubt this or even question the SDR being twisted to this purpose or a purpose that benefits China, but the IMF, World Bank and SDRs were all born out of a crisis and new global leadership. Nothing is permanent. Current institutions will be altered to fit the new order or entirely new institutions will be built.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now We're Teaching the 100+ mil in Food Programs to Cook

We're not just feeding people, we're teaching them basics of life because the SWPLs and government liberals say so. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has 15 food programs for Americans to access. Food stamps, SNAP, covers 47 million people. It's just one of the fifteen programs. The other 14 programs cover 54 million others, totaling 101 million Americans on USDA food programs. There is definitely overlap as many children on school lunch and breakfast programs are from families that qualify for SNAP. This costs about $114 billion a year. To finish the economic scare post, there are 101 million Americans in food programs and 97 million private sector workers in 2012. It doesn't end there. We're now paying for programs that teach them to cook because they are so incompetent that they don't know how.

This piece of advocacy propaganda in the Indystar got me laughing. There are 5000 hungry children in Indianapolis. Ok, out of how many thousands more, this is a big city? Dammit, there are no more home ec classes to teach people to cook!!! These victims of society can't identify foods. They can't cook them. We need a government program for that. That will fix them up. The column points out how cooking classes are for fancier things. I guess because people taking cooking classes want to learn something more, since people who can't cook basic fucking meals probably aren't demanding cooking classes. After all, they could turn on PBS, turn on the Food Network or use the fucking Internet to learn basics. This is all setting aside the assumption that the basic human being should be able to cook a few simple dishes. What kind of intergenerational damage has gone on in the urban crowd since 1980? Comments to the article (some are gold) attempt to answer that. Maybe journalist Ms. Smith* could write about that.

After a column's worth of laying out how there is a dire problem, there are no private solutions but there needs to be for the children, we get hit with the meat:

Starting in October, the hospital system will bring in chefs from IvyTech Community College, Chef’s Academy and Purdue Extension to do cooking demonstrations at its 20 Garden on the Go sites. The effort is still coming together, but Cole says people will be able to sample the food and take home recipe cards.
The idea isn’t to overhaul everything that people eat. It’s more to add healthier fare to the dishes they already make. That could mean everything from adding carrots to chili to cooking collard greens in a less artery-clogging way.

Awesome. Glad to know we're wasting time, money and energy on this shit. A lot of commenters to the article mention motivation. A liberal always thinks man can be molded into the perfect liberal citizen. This is all because we have an obesity problem, but the media representing the tastemaker liberal class can't write, "Look dum-dums, you're eating yourself fat and that will make national health care too expensive. Smarten up. We know what's best for you, so take the fucking class and start eating better!" The therapeutic state will fix this. Big Sister will be there to take care of your domestic needs. All you need is a little education. The Guv will take care of you. Just keep voting for it.

*Ms. Smith goes to my gym, and honestly, she could use fewer calories and better food.

NY Times + Obama Economic Insanity

While I dislike what the NY Times is and what it stands for, it still is a fantastic resource. When the Times wants to expend energy and money on something, the reporting and work is top notch. They also have access to everyone. Their article after an interview with President Obama, "Obama Says Income Gap is Fraying U.S. Social Fabric" is quite breathtaking in its opposition to reality, stupidity and downright inaccuracy. Let's review this marvelous display of idiotic propaganda. All Times snippets are in italics. My shouting into the wind commentary will be in regular font. .....And here we go.....

“Racial tensions won’t get better; they may get worse, because people will feel as if they’ve got to compete with some other group to get scraps from a shrinking pot,” Mr. Obama said. “If the economy is growing, everybody feels invested. Everybody feels as if we’re rolling in the same direction.”

>clap clap clap< Good job good effort by the post-racial president. You've stoked racial tension your entire time in office. At no point have you played the biracial guy. You NEVER mention that blacks might have culpability in any instance you've stuck your nose into since '08. Now to the econ statement? How is it a shrinking pot? You said we're better off now than 4 years ago and GDP has been reported as positive. If there is a shrinking pot, people should compete because resources are dwindling. Totally wrong on your second statement because the economy grew in the '80s under Reagan and 2000s under Bush yet the constant complaint from leftist politicians (and the media) was that the richer were getting richer faster than everyone else. When income inequality rose but the economy hummed along in the '90s, the media and the left were both silent. Hmm.

Obama has a framed copy of the program for the March on Washington when MLK gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech. Obama uses it to remind people “that was a march for jobs and justice; that there was a massive economic component to that. When you think about the coalition that brought about civil rights, it wasn’t just folks who believed in racial equality. It was people who believed in working folks having a fair shot.”

Historical revisionism because Obama is reaching out to working class whites as he feels he needs them. There was an economic component to it for blacks. Civil Rights legislation and change was for blacks. The people who got fucked over were working class whites who suddenly had to deal with affirmative action policies, forced integration, and destruction of the neighborhoods that they had protected with covenants. The coalition was made up of leftist whites, academics, and do gooder college students all funded by northern Jewish interests.

For decades after, Mr. Obama said, in places like Galesburg people “who wanted to find a job — they could go get a job.”
“They could go get it at the Maytag plant,” he said. “They could go get it with the railroad. It might be hard work, it might be tough work, but they could buy a house with it.”
Without a shift in Washington to encourage growth over “damaging” austerity, he added, not only would the middle class shrink, but in turn, contentious issues like trade, climate change and immigration could become harder to address.
Striking a feisty note at times, he vowed not to be cowed by his Republican adversaries in Congress and said he was willing to stretch the limits of his powers to change the direction of the debate in Washington.
“I will seize any opportunity I can find to work with Congress to strengthen the middle class, improve their prospects, improve their security,” Mr. Obama said.

There is no policy here. There are only cliches and things that we all already know. Why isn't Maytag (now owned by Whirlpool) opening new plants? the left chased out manufacturing with environmental regulations and countless red tape while capital fled for cheap labor offshore. Obama does not name a single policy item to get manufacturing jobs back to US shores. Obamacare is taking away health insurance while jacking up premiums since it passed. College is expensive. Housing has started to inflate again, which makes every home more expensive for everyone instead of dropping in price, helping first time buyers and stabilizing property tax charges. There is a throwaway sentence about certain topics. Here they are: shit. Climate change is going to make energy more expensive, trade will most likely fuck over current manufacturing in America, and immigration is just going to bring in more labor supply, destroying wage earnings. as well as tear at the social fabric of America.

The priority, he said, should be spending for infrastructure, education, clean energy, science, research and other domestic initiatives of the sort he twice campaigned on.

I thought that was what the stimulus was about? That stimulus is still going. Did it work? There are 47 million Americans on food stamps and a generational low in the labor force participation rate, so my guess is no.

Obama had some filler about the FED choice. Big whoop. There was a weak defense of his Obamacare delay. There was also the mention that his poll numbers are down, but not as bad as Congress (especially the GOP side).

1. Where was any single policy on the income inequality issue? No.
2. Why mention income inequality when wealth inequality is far worse? Unmentionable due to the 1% funding him.
3. Any simple tax program that could change the wealth inequality issue? My wealth tax idea here.
4. If upward mobility is an important issue, why not expand job opportunities where college degrees are not required but still offer a career track? Why not work with colleges to drop tuition costs? Unmentionable due to colleges being on his side.
5. We going to break up the banks and write down debt that is never going to be repaid? Naww, forget it.

Sorry for the rambling, but the NY Times did not allow comments to that story. This was not a story. It was a propaganda piece to support Obama's 200th fake pivot to working on the economy, smearing anyone else as an off kilter psycho.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review: "Detropia"

- It's jobs man, jobs. If the jobs were back, it'd all be fixed.
- Fucking corporations. Like they moved our jobs. They are the bad guys.
- If they want us to relocate and downsize in the city, that sounds like segregation (forget that Detroit is 85% black). Downsizing needs to turn into supersizing.
- God will judge what you politicians have done to Detroit. God may not be as merciful.
- There's an emerging hipster, douchebag artist crowd. It's amazing to buy cheap lofts and get in on the ground floor. Come on, do it SWPL. It's like the Village in the '60s.
- The fires get set by guys who then masturbate.
- The auto bailout saved 1 million jobs.
- "Capitalism exploits the weak. It always does."
- Riots happened once in 1967. Self contained event... nothing to see here, move along.
- This is going to spread and happen everywhere.

This documentary is wonderful propaganda for the people who want to look at Detroit and blame everything on corporate greed. Detroit is especially precious to liberals because the people that would populate any documentary about the city will be nearly 100% black. It should have been called "Detropia: Angels Live in My Town". Good people are defined as the citizens of Detroit (helpless pawns), white artists, politicians in the city and their consultants trying to come up with solutions and old people who never left. There are no bad people who live in the city. Crime, illiteracy, family decay and social dysfunction do not exist in Detroit. Everyone and every corporation that left abandoned that poor city. This documentary rivals some Rwanda and Sudan docs for its level of white guilt.

This film was released January 21, 2012 and funded in part by the Ford Foundation. I guess the "Halftime in America" Detroit is rebounding so support GM and Obama advertisement during the Super Bowl two weeks later on February 5th was an expensive lie.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Vigilant Citizen, DSK + Eyes Wide Shut

Did you see Eyes Wide Shut? I saw it in the theater. My girlfriend in '99 called it Eyes Wide Smut (har har). Always liked Kubrick's visual presentation of the story's two nights, as well as Cruise's work. Check it out.

I read Vigilant Citizen's take on Eyes Wide Shut's sex parties being a peek into the elite's world. Squint your eyes at the Rothschild party photo. Think VC might be reading too much into it, maybe, but....

Recall that former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn admitted to participating in sex parties, orgies, etc. with plenty of other wealthy individuals all over the world. Blackmail potential through the roof.

DSK was well on his way to leading France but he made one mistake. In February of 2011, he called for a diminished role for the dollar as a reserve currency. He specifically mentioned the IMF replacing the dollar with SDRs, slowly ending the current dollar centric system through the choice of other trading nations. On May 14th 2011, a hotel maid accused him of forcing himself on her and destroyed his career. Shucks, what a coincidence. Everyone has a kink, and the powers that be knew DSK's.

How'd they get that anti-war candidate Obama guy to become such a hawk?

The Victim Coalition Does Want to Destroy Western Civ

Much is made of the oddball coalition of victim groups that make up the left of Western nations. A perfect example of its weird composition is the socially conservative, highly religious Muslims of France voting with the socially liberal + atheist Frenchies for Hollande. There is a technocratic elite to guide them on the orders and in the pay of the wealthy who fund their campaigns, jobs and pet projects. The pitch though is the key, and why it works. Yes, as Sailer admits the glue is hating on straight white, Christian men, but SWCM are a symbol of the entire system. It is a corrupt system, holding you down. Rage against the system and destroy it with our help! Hate those who seem to succeed in the system and designed it, and deny any possibility that they succeed based on their behavior, actions and efforts. Vote for us, we'll fix it or at least give you a share of what we can commandeer! Some people were confused BY the Obama 2012 campaign using 'Revenge" as a pitch when he was the incumbent. It's revenge on the entire system. Sailer's coalition of the fringes of America, mainstream pundits say the McGovern coalition, or Firepower's Five Fingers of Liberalism (which has six, haha) identifies them perfectly, but doesn't ask why? The coalition is a group of the losers in the system of Western Civilization.

The New Left was a hodgepodge of agitators, but the heart they were all striking at was capitalistic Western Civ. It's just Marxism in mid-20th century packaging. The word victim is derived from the Latin word victis, which means vanquished. The voting coalition makes sense when looking at these groups as people vanquished by the capitalistic system of Western civ. These voting blocs lean left heavily, but not entirely.

1. The very poor
2. Single moms
3. Minorities
4. Academics + government workers
5. Ugly single women
6. Muslim immigrants (where appropriate)

The poor and minorities (employability + cognitive capabilities) are losers in the capitalist game. Single moms are losers in the social and financial security game. Academics and government workers harbor jealousy and envy of the positive status associated with the well paid private sector that they now out-earn due to pensions and benefits. The left cannot come out and say that the entire system of capitalism should be replaced by strong, redistributive socialism. That message is a loser, and they have to win executive branch elections. It does come out when they meet together at conferences or write in academic journals. It was broadcast loudly in the late '60s and '70s to devastating effects for the leadership and donors of the left. The same "Port Huron" message found its way out of the mouths and minds of Occupy protesters.

It's the same, worn out message, because it resonates with the losers in society. The massive redistribution never gets put into place despite electoral wins, and you'd think they'd figure out why their big money, elite donors never implement those plans. Too much thinky, gimme more bennies. Red pill guys joke about how ugly the lefty women are or how beta the lefty men look, which is a bit of hyperbole, but it is the same thing. Yes, weak, manboob men do tend to be leftist. These people are losers in the sexual marketplace in a society that really values beauty and strength. Men want beautiful women and women want masculine, strong men. The media propaganda system is a way of tilting the field or destroying former standards of good and beautiful. They can't admit that they hate normal beauty standards as that would be too harsh and influence marginal support so they pick an anorexic model or maybe call blonde hair and blue eyes boring nonstop. That model or look is the symbol for the natural sexual marketplace. Likewise, it is safer to hate on SWCM as a proxy for the system because to mention overthrowing the capitalist system would frighten too many people and scare off too many voters who like to vote 'left' because it is the polite thing to do and gets them brownie points in their social circle. Yes, the coalition of victims is a patchwork, oddball group, but it is quite easy to keep them coming to the voting booth when they all hate the same thing.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

No F-16s for Egypt

It is more a symbol than anything, but the Obama administration halted delivery of four F-16s to Egypt. Do General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin still get paid for them? In all seriousness, it is rather telling that Obama tsk-tsked the Egyptian military for the non-coup coup. This is another sign to the Muslim Brotherhood that their side is still being listened to, and they have a part of the conversation that the US Department of State would organize. The messier things get, the longer things drag out, the better for them to be a part of the power structure. It's symbolic yet powerful because a nation needs American permission to do anything in the air without repercussions.

No planes for you. Come back with democratically elected government
Egypt's military has the edge and funding from the Saudis and the US. Withholding planes, while only four, is a sign we're not fully committed to those generals. It also removes a distinct edge the government's military has over an insurgency or guerilla opponent. The Muslim Brotherhood should be reaching out to the Qatari paymasters for weapons through Sudan to start a long slog. Israel bombed Syria's reactor in '07 without a peep from the US. Delivering four planes when Egypt is not in an active war is symbolic, serious, and just a start. I don't trust the US elites, so this will end poorly.

Muslim Brotherhood gets a boost. Wonder why Huma Abedin was by Clinton's side at State all those years? Hmmm.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There Have Always Been Guys That Don't Man Up

An old acquaintance is 32. He had a lower to middle class childhood, dad wasn't involved, but his mom was a good mom to her two boys. He was good at a sport, and a college hooked him up with money for school (not a full scholarship). A phony work study, small federal loans and his mom working two jobs covered the rest. He dubbed around and dropped out of school. After he dropped out, he met a cute girl with a great body, knocked her up, got a job as a nurse assistant, and lived with his baby mamma. His employer got a federal grant that would have paid for him to finish schooling and become an RN. He restarted classes, then stopped (all the while encouraged by his college grad baby mamma to finish school). He later reduced hours at his job to go to school, but when he quit school (3rd time), he didn't go back to 40 hrs/week. As his baby mamma got a couple raises, he stopped working at all. After another year, he left their home and moved back in with his mom. He's been there for 5 years now, seeing his daughter every other weekend, never attending dance recitals. He plays a ton of Xbox. He got laid a lot in college, not anymore. His brother lives at home at 27, too. Similar story but no kid.

This is one of those guys accused of not stepping up, manning up or whatever. I like to post on the delusional, modern American women, but American men aren't delusional, they've lost their elan. Captain Capitalism has a fantastic post from 2012 of the American man losing his muse, therefore not working as hard (which I agree with), but it's more than that. This guy had a girlfriend with a good future, good looks, OK personality and a desire to see him succeed, but he still didn't want it. He had a muse. He had the college system and employers throwing money at him, but he didn't want it. He didn't have a dad, but how important is not having a dad if everyone around you coddles you and encourages you to succeed? This example is not the only one as everyone has one friend like this.

I don't think the system is to blame here even if the system does discourage some young men. This is more like an Intervention episode where an individual is just a fuck up. Beat generation losers took to the road and got out of the house. The Lost generation types took to cities or Europe for escape. These guys today are not taking to the road; they are playing Xbox, drinking beer, eating what mom cooks and living at home. "Beat" and "Lost" are not adjectives with positive connotations. A Staycation Beat Generation. I'm not 100 years old, so I don't know how prevalent this no ambition and no adventure slacker type is, and it feels uniquely modern, but it isn't. These men have always existed. It's just now, as civilization is declining, the importance of good men is suddenly apparent. It's as if the number of degenerates is so high that the 'tsk-tsk' ladies need every single man who has the potential to contribute to do so. The system can't admit that openly ("we need you, we're sorry"), and the women definitely aren't inspiring, so it frames the problem as men being children and losers.

Once Again, Weiner has a Sham Marriage

Weiner busted again for more sexting while he and his wife claimed things were going well and he had refocused his life on their family. Here is my theory on why he got into trouble and his whole sham family, especially the marriage. It is all for show so that the common man will vote for the 'family man' for an executive position. Why does an attractive woman stick around with a guy who does this shit and is out of power? She ain't sleeping with him. The cathedral's main organ, the NY Times, urges him to drop out of the mayoral race. It'd be interesting to see what Huma does if Weiner does drop out of the race.

Pardon the cartoon bubbles by the idiots, but I loved this photo for Hildawg's look. She looks comfortable. She looks like she's enjoying the moment.

Check Hildawg's sly smile

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Four Easy Steps to Improving the State of Women

Hey ladies bitching about America, consider some advice outside the Jezebel, women's magazine, mainstream media circuit. Follow my simple four step guide to improving the female condition in America. It's amazing because everything is completely in your hands. Send out a mass email or maybe Sheryl Sandberg can send out a mass Facebook message to all female users. Being COO has to be good for something. Here's the fix to the paradox of declining female happiness (gee, maybe those new, materialistic things don't matter much).

1. No sexual intercourse until marriage.
2. Stop sleeping with married/taken men. This will be easier by following number 1.
2a. If you discover he's taken, end it all immediately.
3. Use your voting power to have porn sequestered into a red light district. Once men will have an easy to block series of sites from your family computer or heaven forbid, have to pay for porn again, it is over for the avalanche of smut available for free at the click of a button. Seriously, you bitch about female representation in Super Bowl ads but avoid the Internet's pornucopia.
4. If overweight or obese, lose 25 lbs. This will help your health as well as dating selection.

Men would lose easy targets. Men would have to invest in women to get the goods. Men might have to compete in things other than appearing to be disinterested in you, dominant and super-cool for a 2 hour period. Men would not have access to free high quality pornography. Losing weight would also improve all women's chances with more desirable mates (guys who don't sink to whale hunting are higher quality men). Significantly more women would be of normal weight in the dating market (roughly the 1/3 that are overweight would now be in the normal band). If women continuously lower standards, men will continuously meet them.

These steps are all in your control. All of them. Consent laws are set up in your favor. Married men are easy to spot with the rings and 'cheaters bands' and all. No one will defend free porn except the freedom of info nerds, so sequestering it would be fantastic. If we can code strip clubs out of cities, we should be able to code porn into a virtual region. Losing weight is up to you.

Monday, July 22, 2013

China's Yuan Moves

Througha Russian reporter, the Chinese float out the idea that they will move to back the yuan with gold. The Russian reporter mentions the havoc that this will play on the yuan, and then mentions positive effects it could have for Russia. China and Russia both want to knock America the hyperpower down, as the Russians just had a conference for the G-20 about reinventing Bretton Woods. China and Russia are performing a great tag team workover of the US as they are the only two other nations close to true sovereignty. Will the Chinese eventually back the yuan with gold? Yes. Will they benefit? Yes. If reporters did investigating, they'd see a pattern.

We live in the age of the petrodollar. The petrodollar helped the US after Nixon closed the gold window. Volcker eventually fixed things by forcing a recession on us. Oil is priced and traded in dollars, and that is key to the dollar system. The Chinese signing $270 billion deals with Russia for oil is a way around the petrodollar. China now buys its oil from Russia, Iran, Angola, Sudan and Venezuela in yuan (weird, those countries are all declared bad). Those imports total just over 5 mil barrels per day of oil. China has also been busy on currency swaps to have the yuan in other nations' banks' hands. The ECB, the Aussies, the Brits, the Brazilians, and the Swiss of Asia (Singapore) is acting as a clearing house for yuan (note: all articles not in US papers). Those are a lot of big nations to interact with, and it lays groundwork for a safe move away from the dollar system.

An interesting thing about our global monetary crises of the '80s and '90s were that they happened on the periphery. Flare ups happened in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Asia, but never in the US. The 2008 financial crisis was the first directly in the heart of the dollar zone. The possibility of a crisis in the center of the zone makes everyone on the edge far more nervous. China is setting up an alternative to the dollar zone first with these bilateral arrangements. The second step is with gold. Skim this article on China's gold reserves and behaviors. They last reported reserves of 1054 tonnes in 2009 (that number could be an understatement as well). They buy all domestic production (400+ tonnes) and then import hundreds more. What do you think the announcement number will be next time? A clue is that their total reserves are over $3 trillion yet US securities only make up 54% of that now. A multipolar currency system with gold the main anchor and ultimate comparison would be a huge draw for countries fearful of dollar instability. It would also be a draw for key cogs in the dollar system that currently export oil to China (Saudi Arabia/Nigeria).

Gold has no counterparty risk. Gold in your hand is true wealth. If a dollar alternative system that had a gold backed yuan as the player were unveiled, what pull would that have on other investors: institutions, accredited investors and even smaller fry? Wall Street has technical expertise, but how bad is their brand for casino antics? If China and Russia align and stand tough, they face the Anglo-American banks swimming in all of that debt in charge of hollowed out, post-industrial economies. The Chinese and Russians also must look at media spectacles like the Trayvon fiasco or the week long immigrant uprisings in Europe and laugh. They can be patient. They can assemble a different system. If the west can resist an entirely new system, Russia and China will have immense leverage at the future conferences on the 'restructuring of the global monetary system". Now is not the time, but the time draws closer.

Reginald Denny + George Zimmerman

Amazing how far away 20 years can feel sometimes. As this Trayvon Tragedy wrapped up, the Attack on Reginald Denny trial was roughly 20 years in the rearview mirror. Please review the trial section on the attack. A multi-racial jury returned with a hung jury result (multiculturalism woohoo). Shucks, no one was convicted for the gruesome crime. One assailant did get a conviction for mayhem, and the stiffest sentence, which allowed him to be released in under 4 years. The questions are: do you think this happens today, do you think Zimmerman sits in jail for his actions if he had done them in '92 and how different is America?

As a young teen, the fact that this jury returned with a hung outcome shocked me. It was on camera. They had witnesses. How did that happen? By the time OJ's trial started up, I was expecting the black jury to not convict him no matter what. That verdict startled my classmates, but not me. What shocked me then was the split reaction. That black/white split was the start of white Americans realizing that the calm surface after the riots of the '60s/'70s was an inch deep. Much has happened in America in 20 years, and none of it is good. The authorities could not properly hold law and order and tried buying off peace with any figurehead leader (Sharpton the laughing stock is now on MSNBC???). There have been no riots anywhere despite overzealous police actions since the LA Riots. Listen to that video feed, they mention the cops pulled back because they were outnumbered. In anarcho-tyranny fashion, we've militarized our cops so that will never happen again, which creates a threat to the potential rioters. Reginald Denny's story doesn't happen today because the rioters would last 5 minutes. If he was still attacked, the city would also give them plea bargain deals and not take it to a jury. They wouldn't risk the loss, as they'd plea it down and get 5-15 years for a variety of charges and tell Denny, "You lived, and here's a payout from the city".

Twenty years ago, Zimmerman's ass is in jail for at least 15. The same mechanisms were in place then (without the internet) for this to bubble up to the national media. Think the National Review or Wall St. Journal would have saved him? No. The alternative right or internet right did not exist. We'd all would have seen the media's images and swallowed it whole. Anti-gun attitudes were different then compared to today. Check out this Pew poll that compares results back to '93. Mentally, white guilt was on full blast in '92. Why the fuck do you think no whites fussed about the Denny thing for any length of time? Even if Zimmerman would have made it through the criminal trial, the entire court of public opinion would have clamored for something.

It is not happening now. Even Lion thinks Obama was setting his crew up for no further action. Fred Reed is right, and things will only get worse if our current system and elite stay in place. I echo Vox on why there were no riots: many blacks live next to Hispanics and have been getting destroyed the last 15 years (plus diabetes, obesity and internet porn). This all is not good. When the financial system is changed due to external forces or enough internal players securing capital to have power in the next system, this will all come to a head. I doubt whites will watch on a television screen and feel bad for the poor youths oppressed by the system as they record a riot with their Iphones. Too much has changed. First and foremost is their purchases of firearms and having more firsthand experience with blacks who do not behave like the Huxtables. We are a long way from Reginald Denny's ordeal both in years and in sentiment. This will not end well.

*Note: Hispanics tracked along whites in a post-Zimmerman trial poll.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Metals Warehousing Racket

Here's the aluminum warehousing Goldman Sachs scam the NY Times reported in a simple (to me) rundown so even Harvard educated Slate writers can follow it.

1. Banks use the FED's ZIRP easy money to finance deals to buy metals at the spot cost. The buyer also makes a forward contract sale to take advantage of a metals market in contango. Aluminum has been in wide contango for a while (Google contango).
2. The short distance between the warehousing locations in Michigan to Midwest US galvanizing centers means that the merchant premium will be higher than the contango (Google Index Universe contango report).
3. The buyers stack up metal in the warehouse. The warehousers offer incentives of $230/ton for the traders to renew their leases.
4. Prices are depressed, stable and occasionally declining. The big banks can then play games in the paper market to fiddle with the cost of a metal knowing that warehouses they control have enough metal to artificially make supply look high while backing up any contracts that may force delivery.
5. Rinse, lather, repeat. How many end demand users are going to strike deals directly with producers. Not many, but some are trying.

Seriously, look at this link, scroll down to the storage charts. Notice the giant jump in '08-'09 once ZIRP got going. Look at the spot price over that time as well. Coincidence?

"How come no one has started up a new warehouse to compete and stop this game? Arf, arf, I don't know how to Google and do shallow research despite being a journalist." - Sorry, for that horrible journalist mocking.

Here's why:

1. Self-Interest: The LME runs the racket and is also a collector of 1% of all rent earnings. Changing things will reduce revenues.
2. Rules and Regulations: The LME has registered warehouses. Once must be approved and registered with the LME to be a metals warehouse for the warrants of their metals.
3. Big Barrier: The LME is only accepting "applications for the listing of new warehouses from existing approved warehouse companies".
4. Goldman Sachs bought the warehouse Metro International Trade Services which holds many of the US based sheds in 2010.
5. LME isn't going to upset the situation and lose their 1% of outsized fees. Plus, LME isn't going to approve any new warehouses that aren't from a firm that is already approved and operating them.

It is effectively a cartel with an extremely high barrier to entry.

*Hi Slate Readers. This is pretty easy to explain if someone knows markets and economics, as well as how to use "Google". Guess philosophy majors with no experience in the markets, finance or working real jobs should be writing about the markets, finance or economy.

Heroin Scare in Northern New England

Who the hell is doing heroin? Heroin is a wicked fahkin hahd drug to beat. The NY Times reported that heroin is making a "comeback" and that deaths are rising at an alarming rate. I don't buy this for a minute. The drugs real jump was a decade ago, and the scare is small compared to other dysfunctional issues. This is some nice, overblown bullshit, and the article manages to side step a bunch of news worthy items.

1. If this is a comeback, what was the prior problem and how was it solved?
2. 21 heroin overdose deaths equals their murder count for the year. Is murder a problem in Maine? Nope. At 1.2 million people, 21 deaths is minor, and the examples they show or discuss are all centered on Portland, yet the article discusses heroin reaching quaint fishing villages on the coast. Need some proof.
3. Why is the heroin so 'cheap'? Looking at the numbers ($30 bag), if a bag of M&Ms costs 99 cents, then heroin is most likely cheaper per injection than a bag of M&Ms.
3a. How is the heroin making its way up from Massachusetts? Maine, NH, Vermont are all small areas with low populations where an outsider would be easy to spot.
3b. What is the distribution network like for heroin? Can we get a rundown of details on the network or dealer type? I see a mention of a dealer ring in Mass busted, but nothing else, and rural New England is pretty "small".
4. Afghanistan produces 87% of the world's heroin with gigantic increases since the Taliban was toppled. How is it coming to the west?
4a. How could the Taliban, without the sophisticated equipment, wipe out heroin production but the US military can't?
5. Why are Mainers, Vermonters and folks in NH resorting to heroin use, considering everyone knows how addictive it is?

Interesting passage:

One reason for the rise in heroin use is the restrictions on doctors in prescribing painkillers. The tightened supply of pain pills, and physical changes that made them harder to crush and snort for a quick high, have diverted many users to heroin, which is much cheaper and easier to get.

The reason for use is restriction on another drug of the same drug family. It is not just supply and drug options, but why are these individuals using heroin now? There is no discussion of the why behind it all. I am 100% certain this article from a Bangor, Maine newspaper was a feeder for the NY Times piece, but check out an older Bangor article on how heroin admissions to treatment centers skyrocket after 2001, and have plateaued (hmm, after 2001 heroin use exploded). Oxycodone has been the recent riser, but that's not the evil heroin scare, yet the Bangor article focuses on heroin. Once again, why are people using a drug with a well established track record (no pun intended) of killing?

Discussing why would destroy the shining, America is always progressing lie. Those self-satisfied SWPLs and 50 story condo liberals need to keep thinking all is well because now gays can marry and we have the Internet. These heroin users are in safely blue states. When it was just teens in the greater Boston area doing heroin, New England liberals could argue it was middle and upper-middle class teens switching from expensive oxy pills to cheaper heroin because they "didn't undahstand any bettah". Rural adults using heroin is different. The Times doesn't want to ask why. They don't dare ponder that the rural towns that lost forestry, logging and paper jobs to environmentalism scare propaganda, lost manufacturing jobs to outsourcing, and were destroyed by the social engineering of liberal family law and welfare changes would resort to chasing the dragon.

Catholicism's Two Uses in Hollywood

The Conjuring was a pretty entertaining movie. It is well paced, has good scares, showcases two loving marriages, and seems to enjoy its '70s-ness. It has many Catholic references and touches in it. It got me thinking of how Catholicism is used by the tools who run Hollywood. We're decades away from the positive portrayals of "The Bells of St. Mary's". Here's the modern split for Hollywood.

1. Catholicism and Catholics are used in Hollywood whenever there needs to be a rebel character against an institution or to portray corrupt, faceless, evil institutions. Institutions now are generally of a liberal persuasion or liberal throughout. Hollywood can never admit that the dominant thought is liberal beliefs, so when a rebel is present they can rebel against the Catholics with their outfits, hierarchy, big buildings and men in positions of power.

2. Catholicism is a source for spiritual, supernatural freaky shit. There are only so many ways to explain why ghosts or spirits are around, especially without acknowledging an afterlife or souls for Western audiences. Catholicism has 2000 years of history, ritual, and tangible totems to use in film (a visual medium). Mainline protestantism is nearly dead, and evangelical Christianity is a bit too local and lacks the history of Catholicism. There are also enough lapsed Catholics (looking at you Boomers) that a film can touch internal buttons for viewers who were raised Catholic but left the church.

Good thing people need to be scared by the supernatural, or it'd be child molesters and corrupt men all of the time. Hmmm, who runs Hollywood?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

One Writer's Take on Nate Silver to ESPN

A friend, who is pretty hooked up with the Democrats and has been published in the Times, sent me a long email on Nate Silver's slide from the NY Times to ESPN. I'm going to copy and paste it here......

Nate Silver's departure from the Times has really gotten me down that I felt like I had to put some extended thoughts down this morning to ease my mourning that you may find interesting (or may not in which case sorry for the rant and just click the the little garbage pail button). 

Silver's move really did catch me off guard, though really I'm not surprised. I think it speaks to the general state of media. Used to be that being the top guy at the Times was the pinnacle for any serious, smart, educated person. Sure, maybe you could make a little more elsewhere, but there is no outlet that brings the imprimatur that you get writing for the Times. It's a rush for intellectuals (I speak from some very limited experience and when the Times first ran a piece of mine I felt at that moment like some (half!) balding demigod). If I can be elitist, it's what thinking people read, what decision-makers read. Now, that's still true, but far less so than it's ever been. The marketplace is so crowded and diffused and no such monopoly exists anymore.

I know that Silver drove something like 60-70% of the Times' web traffic last fall, so I can guarantee they offered him a mint for a journalist/analyst. Probably an ungodly sum that made Pinchy Sulzberger blanch as the editors and web staff crowded around his office (then again, it's hard to crowd in the biggest office, more like, urgently lounged) and insisted (likely through loud dramatic hand gestures and the subdued impassioned terms limousine elites and people who wear wire-rimmed bifocals tend to favor) on Silver's unique importance. But first, they couldn't match the cash a soulless conglomerate like Disney could pony up anyway, and second, they couldn't offer the same broader opportunities. 

I've never been offered a job by the Times, but I can guess how it goes. Some editor says, "you will write for the New York Times," and then folds his/her arms in satisfaction, which, for five generations, had always been enough to sell just about anyone who grew up with images of pulitzers and national book awards dancing in their subconscious. No more. Disney probably told him he's already big enough that he doesn't need the Times' seal to sell books, and they'd offer more: opportunities for tv, more book deals signed directly at the tap, I bet they even floated movie possibilities. (Think about this a minute. You're a huge geek who two years ago ate 711 prewrapped turkey sandwiches three days a week for dinner and some Disney executive in a four thousand dollar suit, surrounded by smiling, silent junior execs in radiant two thousand dollar suits and pantsuits all smiling at you like lasers tells you in his 53rd floor office with gleaming windows themselves a story and a half high overlooking Central Park (or the Valley) that you, you, Nate Silver (or, alternatively, insert your name here for imaginative purposes) are the perfect basis of a movie. A movie. You. Like Lawrence of Arabia or Terry Malloy. Even if your bullshit meter has more attuned instruments and gyroscopes than a stealth bomber's radar, something tells me you (and I of course) would have a hard time not being intoxicated by the sweet sweet talk). So that's hard to say no to (though, I think being Keith Olberrman's intellectual Ed McMahon was selling himself way short) and I don't begrudge him in the least. He started as a blogger (incidentally, step back and look at his rise: from Dailykos contributor to world famous writer, millionaire, best selling author, read by the President -- in less than four years! Has anyone, anywhere had that kind of rise? It says much about how the media, and really the national culture of success and celebrity has evolved to the point that overnight stories like this are now not only possible, but common (and in Nate's case, unusually deserved)) and is now rich and famous beyond any conceivable dreams. 

But while I'm happy for him, I'm genuinely sad because it's an enormous loss for political media. As I've said endlessly, I've been endlessly impressed with Silver's intuitive understanding of American politics; it's uncanny. He is by far the sharpest (and being sharp is better than being simply smart) mind analyzing politics, and maybe even all news today. It's not even close. And that doesn't even include his numerical model which, by its own lonesome, is not only incredible but invaluable and is the most powerful single tool in electoral politics reporting/analysis today. Now, given his successes, it was always inevitable that he would slowly branch off to other areas (who could blame him for that, who wants to stay in the crushingly depressing gray thicket of politics (filled with ugly people who think they're beautiful) when Hollywood (filled with beautiful who know they're beautiful) is beckoning?), I think that this move will accelerate that change. And frankly, as most know, ABC's website is not only unremarkable (read: shit), but it lacks all of the flair, panache, and plain (and fun) readability of the Times' site which has long been (at least since 1998 when I first got ethernet and gleefully discovered the Internet) the best, most technological slick forum in the business, arguably in the world. Just for access, his work probably won't be as appealing (minus ABC getting religion and turning their website from BN to Amazon (go to both of their sites and see what I mean)) and any compulsive electoral watcher will say to that, that it sucks.

We all want to be the garage band underdog you can't help but root for, but that very aspiration has its own insoluble internal conflict: the little band wants to become the big band, to become rich as Croesus, to screw models of gravitationally impossible measurements, to prance around Dave Letterman's (or I guess, more appropriately now, Jimmy Kimmel's) desk smiling stupidly and answering stupider questions while people swoon in puppy love as if you were Socrates in Armani, one precludes the other, both in terms of social place but more importantly in your own appeal. When you go from Nixon to Kennedy (think 1960, not 1968/72), you're no longer easy to root for (no, this isn't a political statement, just a look at a side-by-side picture from 1960 and see what I'm talking about instantly) because you've achieved what everyone has yet to achieve (and deep down what they all feel and know they will never, ever achieve) so beneath any admiration is a jealousy, a jealousy which will give way once the novelty of I'm-so-happy-for-you wears off. When Nate is doing shows with Bill Simmons (fellow Disney-ABC-ESPN guru/genius/corporate servant, himself the original garage band-cum-Rolling Stones for goofy written sports chatter, a man who started with a tiny blog and became not just the top sportswriter in the country, but an insatiable cultural phenomenon who, despite after all these years still possesses an undeniable originality that surpasses 97.4% of his peers but yet nonetheless receives enormous bouquets of not-so-veiled hate criticism from people, like me, who irrationally (or I guess, as I've argued, somewhat rationally) resent not his quality but his success itself), part of me will appreciate what the picture of them together says about America in 2013, part of me will understand Silver's need and desire to make as rich a living as possible, and part of me will look at them both in sad, perky hatred. 

End of email.

There is something weird in Nate Silver moving to ESPN from the Times. If Silver is going to be writing on their site and playing sidekick to Olbermann, there will most likely be overt political messaging even with the sports talk show whatever thing they do. Silver was paid very well and receiving the huge status bump from writing for the NY Times. Silver's first work was PECOTA, so the allure of being at the premier sports media entity might have outweighed the premier journalism entity. Whatever the reasons, Silver got a huge payday.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Gabors Were the Original Kardashians

The Gabors
The Gabor sisters were three ethnic chicks who were white. Two were attractive (Zsa Zsa + Eva), while one was the tall, less attractive sister (Magda). They had a mom who pushed her daughters into the glitz and Hollywood game, handling them firmly in the early stages. The Gabors didn't really have talent, but they did work the comedic angle and were on many night time talk shows. They were known for the men they married and associated with at posh locations. They introduced America to the muddled European accent; that is when you know someone is from Europe but you can't place the nation of origin since their accent sounds like one of 10 countries. Two of them held up very well, aging into attractive middle aged women. They stayed involved with Hollywood for decades.

Young Zsa Zsa
Kris Jenner studied the Gabor playbook. She's trying to follow that path with her three daughters Kim, Kourtney and Wookie. Kris Jenner was the one pimping out her daughter's sex tape. That is one hell of a sacrifice at the altar of the gods of fame and Hollywood fortune. The two younger ones will be pushed out under a different brand name (Jenner) and with a different spin. Hollywood and our media system is so demented that we have situations like this. There is always an end demand though, as someone is always watching, so really, we have demented consumers with vapid, empty lives. One problem for the matriarch of the massive Kardashian-Jenner brood is that the American public is far more ADD now. A misstep here or there, and people won't give a shit. Ask Paris Hilton.

Two Cuties + a Wookie

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Detroit is a Symptom

Zero Hedge has a nice blurb on how Obama stood proud that he didn't let Detroit go bankrupt, only to see it declare bankruptcy this year. The propaganda worked, and the message worked with enough union workers in Ohio for Barry. It was a lie then, but Detroit won't be the only Chapter 9 muni bankruptcy. I recently blogged that California is the story of our time, edging out Detroit. California just beats out Detroit's fall because it includes immigration. Detroit is a mirror for each viewer to see the problem they blame for America's decline. Detroit has no one cause because it is a symptom of our entire system's horrible design.

Death of US manufacturing destroying an area? OK. Replacement of a city's white population by blacks, revealing that not all people are the same? OK. One party rule? OK. Lefty programs looting everything they are involved with? OK. Blacks eventually running a place into the ground when they finally get control? OK. Liberals hating corporations selling out US workers? OK. Everyone has their take (great book review by Foseti), and they have a point. The bigger point is that the entire system is fucked to allow the "Paris of the West" to decline to 3rd world shithole. All of that shit at the beginning of this paragraph is a wonderful product of our enlightened progress.

We progressed to the point of union collective bargaining. We progressed to the point of ethnic cleansing being acceptable as long as people can move elsewhere. We progressed to allow one party rule despite non-stop corruption. We progressed so much as to not care if blacks ran a city into the ground. American society progressed so much that it witnessed the destruction of the black family, which destroyed black communities. Our progress limited our criticism of what is acceptable to mention for Detroit's failure. Our progress gave us the media we have today that still won't discuss the unmentionable differences between Detroit's rise and fall. We have a media supposedly unfettered and free, yet none mention why whites escaped, why big business didn't care, and why the city, state, or federal government didn't do anything about it.

There are no solutions in our current system. Nuke it from orbit is out because the real estate is strategic right at the border. What are we going to do with a few hundred thousand unemployed illiterates? Multiply that by 50 or so and that is America in a nutshell. Tighten up the city boundaries and hold it under martial law? That is an open air prison. That is what Detroit is now, except there are no guards. Just try to crack down on anything and watch Rev. Al show up. We would have to redefine freedom, redefine just, redefine humane all from what they have become to get Detroit moving in the right direction. Everyone knows even if that were to happen, the scum (well connected and dirt poor in Detroit) would just move to a new city and start all over.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sometimes You Sell Too Soon

Prior to the great American Financial Crisis, I had a friend call me up and recommend that I look at buying a certain stock if things got dicey. It was the preferred shares of A+P (symbol GAJ). He said many hedge funds were holding it in their distressed portfolios, using cheap money and their 9.75% yield as a carry trade. After the talk, I thought that there must be others like this or even just high yielding securities. I was careful to split companies with real assets and products from the mini MBS high yielders. I found two: PWE and APL. This isn't about pats on the back. It's about selling too soon. If you believe in something and put your money where your mouth is, see it through. Go big.

During the stock nosedive of 2008, I waited for those three securities (GAJ, APL, PWE) and sure enough, when hedge funds blew up and faced redemptions, they had to sell those securities to raise cash. All three collapsed in price, and I scarfed them up. I dollar cost averaged around $7/share for GAJ, $6 for APL and $12 for PWE. GAJ rebounded in short order back to $25 share, so I waited for over a year, collecting huge dividends, and then sold it for a giant gain. I saw PWE cut their dividend, and float back up to over $20, so I sold it for a big gain. I sat there looking at APL. They were a natgas pipeline company. I felt this was a winner. I was moving into a house and needed to raise cash. I really disliked selling out, but I had seen it rise in price over 100%. I sold out around $13 or so. I felt pretty happy and started life in a nice home with a good down payment. I did pat myself on the back in spring of 2010.

The self back pat would turn into a facepalm. I checked APL again recently to see if they restarted dividends with the natgas boom, and sure enough they did and they were sitting around $39. I believed in natgas. I could see with different drilling and natgas service clients how they had dropped in size, and then slowly but surely came back when other industries didn't. I got lazy and lost the edge a bit and sold out for a decent gain. Heck, I had a down payment to make. Of course, I did the math after seeing APL at $39 and some of the dividend payments of the last few years. My mortgage would be almost gone had I just followed through and sat tight. Resist the quick buck, resist the easy gain, stop thinking small, if you strategize and plan big, wait for the payoff.

Trayvon-MLK Hoodie Pic

No words... should have sent a meaner, more cynical poet... (via HuffPo)

Have they sunk so low as to have punctured the ocean floor? They're drilling folks! Take care of your families, clean up your communities, and watch the body count mysteriously drop.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

There Will Be No FEMA Camps

Please put the tin foil hat down. There will be no FEMA camps. It's not happening. I know they have ordered construction of large detention camp centers, but there will be no designated political prisoner camps. Our prisons most likely will swell in the coming years. Our governments are facing budgetary constraints now, and worse will come later, so they may have to move prisoners to these locations, but there will be no political prison camps. Read Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago", they will throw you in with the regular prison sewage. Don't believe me, it's already happening.

A teen made a stupid remark on a social media site that very very obviously was meant in a sarcastic manner. The authorities saw to it to jail him and set a bail bond of $500,000. He's not a murderer, not a rapist, not a flight risk for a remark that will get probation and a slap on the wrist. This was the authorities using anarcho-tyranny. This 19 year old (is he a kid, wait, he's white, nope) young man was sent in with the regular prisoners and beaten up by them. Ever been to jail? I haven't. My one acquaintance who did told me his story how they challenged him to fights on day one. He fought back, beat up some but they kept coming. He then learned he did not earn a good behavior day, so he thought, OK I won't fight. Day two involved everyone who fought him day one beating the shit out of him. He was just in county for less than a year. Just like the social media sarcastic idiot, they will throw political prisoners in with the sharks as chum.

Solzhenitsyn wrote on this exact idea. He described the train rides where regular prisoners would terrorize the ones they knew were in for political reasons. The guards even worked with the regular prisoners to harass and beat the political unpersons. Let's take a gander at the current elite. You think they are going to think twice about throwing a mostly white political prisoner culture into the prisons, which have a disproportionate minority demographic mix that have been brainwashed to blame everything on whitey? That won't end well. This would work even better for the taskmasters as designated political prisoners leaving a jail would form a victim status group that would create sympathy and undermine the regime. After all, we live in a victim culture.

This is darker to think about, but it is how the weak machine operators of the state would act. A giant bureaucracy would keep them at arm's length from the political prisoners and being sent to live with common crooks would make it look less arbitrary and political. I spent a little while reviewing Uruguay today. It has made a few jumps up the expat destination nation list. I hope it doesn't come to that, but the desire for power is great in those leftoids. The commissars are volunteer thought and speech police today. It's only a matter of time before we put them on the government payroll and bankroll their Apple purchases.

Cutting Weight: The ECA Stack

"Yeah brah, I got super jacked this winter. Really bulked up. Look, I'm just trying to get cut for beach season, brah. Cutting fat, dropping my body percentage but keeping mass, brah." - Overheard at every gym in the spring.

It might be too late to start cutting for since 2013 since it is June, but do you need the 6 pack still? Isn't your game tight? Oh wait, it's 2013, and having a tight looking body is still a magnet for opportunities. The best way to cut fat is to follow the bodybuilder competition cut diet, which looks a lot like the first 4 weeks of the atkin's diet. That is also what glamour model photographers used to recommend for the 4 weeks before a photo shoot. Carbs really are the enemy. Mix in some high intensity cardio to go with your weight training, drink lots of water and make sure to get 8 hours of sleep at night.

Maybe you're not as dedicated as the super swole brahs out there. Short cuts anyone? Well, you still need to have a grasp on your diet, stop the sloppy parts, knock out the soda and other cheap carb calorie sources. Make sure you drink water, do some cardio on top of your weight training, and get some sleep. That is the foundation of any good weight training program, and the carb cutting and cardio helps cut the fat. Everyone and their mother misses ephedra. Those bastard feds blocked the sale of supplements that had ephedra in them. It's been about a decade, but there is a way around the block.

Ephedrine. Yup, ephedrine HCL is a product in some asthma treatment pills and they are sold at CVS and Walgreens like any other drug. You may have to show your ID because those damn meth heads like to buy these pills, too. You can set up an ECA stack that would mimic a lot of the old ephedra pills like "Ripped Fuel". Take 25 mgs of ephedrine, 200 mgs of caffeine and then aspirin. You'll need the aspirin as the EC combination will boost your blood pressure. This isn't a silver bullet, but the ephedrine does hit like good old ehpedra used to. If you start a cutting diet around Easter, and then added in the ECA stack in mid-late May for 4-6 weeks, you should be pretty cut by July 4th. I wouldn't do the ECA stack for longer than 6 weeks due to the downsides of using ephedrine and caffeine for longer periods of time. If you get cut for July 4th, and stay cut through Labor Day, you can then chill out, go back to bulking and normal eating for another 8 months, and restart the cycle all over again the next Easter.

Friend did this cycling for years. Worked. I suggest just tweaking your diet and changing up your workout regimen before adding the pills. It's amazing what some focus on diet and daily exercise can do to the body after a month.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Better Time Spent for the Department of Justice

The DOJ, headed up by Eric "Bad Cop Mustache" Holder is going to restart the civil rights investigation of George Zimmerman. Come on folks, they have to get some form of 'win' to feed their foot soldiers that they continuously screw over with their bankrupt fiscal policies. This is a wild goose chase for the grievance industry. Didn't the FBI clear Zimmerman of being racist a year ago? That sounds Orwellian in itself. Anything to deny that a 6'1" pot smoking, burglary prone, gun searching, fighting 'kid' might have been a bit to blame for being shot. It is a tragedy when someone dies, but spare me the sob story. I don't have many commenters, but how about everyone pitch in ideas for investigations the Department of Justice could do that would serve the entire nation.

1. Investigate the general behavior of Wall Street in 2007-2008.
1a. Did Bank of America break laws when they bought Merrill Lynch?
1b. Did the FED break laws with the sale of Bear Sterns to JP Morgan?
2. Investigate the reason and substance of the phone calls between Treasury Secretary Paulson, NY Fed leader Geithner and Goldman Sachs on the morning of the big stock market crash in '08.
3. Whatever happened to those poor dead soldiers and the ambassador in Libya?
4. Anything going on with the IRS and targeting Tea Party groups?
5. Why do the Obamas take separate vacations if they are so in love?
6. Anyone going to follow up to see if Corzine broke any laws, especially Sarbanes-Oxley audit and accountability rules?
7. Why is Obama obsessed with silencing whistle blowers while the NSA collects everyone's personal data and Obama keeps his medical, passport, college and personal records sealed?
8. Why did the 1996 immigration border security measures go unfulfilled?
9. Why do certain foreclosed properties go for sale on an online auction at midnight only to close within 30 mins while others sit on lots for years?
10. How did Michael Hastings car speed up with no one chasing him, catch fire and explode in California on a perfectly clear night?