Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Fantastic Healthcare Failure

When is a failure not a failure? Americans were allowed to witness one this last week. Re. Paul Ryan failed on as big a platform as one can fail. His repeal and replace, that he had been promising since ohhhh 2011 did not get the votes. This comes off as comical since the congressional GOP did provide a repeal for Obama to sign that was a symbolic promise to their voters. The failure turns into a win for just about everyone not named Paul Ryan.

The Left can feel they won by the terrible Obamacare living on despite everyone hating what it has done. Well not everyone hates it, just everyone who pays insurance premiums. Note that this legislation did create a class of people, a pool of voters, that feel they absolutely need this to live. Tied to health, this might be the case. Far be it from society to tell a woman with hemophilia to think twice before having three kids all with hemophilia. True anecdote, and I sat smiling at her ramble on about how much she needs Obamacare for her family. Treatments keep your kids alive, not playing outdoors or with other kids due to their hemophilia, but alive, so how much is that worth?

The GOP in general can feel like they won because this removes the threat or fear that so many of the squishes had going into midterms. Shucks, if we do what we have promised, we may lose! The Left passed Obamacare and many Democrats fell on swords for that move, but it got done. They can say they tried. The entire time they can also blame Democrats for the problems in health care going forward, and yes, Obamacare will crash.

Trump wins as he hangs Ryan out to dry. This was Ryan's baby. Trump's team got to say they supported it while also citing it was a corporate gift. Triangulate. This will all probably end with Trump installing some form of single payer with private on top, but we will see how that gets enacted. Government option people should have to go to the government options hospitals or pay the difference between government agreed pricing and true pricing. Sorry, but the days of welfare moms going to the birthing suites with tubs and 600 square feet of privacy should be gone. Trump wanted a plan where he could announce premiums were freezing or declining in year one. Ryan's plan was not going to do that.

The health insurers win and the progs salivating over nationalized health care both win. I have written on the devil's alliance the two sides formed to get Obamacare, originally a right wing idea, passed. The corporations wanted a de facto nationalized health care system that they could manage for juicy profits. The progs wanted nationalized health care so they could use Obamacare as a Trojan Horse to overload the system. Health insurers realize the bad deal they made, but the longer Obamacare lives, the more premium they collect. At this point, the tolerable loss ratio caps that Obamacare first mandated are gone so they can make even more money.

Paul Ryan loses though. In retrospect, how great of a speaker does Tom Delay look? Say what you will about him, but in comparison to Pelosi, Boehner and Ryan, he got votes done quickly and with a fantastic method of roughing up his boys to vote the damn bill through. Ryan's star has fallen far from that day in summer 2012 when Romney announced that Paul Ryan was his running mate. That VP debate was the crack in his image, and it has been a growing tear ever since.

Obamacare will crash. A good first step is deporting illegals and removing incentives like our no questions asked health care system. The government will most likely always be involved in health care due to sheer numbers involved for the economy and the psychological emphasis on the medical field. After all, it is squeezing out an extra day or extending life. We're not a society that considers the afterlife or looks forward to a certain glorious paradise in heaven. People, especially rat people, want every bit here and fear death. They also want to outsource their care. Health care is truly how you eat, sleep, smoke, drink and exercise. Sick care is this industry people go psychotic about, and they don't want any responsibility.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Flynn's Turkey Work

When NSA Michael Flynn was removed, there was the 'OMG this is the start of sumtin' huge". This has not quite happened, yet. The information rolling out now about Flynn, and this technically was known beforehand, shows that Flynn would have probably had to leave eventually for his Turkey ties. At a minimum, he would have had to recuse himself from important Turkey related decisions. How awkwrd would that have been with Syria still in the news? The why behind the why is critical here. Michael Flynn's work was all about Fetullah Gulen, USG's man in the Poconos.

Erdogan is still in the process of cleaning out opposition in Turkey. Most of this opposition is made up of his old partners in Gulen's crowd. The contract between Turkey and Flynn's intelligence outfit was last summer, timed well with the odd coup attempt in Turkey. Turkey immediately made an extradition request for Gulen as the coup was stopped and reprisals began. While the accusation Flynn discussed a covert snatch of Gulen has been denied, the idea that Flynn could influence the decision to extradite at all important.

This was a smart play by Turkey as it was a cheap investment for a potential payoff. Turkey is a horrendous ally or frenemy as it isn't even clear what interests overlap for America and Turkey anymore. Doing anything to please them seems to have no payoff for America now. This investment was not just to get Gulen, but for the spectacle of a show trial and summary execution. Erdogan's post-coup moves have been across the system. Getting Gulen on state television confessing to whatever they put in front of him to admit would be worth it as a psychological and visual admission that Turkey is Erdogan's to control.

America has done plenty of rotten things, including to its own citizens. Extraditing a man to his certain death in a show trial would be cruel. Of course USG has been debating this very issue since the extradition request was made. How can it be done, why would we do it, what legal mechanisms do we have at our disposal for such a sensitive individual? Flynn would be stupid to suggest a 2am covert op to snatch and grab Gulen. His denial of it feels right, but then again, Flynn's reputation for field work does make it sound plausible.

What is rotten and offers Trump an exit, is how America has indrectly funded their 'opposition figure on ice' via education money and turning a blind eye to corruption. USG has been keeping Gulen on ice for the right moment. Sadly, Turkey's Erdogan seems to have carved out a quasi-sovereignty status in the USG empire. President Trump can take a page out of how America got Al Capone and remove Gulen from the equation without handing him over to Turkey for a show trial. Arrest Gulen on charges relating to his shady education network in America and imprison him for the rest of his life.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Destroying the Southwest + SM Review

After almost a week bouncing around Arizona, I leave with the desire to physically remove every immigrant. Go home. Stop it. Just leave. It's squatting. It's adding bugs to the bugman city life. This is all so the current elite will not be challenged by any potential rising new elite. it is also so their unambitious progeny can be artists and ski bums but still have health care. It's disgusting.

Using pictures of beautiful prairie vistas, coastlines, mountains or rolling fields does not mean anything to the Left. They do not consider those areas the areas of fun and excitement, nor the end dump off spot for the imported ringers. They view everything through the prism of the city. They just keep pouring immigrants into the cities and stuff humans into every single spot they can. Just load the cities.

This destroys the Southwest. Water management was always going to be an issue but explosive population growth strains it even further. If California does enter that 500 year drought pattern, then the underclass pouring out from the West to the rest of America will be like pus from a boil. I won't even touch the housing problem as yes the sand states were affected, but not just in a boom'n'bust building cycle but overloading areas that wrecked construction. Walls needed to be added to middle income neighborhoods. High rise business parks that were constructed in the '80s are already in shady areas because of the flood of 3rd world bodies.

I already see the business red flags of Mexicanification in Arizona too. Not the workers. I'll get to that. I went to a Pepsi distribution center. "Hmmm fences with razor wire, don't see that in the Midwest," was my first thought. By the fifth manufacturing or tech wholesaler with razor wire along the fence, I got the point. This is standard practice in Mexico. These corporate fuckers rationalize it too, "Just a cost of doing business, buddy, we just set up the fence and it helps control leakage". They enjoy the lower labor costs, but I'll get to that too.

I actually spent time with a poster child for any pro-immigration narrative. The media would be smart to use her. First gen born here. Padre was an '86 amnesty visa guy. Mama was Mexican. Uhhh, she got here, they married and raised kids. One kid is a doctor, two others employed and this one is the All-American girl. Ehhhh not quite. She seems it, except when she is bitching that she doesn't get time off for Easter, "It's sad we don't get Wednesday through Monday off like in Mexico." Goooooooooo back. You'll get that week off. Go the hell back.

Speaking with white Arizonans, the strain of the immigration issue is present in many conversations. I waited for the signals from some and gave encouraging signs to start the honest talk so we could get to, "Wall, deport them all". I'd be interested to hear from anyone local in law enforcement, but the locals commented how homeless folks are taking some blame for crimes that are committed by what they think are gangs or cartel members.

The cuck corporate crowd and the elite think they can prevent a rising elite from challenging them. There is one problem. This ultimately is the problem with any cuck arrangement. These cucks will let the young others do the hard work as long as they can keep their status, wealth and toys. It might take a generation or two but eventually that cuck elite will be walled up in high rises like in Brazil living in gilded cages. That is the positive path because the other option is similar to the man you let fuck your wife as you enjoy the nice home and care suddenly saying "I want the house and car too". These underclass pets will eventually want the cash, too.

In the process, these cucks and traitors will destroy the Southwest ecologically and culturally.


Last week I wrote at Social Matter on the different challenge that Islamic immigration poses compared to other groups. Not all barbarians are equal. Weimerica Weekly was a discussion with a Millenial about the dating wasteland.

I am taking this week off as I had a busy and long business trip to the Southwest.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wilders' Weimarish Headwinds

Nationalists across the West watched the Dutch election results trickle in last week. Geert Wilders' party did not race to the top, but did see a large gain in number of seats won. A Romney type saw his party retain its hold on leadership, and a coalition government will be cobbled shortly. Some American nationalists were scratching their heads at the odd way this unfolded. Wilders faces a tougher battle than Trump, and works within a much more Weimar framework than the two party American system.

The Dutch have a parliamentary system with a nice low barrier to entry, so of course the Dutch have many parties with some representation (just like Weimar Germany). The Dutch don't use a 'first past the post' system like the Anglosphere nations, so as long as your party gets over some low hurdle of votes, you're getting a seat. In cotnrast, the UKIP won the fourth most votes in the UK general election of '14 but not a single seat.

Wilders' party has to jump this hurdle and also face the problem of being such a naughty party (simply for being anti-open borders) that all other parties have stated they will not for a coalition government with them. In essence, Wilders party has to win outright or reach a high enough level that they can pluck off a smaller, neglected party that will eventually cave to them in order to form a government. This no coalition declaration works against them with the messaging to voters as 'who wants to waste a vote'.

Besides Widlers party gaining seats, the big reveal this election is the possible future for all left wing white parties in Europe that rely on Muslim votes. Turks nurtured and trained by the Dutch Labour party formed a Turko-Dutch party and won three seats. Labour dropped like a rock as the Turks went one way and the whites voted for the Greens. This could happen in all Euro nations with their Muslim voters unless the Muslims take a slower approach and just wait for time to work for them so they can inherit the infrastructure the established parties will have. Time will tell, but no one is declaring them a party that they will not for a coalition government with.

This whole parliament of many parties works to the managerialists' advantage. The elite can make sure their big ticket items get passed through, and that anything they want to deem verboten can be squeezed out on fringe parties. Even Widlers being labeled untouchable works in their favor. All other parties get money and time if they spout open borders nonsense, and can form coalitions to make sure it continues. These splinter party or narrowcasted parties can be maginalized easily. Even if Wilders' team wins the most seats, if they cannot form a coalition government, there is a new election.

This set up basically reveals what Trump is up against and how the American system benefited him and anyone else who wants secured borders. In a parliamentary system, we would have seen Sanders (Greens), Clinton (democrat socialists), Bush (conservatives) and Trump (nationalists) square off. Say the split had been, 30% Clinton-Trump 25%-Sanders 25%-Bush 20%. Even had Trump won 25% of the vote, the managed middle could have cobbled together a coalition between say Clinton and their party's choice of Sanders or Bush to make a majority of seats. The demands of the junior partner in the coalition would have decided how team Clinton would partner. This is effectively who Trump is up against now in Congress as the Bush wing of the GOP is undermining him.

The road ahead for Wilders is difficult. For all of Europe, it is difficult except for those who seek civilizational suicide. Even big talkers like Soros see the EU in tatters as things continue on their course. What voting does now in the EU is draw up the order of battle. It is only a matter of time before one nation's tension boils over or a horde of imported criminals loots, rapes and murders its way across one country.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Redundancy is a time honored USG tradition. Why buy one when you can get two for twice the price? It is not simply overpaying or padding contracts. Look at how our military has some oddities. As one long time vet explained to me, our Marines have an air force, but our Marines are the Army for our Navy. Don't forget that the Navy has an air force. The intelligence agencies are playing this game, too.

In the initial Wikileaks Vault 7 release, America really received a confirmation of its suspicions about CIA's capabilities. If you were cynical, it confirmed things whereas average Americans might have expressed shock or outrage. They probably did not as March Madness and The Bachelor are happening right now, and they live shamelessly. A few may have turned, and digging into the details is a help.

A very important reveal is that CIA built its own NSA. CIA used its black box budget, and ample increases during the Obama admin to form this NSA tech fortress. In Wikileaks release,
Since 2001 the CIA has gained political and budgetary preeminence over the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The CIA found itself building not just its now infamous drone fleet, but a very different type of covert, globe-spanning force — its own substantial fleet of hackers. The agency's hacking division freed it from having to disclose its often controversial operations to the NSA (its primary bureaucratic rival) in order to draw on the NSA's hacking capacities. 
By the end of 2016, the CIA's hacking division, which formally falls under the agency's Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI), had over 5000 registered users and had produced more than a thousand hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other "weaponized" malware. Such is the scale of the CIA's undertaking that by 2016, its hackers had utilized more code than that used to run Facebook. The CIA had created, in effect, its "own NSA" with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified.

Similar to the Navy having its own Army, this is the CIA having its own NSA, but with a far weaker rationale than the Marines existing as a separate entity. CIA is an empire itself that operates for the nudging and control of our foreign empire, so using its unaccountable budget and power to create an NSA it can fully control makes sense. CIA has no concern for anything but its survival. Enlarging its empire to include an NSA would only harden it and make it more antifragile.

As Wikileaks notes with the drone citation, CIA has been playing turf wars with NSA and DoD. As President Obama left office, he transferred control of the drone fleet to the Pentagon. This big, beautiful fleet they had directed and controlled suddenly went over to the JSOC. As unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic fighting grows, this is a loss for CIA not just for control but for development and institutional knowledge. Defense suddenly can fill the pipeline and accrue the expertise. This does make sense for aligning units. When a target is spotted, someone has to set up the UAV for takeoff, it has to be based somewhere, a pilot flies it, targets get verified as killed. JSOC should control this weapon. Trump has allowed CIA to resume opetating some drone strikes. It is unclear how much and what are the parameters.

One can see CIA's motivations now. One can also start to see another motivation behind CIA building its own secret NSA in this 2013-2016 timeframe. What else happened in 2013 that caused a national conversation that surprisingly got little traction? Snowden. Snowden released the details about how NSA and the tech giants were snooping on you. Mr. Greenwald still has not released the entire Snowden treasure trove, but there was enough to get the talk going about NSA and if this should continue.

One possibility, and this fits the institutional fight model, is that CIA built their own NSA anticipating a massive reduction in what the NSA could do and its capabilities. CIA wanted to have an NSA to become a resource in the intelligence turf battle. If DoD gets the drones, and yes, even the CFR was calling for this in 2013, and the DIA with Michael Flynn was building up a rival intel source that was integrated with military combat units, what would CIA have? Sigint was their major investment in the '70s and '80s as they scaled back their human intel network and had to deal with Church Committee fallout.

CIA did not expect a nation to just roll over on the Snowden revelations. CIA is actually is a worse spot right now. NSA still exists in size and scope as in 2013. Why does CIA have its own NSA? Destroying this is a far easier sell to the American public, especially with a President that is supposedly a war with CIA. At a minimum, CIA looks poor arming jihadis for the last five years in Syria and picking a fight with the elected president. Even worse, their incompetence is an advertisement against them. As I joked on twitter, if CIA knows all of this information, data and can hack anything, why are they still screwing up?

CIA delenda est.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Social Matter - Population vs Civilization Replacement

New essay is up at Social Matter. These are two different types of immigration. While a nation should have the power to say yes or no to anyone, there is a distinct difference in how the new arrivals view the political bodies they are entering. Not all barbarians are equal.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Maddow's Moment + SM Review-Preview 82

Rachel Maddow decided to embarrass herself on television. Everyone mocked her for the epic fail. People calling this her "Al Capone's Vault" moment are 100% correct. Where these people are wrong is saying this ends or destroys her career. It won't. These people never lose their jobs or status.

Geraldo Rivera, who on live television went into Capone's Vault to find nothing, is still employed. He still is used to cover wars and campaigns. Geraldo even idiotically revealed positions of US troops on live television during Iraq War 2, and he still has a job. These fools never ever lose their jobs. Even when they do like Dan Rather, they get trotted out for television appearances later. He has slithered out this last year to pontificate on Trump.

Maddow and her team knew what they had. It was not a surprise to them. They saw the documents and knew what the numbers showed. They had painted themselves in a corner. This is why the obsession with the taxes actually hurt them. They did their 'rich white guy' trick on Trump as they had in 2012 on Romney, except this time, it failed. He played by his rules.

They never let it go. They let it be months of build up, as well as fuel memes. Clinton even said Trump didn't pay taxes. This also fed their meme that he really isn't that rich. Forbes sets him at $4 billion, so his $10 billion claim is dubious, but Forbes is pretty good with their analysis. Had the media dropped it, Maddow never would have walked into this trap.

Of course this was a trap. Consider her situation. Maddow and her team get his taxes. They see he made big money, paid big taxes, and because he was not using any of the $916 million loss from 1995, it means he made over $916 in taxable income from '96-'04. This eviscerates every Lefty talking point. Every single one. Maddow could not avoid airing them.

Why? If team Trump leaked them, then team Trump could start a whisper campaign and use media surrogates to say 'hey the taxes are out there' and other statements of faux worry. They could force Maddow and team to release them with this by goading her or threatening that the documents are elsewhere, too.

Maddow should have moved on, but being the Jewish journalist she is, she could not. They live for this hysteria and mania. it feeds their clicks and viewership. It gives them ratings to charge advertisers in that con game. They will not stop. They will always push something. They will never be held accountable. Tune them out and mock them at every turn.


Last week I wrote on the curious case of Japan evolving into capital. Weimerica Weekly was on the problem of finding a Weimerican Wife.

This week I will contrast the immigration from the Third World versus the Islamic world and how there is an historical precedent for viewing this contrast as distinct. Weimerica Weekly might be an interview. The wife podcast sparked some feedback from someone willing to talk.