Sunday, July 02, 2017

Social Matter - Progressives Will Make Science Primitive

New essay up at Social Matter. There are stuctural and doctrinal reasons for why the progressives, via their control of academia, will take science into a primitive direction. Not all of science, but the rent seeking will carve out space. it has to because how else will they hire their voting coalition bloc represenatatives that cannot do math?

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Gwoobus Harmon said...


Man, you really nailed it a few shows back about what things have to be present for a mass shooting to get full cycle media coverage.

25 people were shot at a rap concert in Little Rock over the weekend. TWENTY-FIVE!

...But none of the victims were SWPLs, and the shooters were not white, so this was kept pretty silent.

Black Lives Matter is such a joke, and is strategically deployed only for certain things with political aims. A concerted effort of media to conceal the levels of black in origin violence is more important to preserve than trumpeting victim narratives, hence the silence.

These people do not believe in the value of black lives AT ALL. They do not want the public to associate blacks with violence, because then they may take the side of someone defending themselves against it.