Friday, June 30, 2017

PRIDE Month Insanity + SM Review-Preview 96

"My people are going overboard."

"I can't even read HuffPo anymore."

"I'm afraid you're friends are right that in the future LGBT will be Let God Burn Them."

A few gays I know have been messaging me recoiling at PRIDE this year. The trans thing a year or two ago got them wound up as the gays don't care for the trans. Last year, the Orlando night club massacre took up their mindspace as did hating Trump. This year it appears that the media is all out on pushing all weirdness into the public sphere with a special focus on educating the children.

When even gays see something as wrong, it might be time to slow down, stop and reverse. I have had a field day sharing pictures on the Weimerica Instagram because it does feel like the progs have gone into overdrive pushing this crap. The smaller fights like BLM stopping PRIDE parades or the Jews and Lesbians butting heads have been entertaining as well. This is called a coalition of the fringes for a reason and the fringe will fight over who is the bigger victim and who has primacy to define a space.

Every single thing that people who resisted the spread of gay tolerance warned about in 1980 has come true and even worse. No, there is no perfect way to explain Drag Culture to kids HuffPo. Stop. When Sesame Street started, there was concern kids would understand the monster-human split when onscreen at the same time. This is not going to end well.


Last week I covered the how the Nixon Doctrine became reversed and is used as our MO for regime change but looks shaky now. Weimerica Weekly was a monologue on Lena Dunham. She really is the perfect symbol for youngish Weimerican women.

This week I will write about a curious way that the progs are taking science medieval again. Weimerica Weekly will cover NPR's special place in the cathedral, its core lie and its hypocrisy.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

The easyest way the Progs could solve the coalition of fringes problem is to declare that White straight males are officially second-class citizens and everyone else is favored by the government and big corporations.

Anonymous said...

Great post.