Thursday, December 28, 2006

Watching AI with the Nuggets

My dad just watches stone faced. He then lets out a breath and says "It's great to see him playing with good teammates, I just can't stand that baby blue uni on him".

My friend Meredith said she cried the first time she saw him in a Nuggets uniform.

I just feel relief. There's a sadness when I watch him, but a little hope that he can find happiness and success with the Nuggets. I feel like I am talking about a friend who is out of rehab for drug addiction. He's just a basketball player. He just got traded; that's all.

In my earlier post on AI I forgot one of my favorite moments when AI won the MVP of the All Star game and in his acceptance speech he kept praising Shaq and how it was great to play with him. It was such a sly dig on Kobe and how he pushed him out of LA. Clever.

I'm watching the Mavs-Suns right now which is finishing with a blistering trade off of baskets. Dirk nailed the game winner with a hand in his face from 18 feet out. Now for AI and the Nuggets.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AI and more Barber vs. Jones

The AI trade is supposedly in the works, with Denver sending over Andre Miller, an expiring contract worth 7 mil of cap space, and 2 first round picks. Thank you Isaiah Thomas for instigating a fight that made Denver more eager to make a deal. I think this is a so-so fit for AI, but gosh, the two first rounders are nice. With the lottery pick the Sixers will earn themselves, they will have 3 first rounders. This could turn into Greg Oden worthy material. Trade all 3 picks for the rights to him. I am sad to see AI, and hopefully, the Sixers fire Billy King before he can screw up draft day.

After my Barber/Jones blog post, I found out this Monday that football outsiders is doing a posting on the same subject. I look forward to it. After watching the Falcons game, I can only believe that the Cowboys "start" Julius Jones because Jerry Jones is behind him more than Barber. Barber's TD run where he broke 2 tackles and made a 3rd guy miss was a Walter Payton type punish-the-tackler-for-touching-me runs. Barber just knocks the sh*t out of guys. It also does not help Julius Jones' case when he does not make any cutbacks (Barber does), gets tripped up by a DB (not likely with Barber), and runs with Barbaro's blinders on. on one run, Barber turned it upfield instead of going out of bounds, stiff armed a DB and knocked him over for 3 more yards. After his 2nd TD, they showed him on the bench fired up and Parcells came over to give him the hand shake. Parcells obviously likes him, let's hope Jerry Jones doesn't phuck this up.

Lessons from watching SaNF/SuNF/MNF

I've got a AI and Barber/Jones post coming up, but here are ten lessons to take away from the weekend's evening games:

10. Run on sentence warning: Mike Vick is your college friend who had a 4.0 in the first semester frosh year, while partying like a rock star, leading your intramural flag football team to the school championship & hooking up with the hottest chicks, who was asked to leave the school for poor grades a year later, rallied to come back for one half of a semester where he was his old self, only to be asked to leave again due to an alcohol related assualt, visited you for a great weekend of pick up basketball, drinking & picking up girls, and never was seen from again. You graduated with tons of stories about him, but he was a ghost. As time went on, fewer people rememebred him vividly. A legend for one brief moment. Vick has sooo much talent, and can be so good, he just only offers us glimpses of what could be from time to time. I remember the guy who carried Va Tech to the championship game, and single handedly kept them in the game, where is that QB? Take note Vince Young.

9. Marion Barber's YAC must be a high percentage of his total rushing yards. He will not be stopped on the first hit. Not gonna do it.

8. DeAngelo Hall sucks. When a 34 year old TO can burn you without breaking a sweat, and then spit on you, you have lost "it". The "it" being the ability to line up against #1 WRs.

7. The Chargers had a goose egg from their QB and still were romping the Chiefs. The 4 week breather for Roid Boy Merriman and Castillo's short injury break might be a blessing in disguise for this defense as they prepare to possible play 18-19 games.

6. Herm Edwards is going to destroy Larry Johnson because he wants to win now, which he should realize is an impossibility with a QB coming back from post-concussion syndrome, no WRs and a flimsy defense.

5. TO will be a Chief in '07. They have no WRs, he will probably be cut from the Cowboys after this season, and Herm already expressed interest in TO last offseason.

4. Michael Turner reminds me of pre-injury Najeh Davenport when he was backing up Ahman Green. He's big, runs with good vision & power, and could be another team's feature back and "grinder". The Chargers should use him a bit more these next two weeks when they have games in the bag to rest LdT. He should get paid this offseason, and the Chargers will receive a nice draft pick in return.

3. Peyton Manning is amazing, and if he doesn't win a Super Bowl, it's ok with me. One man cannot control the other side of the ball. If Desmond Howard does not have an insane Super Bowl, Brett Favre would have been hearing the "Marino talk" for the last few years. Taking a pay cut might help build the defense, but look at where that got Tom Brady.

2. The Bengals forgot that the Colts could not stop the run and did not pound the ball enough early in the game. This is a common theme to their season, where they forget they have a guy who has rushed for nearly 3000 yards in the last 2 seasons.

1. If the Cowboys slip into the playoffs as a wild card instead of the division winner, which can still happen, people should be asking Parcells why he did not go with Romo from week 1.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lessons learned from the Saints-Cowboys SNF Game

This is an established fact but Gerry Austin is a nut gobbler. He will not overturn a call unless it is so obvious that retarded viewers can see it.

10. Julius Jones can score TDs. He just needs there to be no defenders within 5 yards of him.
9. Drew Brees takes no prisoners. He was heard saying to the Dallas D: "Birthmark? Yeah, lick it, bitch."
8. Sean Payton plays Madden, onside kicking with a lead is a classic User vs. CPU move.
7. The Dallas safeties need eyeglasses. Maybe those goggles Kareem used to wear could help them judge the path of the ball.
6. The Saints will keep Deuce for only one more year unless he restructures his contract. Once Reggie hits 23, it is his show. Reggie Bush + zone blocking scheme = many glorious TDs
5. Reggie Bush + open space + incoming DB = broken ankles
4. Daunte Culpepper has a better agent than Drew Brees. For the millionth time: How the phuck did the Phins choose Daunte over Drew?
3. Tony Romo does not equal a more beefier Jesus Christ.
2. TO is an even bigger gaywad than thought. Crocodile arms are not what he gets paid $10 mil to show off. Oh yeah, when was the last time he dove to make a catch? Bitch.
1. When a coach grooms a Qb for 3 years, he can devise a defense to stop him regardless of the defensive unit.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Allen Iverson is leaving, I am crushed

I remember when Pat Croce held up the Iverson 1 jersey when the Sixers won the lottery and the right to pick the 'troubled' but dedicated Allen Iverson out of Georgetown. Allen was an exciting guy to watch in college, but his full potential was unknown. Was he going to be a new type of point guard, would he have to move to shooting guard, could he lead a team to a championship? Well, after 10 years, we've discovered that he completely broke the mold for 'type' of player, moved on to become a dangerous shooting guard, and he did lead a team to the pinnacle only to be rebuffed by one of the greatest tandems in talent the NBA ever saw (Shaq-Kobe).

Allen Iverson was one of the quickest players I have ever seen live, and what most impressed me was that he never took a night off. When the team struggled, you could see pain on his face. When he got teary eyed when the Sixers got knocked out of the Finals or Team USA did not win the Gold in '04, you knew he loved the game. Iverson cut across all racial lines of 'fandom' as middle aged white folks thought the tattoos might be 'too Negro', but his passion and effort were too strong for 'those fans' to not appreciate and love. Iverson had the look of a little kid on the court, when the Sixers were winning, and in an era of overpaid superstars, who mail it in some nights, Iverson lived and died for the game, his team, his city. The eyes are the window to the soul, and you could always tell with Iverson just how he was feeling on the court with one shot of his face. He was a joy to cheer on and watch.

My 3 favorite memories of Iverson are a mix of on the court and off the court.

3. The game 7 in the Raptors/Sixers playoff series in 2001. That 2001 season was a special one, but Iverson turned it up in the playoffs. Vince Carter had answers for the Answer that series, but in game 7, Iverson picked up the slack and carried the Sixers over the Raptors. All of this from the shortest guy on the court.

2. Iverson's entire special on ESPN that followed him for a week. Between the jokes about his hair stylist being gay, and he was "cool wit dat, ya know?" and the footage of him in the gym not to work out but to taunt his teammates, I was laughing most of the time. He even mnaged to look stoned a few times. It seemed like Iverson went about his non-basketball business so calmly and slowly because he was saving every ounce of energy for his games. It was a nice glimpse into his odd off court life.

1. The practice press conference. One of the funniest sports related interviews/press conferences ever. This is right up there with the Jim Mora "Playoffs" and Dennis Green "crown their asses" press conferences. He says practice non-stop. He starts to laugh after a while because of how much he is saying it. "Franchise player and you talkin' 'bout practice".

I hope that he does go to a decent team, and give them the edge to go over the top. The Bulls could be a decent fit. I also like the package of picks/players the Bulls could send our way. I want that number 1 pick from the Knicks. Between their lottery ping pong balls adn the Sixers' when both teams miss the playoffs, the chance to get Greg Oden is alive and well. As a Sixers fan, I have no doubt Billy King will screw this up. Get as much as you can, because it is not often you have to say goodbye to a superstar. Thank you Allen Iverson.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Thursday Night's a Great Night for Football: Browns vs. Steelers

My pick is Steelers to cover. This is another Thursday night game, so go with the home team. Don't fight it. I missed the first bit of this game getting a xmas tree, but my first question is: Did Najeh Davenport lose weight or is he just not wearing that stupid neckroll anymore? I do feel bad for Najeh because he got injured when he should have been paid off in free agency. Back to back freak injuries will do that to a man's career.

The new ref pants look like snow pants the Cobra Kai would wear.

If either team played as prognosticators had predicted before the season started, this would have been a good match up.

Winslow or Shockey? I go with Shockey; he just seems more rounded. Winslow also might be crazier than he is, which negates the "Shockey is a head case" argument people use when comparing Shockey to top tight ends in the NFL.

Top TEs in the NFL: 1. Gates 2. Gonzalez 3. Witten 4. Shockey 5. Winslow... Last: Jeremy Stevens. Let's just say, this might be Gonzalez's last year in that top 5.

Collinsworth said my very thought about why the Browns should air it out "What have they got to lose?" No Playoffs, and you might as well just throw that stupid play card thing out and phucking wing it.

Joe Jurevicious knows how to do his job; it's why he's still getting paid in this league despite sub-par speed and leaping ability. To last a long time in this league as a WR, you need to run routes extremely well, find holes on zones, and catch the damn ball. Blazing speed and amazing ups get you drafted but don't get you paid, ask Bethel Johnson.

Wind caught that FG the Browns attempted. Did the designers of that stadium make it impossible to kick FGs on purpose because the Steelers special teams have been weak for years?

NBA has a bad reputation, but the NFL has way more thugs, wifebeaters and rapists in it.

I'll never say this again but stop running the ball!!!!! The Browns do not have the horses up front to take care of the Steelers front 7.

To think of firing Romeo Crenell after 2 years is dumb. His biggest free agent signings have been injured this year, and he has 5 SB rings. 5! The man knows his shit. Back the phuck off! If he were at Notre Dame, they would have given him a 5 year extension already. Wait... he's black. They'd send him packing back to Compton.

Northcutt has 3 drops. Bitch. WR screen, how hard is it to turn and catch the ball. I hate WRs.

Ever think Cowher likes to run the ball too much? Like they could maybe slip in a play action pass when the other team puts 8 in the box, maybe? He knows you can do that right?

Great run here by Parker. He takes a pop from two Browns, bounces back two steps from the hit, then shifts it in high gear and peels around the right-hand side, gaining 4 yards. His motor is always running.

I've said it before: Big Ben is like a mobile Bledsoe. Evades the rush, is agile, has a cannon for an arm, and can make that holy sh*t throw ever so often. Like Bledsoe he also makes that Oh Sh*t throw. I blame his on concussions and near death experiences.

Steelers should switch to Field Turf like the Patriots. Their field is in awful shape. Hold on, they didn't lose to an inferior division rival at home and have their franchise QB bitch non-stop.

Dallas/Atlanta on a saturday night. Hmmmmm, I now think Dallas can cover since it won't be a short week Thursday game.

Big Ben has time tonight, he looks calm, he isn't trying to do too much, he just checked down to Davenport instead of trying to go for the home run (anti-Bledsoe).

For those wondering, Willie Parker was a 3rd stringer at UNC. Yup, the powerhouse known as North Carolina football.

Anderson forced a pass and the safety sitting back in the deep zone read it the whole way. he just stepped up and picked it like he was in the school yard.

Steelers need to get some Offensive Tackles. If they fix their line, with their defense, the Ben/Willie/Santonio/Hines combo, and a 3rd place in the division schedule next year, they should be a playoff team in '07.

I feel in love with a girl from Pittsburgh in college, she wore a lot of wonderbras. I was not impressed.

Joey Porter is really phucking entertaining and insane. One thing I'd like for him to do though is find a product to endorse. Like show up to endorse shaving cream or something. Just a 30 second rant from Porter about getting your face looking fresh. Maybe an ad about douche.

Collinsworth made fun of Winslow by mentioning the soldier interview. Then he mentioned it again when James Farrior popped him.

When guys like Kellen Winslow and Kobe Bryant act all tough and ghetto, does anyone remind them that they grew up the rich and pampered sons of professional athletes? I mean, based on socioeconomic conditions they have more in common with the Hilton sisters than with the childhoods of the average pro athlete. Nice wheels on Edwards for that TD. He is way more jacked than I remember him at Michigan.

A Charlie Batch sighting, now I know it is time to shut the tv off. Goodnight.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Question: Barber or Jones?

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, right now you talk about being a "Romosexual". What you should really be talking about is the shift the team has taken with who they are using at RB in crunch time situations. The Cowboys have developed an affinity for using Marion Barber when they need to chew up clock to ice a team, on 3rd downs, and inside the 10. Thanksgiving was the first week they decided to use him more than Julius Jones and that continued versus the G-men. Does this signify a shift in the coaching staff's choice for featured RB? Does it signify a shift as to who they will keep in the long term? I thought I'd ask two guys who know the NFL well what they thought.... Mr Salisbury, Mr Clayton, are you ready.

Clayton: Ready.
Salisbury: Bring on the dork, he's going down.

SOBL: Alright gentlemen, we know Romosexuality is sweeping the nation, but as far as the other guys in the backfield, who do you think will get crunchtime carries the rest of the year and in the playoffs Barber or Jones?

Clayton: The Cowboys will lead with Julius Jones, depending on the flow of the game they may alternate Barber in on 3rd downs, but Jones is still there man with big play capability.
Salisbury: Are you done yet, bitch? Are you kidding me? If I am Tony Romo, I want to give Barber the ball. Coach Parcells put me in and yanked Drew, the same could be said for Julius. Big play capability, *spits*, I haven't seen him break one yet this year. This is the NFL, produce or get out.

SOBL: Some people have argued that Coach Parcells is using Barber a little bit more right now to rest Jones for the playoffs as Jones has proven to be fragile while in the NFL, agree or disagree?

Salisbury: That is a load of crap. Parcells is using the man that is producing, and this is a shift for the better of the Cowboys. He wants a guy in there who rises to the occasion, who breaks tackles, who doesn't run out of bounds but knocks a man over. Barber is that man, I see Julius Jones skipping along not taking pops.
Clayton: Enough already Captain Backup. Did all of those years in Canada freeze your brain as well as your balls? Sure Barber does have a high replacement value over an average back, thank you Football Outsiders, but those numbers are inflated by all of the touches he gets inside the 10. If Jones had as many carries inside the 5, he'd have the same TD total. Parcells is a master of pacing and knowing how to motivate his players. Going to Barber more right now saves Jones legs for the playoffs, who has never played a full season, and motivates Jones to step up his game.
Salisbury: Professor, Jones has only 6 fewer carries inside the 10 than Barber but Barber has 9 more TDs. You use faulty logic, nerd nuts!
Clayton: Look, your faggy ass couldn't handle the NFL, didn't you have a terrible career and throw 3 picks in the playoffs whenever your team made them despite your pathetic attempts to imiate the statue of liberty in the pocket.

SOBL: Ok, cool out, everybody just cool out. Let's keep this professional. Long term, who do you see the Cowboys keeping?

Salisbury: Barber. Vision, power, catching and blocking ability. He plays with a fire that you need to succeed in the NFL.
Clayton: Barber, but in addition to the douchebags reason, Barber is 2 years younger than Jones and age works against a RB. I fucked your sister Salisbury, she has the same haircut as you.
Salisbury: Really? You must be the guy with the small dick she was complaining about last time I visited. Don't start crying over the phone or I'll smack you.
Clayton: I'd be the first guy you hit in your whole career.

SOBL: Thank you both. I agree with you that a shift is evident, but I feel it might have to do more with savings Jones' legs for the postseason. Parcells admitted this in an interview earlier in the year. Both men are under contract through 2009. Jones does have the option to void the contract after next year if he meets minimum playing time requirements. Barber is rarely taken down by the first guy, which is the opposite of Jones. Once they address the problems of the O-line, having a RB who has good vision, makes great cuts and breaks tackles is what you want. A speedster can be found on the cheap to complement a hard runner with good vision, ask Michael Bennett.

I'd love to see Dallas decide on one of them and give the guy an extension, but who knows with Jerry Jones at the helm.

My pick tonight is the Steelers, they are home tonight.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday Night Football review

Are you ready for the football? I am, in fact, I am torn over the disapointment of USC's loss to UCLA and the Cowboys pulling out a gutsy win in the Meadowlands. They haven't won a game like that on the road in years. I'm watching tonight's game because I want to size up the Panthers, who should be in the playoffs and worry me despite Dallas drubbing them in Carolina by 20+, and I just was in Philly. My pick tonight is Carolina to cover.

- Please destroy the film prints for Rocky 6. There will be a generation of kids growing up who think Rocky is an old man, Brett Favre was an INT prone crackerjack and Michael Jordan was a chump who played in Washington.

- Julius Peppers is my wife's favorite name in the NFL. 2nd and 3rd are LaDainian Tomlinson and Laverneus Coles.

-Philly booing on the first drop.... and the 2nd drop. Oh yeah, this could be fun.

-The Iggles deal with the devil ran out at that Super Bowl vs. the Pats.

-In the direct tv ads, Jessica Simpson looks vampire-ish, really weird skin. Still, she's a vampire I'd bang with her cape still on.

-I was in Philly last weekend and it is the Beirut of sports. No hope. Fans are destroyed.

-Westbrook is a glorified 3rd down back. You never see him carry defenders. He can't get you that yard on 3rd and 1, and he doesn't close games for the Iggles. A fantasy football HOFer.

-This year's rookie RBs look impressive 10 games into the season: Addai, Bush, Maroney, Williams. LenDale White is out there too, but he just isn't getting the carries yet.

-Who is older Weinke or Delhomme? Weinke, by 3 years.

-Why were the Iggles coverign Steve Smith with one man. Single coverage inside the red zone, stupid!

-I want to flip to somethign else, but the prospect of watching Philly fans go apeshit is too much to resist.

-Garcia looks bad with his throws. He's not getting set, not hitting them in stride, and throwing to a lot of empty areas of the field.

-A player had a kidney stone. I repeat an NFL player under 60 years of age had a kidney stone. Not Kornheiser.

-Garcia can thank himself for that Peppers near INT. He threw it so bad even Julius was not able to snag it.

-The Iggles used to own O-line/D-line battles. Not anymore. Their O-line can't hold anything anymore. Garcia is running for his life and doing a good job of evading the rush.

-Julius Peppers is that once a generation guy. Has a DE ever lined up wide to be thrown a fade pass? Never. He draws double teams or is just HELD by o-linemen. Great instincts for the flow of plays like draws or counters. He can drop back in coverage. Scary part is, he does all of these things exceptionally well.

-Philly chicks are reject Jersey girls..... with 20 extra lbs.

-Mangum. Seriously, change your name. It sounds like a porn name.

-Can the Iggles blitz anymore. They are not bringing the heat to Delhomme. That usually works vs. Jake because he just chucks it up to the side of the field with Steve Smith. Not a good tactic with teams that zone blitz.

-Bears vs. Rams next Monday. Can the Bears just field their defense the entire game? "No no we're punting on first down to give you the ball, do your best...shh guys, I think they're buying it, keep Rex on the sidelines"

-Jeff Garcia looks like the leader of a cult or a Scientologist.

-The Iggles O is bad. No holes are opened for their backs, Westbrook doesn't run well between the tackles, Garcia isn't hitting anyone tonight. Hey, Kornheiser just ripped into Garcia.

-The over/under on % of high school seniors who think Rocky Balboa is real: 60. In Philly, 90%.

- Can someone kill Stallone? Arnold clearly won the battle between them. He's moved onto being a 2 term governor of the most populous state in the USA, and Stallone is stuck playing out Rocky storylines.

-Stallone admitted to the Rocky character going to his ego for 15 years. Funny. Even funnier he joked that Rocky 7 is he dies to fight Apollo in heaven. Between these lines and Stallone openly cheering for the Iggles, he's been an entertaining booth guest.

-Garcia continues to look bad. His throws look rushed, off balance, and his reads are wrong. His timing is off, and maybe it's just lack of time with his WRs to work on routes... Nah, it's the cult keeping him at the compound.

-Horrible call by the Panthers O on 3rd and 6. Where was the 8 yard curl to Keyshawn?

-3 highlights of Runyan on Peppers. 3 straight holds. I can't believe Strahan let Runyan out of his cage to play tonight. Strahan must have half of his total sacks thanks to Jon Runyan.

-Westbrook jumped out of bounds 3 yards short of the first rather than turn it up field, take a hit, and maybe get the first..... you know Marion Barber III wouldn't have done that. (shaking head, with lips closed tightly)

- Iggles blitz, Panthers pick it up, Delhomme panics and throws a bad ball. He just doesn't look calm back there.

-Oh my God, Stallworth just made a one handed catch while being molested by the cornerback. Flag there please, even though he caught it.

-McNabb and Brady have the highest QB rating in the red zone. You don't say? Two guys with no running games have a high value in a rating system where TDs are given huge bits of worth?

-Panthers have 5 drops I have noted. They need some Mangum on their hands. hardy har har.

-A draw would've worked against that blitz. I guess if Dawkins can still blitz, the Iggles D isn't totally dead.

-Chuck D tribute to Ali at halftime. I know the current heavyweight boxing division is a joke, but how is a new guy going to get exposure or respect when the emdia continously performs image fellatio on one and only one boxer.... who peaked 30 years ago.

-Delhomme underthrew Key by 2 yards and Key has to make the defensive play. Did Jake not take his crazy Bayou pill today?

- Delhomme picked up one thing from Eli, the horrible intentional grounding when it is obvious he was going to get hit. Lame. Just put your balls in a jar and mail them to Oprah.

-At least Delhomme's groundings didn't turn into picks like Jake Plummer's irrational throws.

-Steve Smith for MVP. Catches it in traffic, bounces off the defender, gets 10 more yards, and oh yeah, the safety is the one on the ground. Yeah Michael Lewis, you are a punk and must bow down to the power of Steve Smith.

-First Budweiser clydesdale christmas ad. It's 30 years old at leats but still does the trick. That advertising exec deserved his paycheck. The first and last to do so.

-Doesn't Steve Smith need a nickname: The Dragon..... the Assassin... 2 fast 2 furious... Jules

-Key gets the TD and does some gay looking pose. The boo birds are out again, for the Iggles or for Key? I vote for it being for the Iggles.

-Is Key a HOFer? No. Nope. Could Steve Smith end up in the Hall? Maybe. He's still so young (27), and with how bad the Panthers look without him, could win an MVP award someday when the media decides not to give it to a QB/RB.

-Garcia bought time and foudn Stallworth. Great job by garcia to evade the rush. An extra 2 seconds can allow coverage to breakdown.

-Deangelo Williams has pretty big legs, and he keeps them churning when he is being tackled. Keep feeding him the ball to wear that D down.

-Classic Keyshawn: 8 yard in with a one hand push off, first down. He just moves chaisn folks; he always will.

-My mom thinks AJ Hawk is ugly. He's a phucking linebacker Mom.

-What's with the criticism of Garcia not going deep (haha), was McNabb known for bombs or for that pussy west coast passing? Oh yeah, pussy west coast passing.

- Joe Theisman just did an awful Rocky impersonation. It's as bad as my Bill Cosby.

-I don't get the Philly love affair with AJ. Did they miss his entire time with the Dolphins. He sucked dorsal fin.

-I liked Philly. Good city, easy to get around. It needs more exposure.

-4th quarter - Can the Panthers close a game? If they feed Deangelo the ball, hey can score a TD and escape with a win.

- Deangelo got 9 on his first carry. Keep feeding him.

-Is Michael Jordan planning some ad with Dr. Pepper for this whole 23 advertising campaign? He's such a shill he would do it for the $$.

-Garcia has great athletic ability as evident by that side step of Julius Peppers, he just doesnt have it in his arm anymore. As I type this, he hits Reggie Brown in stride, deep for 6.

-Iggles fight song sucks. San Diego Super Chargers is much better and the king is the Redskins fight song.

-Jake Delhomme threw it up for grabs the moment the blitz came. INT. Stupid stupid move. Heck, even Vince Young doesn't do that.

-The refs are letting Runyan grab Peppers nonstop. This is pathetic.

-Is Tirico drinking or feeling up some chick? He just pronounced Tapeh as Too-pay.

-Theisman told Kornheiser he had his back homey. WTF?

-Football history note: Joe Theisman changed his name's pronounciation to match Hesiman so Notre Dame could promote him for the award in an easier manner "Theisman for Heisman".

-Steve Smith just roached Sheldon Brown. Great block. Key is shaken up because he caught the ball after sprinting 25 yards. He doesn't run well, never did.

- Great run by Deangelo Williams. side steps left, jukes right and darts upfield for 8. Good vision to go with his legs.

-Great call with the reverse to Smith inside the 20. People know it is coming, but he is so quick that he can make one guy miss and the blockers don't have to put a helmet on every defender. He just makes plays in open space.

-Kornheiser called Jake out for the INT. Good job Tony. To break it down: Jake threw it tot he wrong spot. He overthrew his WR who is 6 foot 5. Like everything, there are two sides to the tale. On the receiving end, Lito Sheppard did an excellent job reading the trajectory of the ball, Keyshawn did a terrible job. Keyshawn also mistimed his jump. had he not jumped when he did he could have gone back to the ball to break it up. He didn't and now the Panthers need to win next week vs. the G-men. Maybe the Iggles aren't dead after all.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sorry but this is why when you are still in a slot for the wild card, you do not turn the reins over to a rookie. This is ridiculous. The Broncos should have run the season out with Plummer, and then moved to Cutler for next season. This is just wrong. Wait, Cutler just dropped a bomb on Seattle.

damn you USC

damn you. total letdown game. punks.

Friday, December 01, 2006

My return and Thursday Night Football

I've been gone way too long. I apologize but outside life got in the way. My quest to be the first person to finish a Madden Franchise/NCAA Dynasty is also in the way. 34 years down, 6 more to go. I thought I'd mark my return with a rundown of the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Ravens and Begals. My pick is Bengals to cover as everyone should be betting on the home teams in these match ups unless the home team is the Lions or Cardinals.

- Carson palmer throws the prettiest deep ball in the NFl. Vinny Testaverde used to, but not with the same zip Palmer does. Vinny just floated spirals every throw. Carson has arm strength.

- Is the Under Armor spokesguy still in the NFL, or is he protecting his own house?

-The NFL is blessed right now with 4 young and potential HOF safeties. Polamula, Reed, Taylor, Roy Williams. I think the best of them will be Sean Taylor, and he will fulfill his destiny..... just for another team.

-Housh is the go to guy on 3rd down, Chad Johnson is the loud mouth. Sounds like TO and Terry Glenn's relationship. I hate these diva WRs.

-The NFL needs a "Rasheed" rule for the bitching for contact motions/whines from WRs.

-On the Ravens' defense, I'd take McAlister, then Reed, then Adalius Thomas, closely followed by Bart Scott, then Ray Ray. This is not a rebirth year, it's a year where everyone else makes him look better than he really is.

-Palmer's incompletion in the end zone hit his man in the hands. He had no where to go witht he ball and still fit the ball through the window and hit his man in the hands. Impressive.

-I am impressed with the versatility of Adalius Thomas. It's like he's the NFL version of Lebron as far as versatility.

-I love McNair, always thought he was good at hitting his deep throws, and I see McNabb going down his path with all of these bang up injuries he has. The sad part about McNair is he seems more like Chad Pennington now. Every throw looks like it takes a ton of effort, never goes down field, but McNair has more arm strength than Chad. Heck, my mom has more arm strength.

-NFL Network should have hired both Gumbel's so they could have "Gumbel to Gumbel".

-The Browns are r-tards if they fire Romeo Crennel after such a short tenure. These things take time folks. Give him time, and give hima team where the top two free agent signgings do not get injured early.

-Remember Deion's song "Must be the Money". I remember him performing it on SNL years back. What a douche.

-Where is McNeese St? Is it between Candyland and Narnia?

-Phuck Billick and his offensive genius rep. He coached an offense with Randy Moss, Chris Carter and Robert Smith. How hard is it to gain 4000 yards in a season with two hall of fame WRs and a pro bowl RB?

-Dexter Jackson is still int he NFL, the same Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson? No way.

-Sam Eliot doing voiceovers is awesome for commercials. He needs to say "hombre" in every ad though.

- I take it back, McNair can scrmable better than Pennington.

- Justin Long is sucha horrible name for an actor. You just know Justin Longenuff will be a porn name some day.

- Cleveland/Pittsburgh next week for NFL Network, sorry NFL Network.

- If Ozzie Newsome got rid of Billick, the Ravens could make the leap on offense. It just isn't working for them and hasn't ever.

- Stover shanks the kick, capping my fantasy year which has seen two of my top 3 picks go down with long term injuries (McNabb and Brown).

- 3rd and longs are killer for McNair and the Ravens. They get no separation, and McNair's wheels are not Vince Young/Mike Vick fresh.

- Screen pass please Bengals, just one.

- WRs blocking are a sight to behold, what pathetic blockers. WRs are like pampered sorority girls playing football.

- When a team calls the flea flicker, do the players giggle in the huddle?

- Can we all admit that B.J. Sams' returns and the D has made the Ravens O look good the last few weeks?

- Every McNair throw looks like it takes all his might to toss it..... very much like Chad Pennington. His out pattern throws look horrible. If the Bnegals DBs did not have stone hands they'd have 2 or 3 picks right now.

- So many NFL cheerleaders are butterfaces. I'd still fuck them but 80% or so are butterfaces.

- The Docs who cleared Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees for the Dolphins are the same oens who cleared Eric Lindros to play for the Flyers. Maybe the guys who Steve Young got to clear him to return to the NFL.

- Housh and Chad Johnson seem stronger than the normal NFL WRs.

- The Ravens LBs give them incredible flexibility in defensive scheming and playcalling. With their speed and coverage abilities, they can cover TEs, RBS and even WRS, and blitz if called upon.

- Why do the Bengals forget they have Rudi Johnson? Why?

-McNair throws a ball that bounces 2 yards in front of Mason. Color me not impressed with their playoff hopes.

-Best defensive ficker of all time: the man with the one bar facemask, Kevin Butler of the Bears. He was a safety in college and routinely made tackles in coverage.

-Lindsay Lohan should hire the PR guy who rehabbed Ray Lewis' image. Miracle worker.

- McNair with the Ravens is like Plummer with the Broncos. Once he gets into a situation where he has to win the game himself, can't do it. Not anymore.

-Collinsworth explaisn the D playcalling; thank you for doing your job.

-The Bengals read the play action roll out, they just whiffed on McNair.

- Ravens can't run against a good D, can't stretch the field. Their luck has to change soon.

-I love the joke amongst New Yorkers in the know that Reggie Jackson and Joe Namath slept with all of the women the other guy was 'suppose' to sleep with.

- Zone blitz, dropped INT, dumb Bengals. Why blitz a guy who is 14-27 for 104 YARDS on 3rd and long? No reason.

-Besides the media, who likes the Ravens? Does anyone know a Ravens fan?

- McNair threw a duck on 3rd and long for a successful conversion. A miracle of sorts for this anemic offense.

- If Ozzie Newsome is a god at finding defensive talent, why can't he find anyone on the offensive side of the ball?

- The Ravens should be in the hurry up needing two TDs. Is Billick, self sabotaging the team? Is he that big a douche?

- McNair is missing open receivers by 3-5 yards each throw. 4th and short, they somehow don't convert. hmmmm, could a team just play conservative against the Ravens D, not have any turnovers and win by forcing the Ravens O to mount an 80 yard drive? I think so.

- Phuck Stover and Rudi Johnson for killing my fantasy team this week, phuck you guys.

- Val Kilmer scored a TD for the Bengals, nope it's just a muff recovery. A recovered muff.

- McNair gets the bomb to Mason, givign my fantasy opponent 10 points right there. Phuck you McNair. You couldn't hit sh*t all night and now you find him with a great throw. This is on top of the Bengals dropping their 5th coulda-woulda-shoulda INT.

- What did we learn tonight: The Ravens have an awful O despite improved performance the last few weeks. The key is not to set them up in short field situations or jump out to a lead so they can go "Plummer style" on them (aka Cowher style). It is not over in the AFC North, but it is close. The Bengals looked good here but have an incredibly difficult road ahead of them with Denver and Indy. Thursday night match ups favor the home team big time so put $$ on them. Carson Palmer is truly back from the knee injury, so think twice before drafting McNabb high next year in fantasy drafts. He'll have more time to rehab than Palmer did before the season, but Palmer's mechanics are much better than McNabb's yet it still took him 10 weeks. Oh yeah, McNabb also has a blah supporting cast compared to Palmer's.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

NFL Picks week 9

Not a lot of time here because of Halloween party preparations. I am really mad about my picks last week. I am slowly approaching Simmons level of incompetence.

PACKERS -3.5 over Cardinals
Arizona on the road, no way. Ahman Green looked decent last week which will help Brett out. He'll still throw a pick, but it will help him out.

BENGALS -3.5 over Falcons
Cincy at home sounds good. They should have Henry back and that will help the offense.

NEW ORLEANS -1 over Ravens
The Ravens do not have the offense to keep up with the Saints.

TITANS -3 over Texans
I can't take the Texans on the road.

EAGLES -7.5 over Jags
The Jags are missing too many guys on defense to contain McNabb.

KC -4 over Seattle
Ugly match up, but the Hawks are not doing anything with Seneca Wallace leading their team.

BEARS -16 over 49ers
Bears might win 17-0. I think the Arizona game might have exposed how to get to Grossman with pressure.

GIANTS -9 over Bucs
If the Bears lose their touch on offense, it is entirely possible that the Giants could win the NFC. They beat the Cowboys down last week. It all revolves around Tiki. Stop him, you stop them. Unfortunately for opposing teams, he is tough to stop.

Rams +9.5 over CHARGERS
Marty finds ways to lose for this team.

Indy +3 over Denver
Peyton or Plummer, easy to decide.

Jets +2 over Browns
I can't wait for the Jets to make the playoffs and get their ass whupped by a weak dvision winner. Watch a team tank to get them as a match up rather than the other wild card team.

Steelers -9 over RAIDERS
No, I am not wagering on these Raiders yet. That was one game versus a horrible team whow as shell shocked from the week before.

Cowboys +6 over Panthers
I like Dallas' D being able to contain the Panthers attack. This game might be 17-14.

VIKINGS +2 over Pats
The Pats are 5-1, but who besides the Bengals have they beaten? Oh yeah, that murderers row of AFC East foes.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

NFL Sunday Ticket from DIrect TV

Last weekend, at my in-laws house, I was exposed to NFL Sunday Ticket for the first time. I recommend it with 2 thumbs up. It redefined how I watched football, how I obsessively tracked my fantasy team without a computer connection, and how I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon. At one point, I had 4 games going on 2 tvs with a 4 step walk between viewing positions in the two separate rooms. It was nice to be able to flip off of a blowout (Dallas vs. Houston) and move to the exciting Titans/Skins game. It was also a joy to have the Iggles/Saints on one tv while I tracked Rudi Johnson on the other tv. As soon as my wife and I own a home, we will have a dish just so I can get the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Friday, October 20, 2006

NFL Picks week 7

I am thoroughly disgusted with myself after last week's ass whupping. I stunk so bad my last name might as well have been Simmons. I'm just disgusted with myself. I also have a problem with some of the heavy favorites. What was up with Cincy not running the ball on the old Tampa D? Why couldn't McFlab hit one of the many bombs he threw in Nawlins?

Panthers +3.5 over BENGALS
Levi Jones is out, the center is out, and Palmer still has not regained all of his mobility. I think Carolina's D-linemen are going to have a field day with the pass rush. The Bengals should take advantage of the depleted LB corps for the Panthers. If I were the OC, I would call a couple of screens to Rudi Johnson to get the D-linemen to think twice. Throw the screens with Rudi in because when Watson goes in, it is almost guaranteed to be a pass.

JETS -3.5 over Lions
I have no comment on the Lions. I do have a comment on the boy genius Magini. If he is so smart why were the Jets throwing on 3rd and 2 with 2:40 left in the game? A run would have forced the Phins to use a TO or to let the clock run to the 2 minute warning? Genius! I watched Chad Pennington closely and he is shot putting the ball. He has no zip at all. I'd have my DBs play off of Jets WRs so to take away the deeper balls and force him to throw "lasers" to complete the short outs, ins, and slants. They can step in and pick them at will.

Packers +5.5 over DOLPHINS
Huge fantasy game for me as I have 2 WRs and a RB in this game. I am hoping for a shoot out. I want a 35-30 score with lots of air time for Jennings and Driver. If they did not have a QB hanging them out to dry, they might have something going in the passing game. I'd like to see Ronnie Brown work the middle fo the Packers defense. The Phins were running wide last week, and they do not have the speed at O-line to pull linemen effectively. Just punch it up the gut and take some pressure off of the O-linemen: "Move this guy back/left/right for 1.5 seconds".

Jags -10 over TEXANS
The Jags should be able to walk their way to a 10 win season. They have the AFC L-east, their weak division foes (excluding Indy), the Chiefs, and the Giants at home. I hope that this year, if they have to travel to Foxboro in January, that they have a healthy Leftwich. Things could be different this time around.

Pats -5.5 over BILLS
I sincerely dislike the Pats (for the 1,000th time), but I have to go with them. The Pats don't look like they have it this year. They might have let one too many guys go in the passing game. If they could have agreed to terms with just one of the WRs they let go, Brady might be able to throw a 5 yard slant instead of always trying to hit that deep seam pass which he doesnt do as well since the ball has to travel longer than 7 yards. The $12 mil under the cap looks really nice right now. A bigger question is to the very stupid news reporters who said that the Pats did not want to give up a no. 1 for Randy Moss. Either the reporters are dumb or the Pats are dumb, but right now they have Seattle's no. 1 pick and their no. 1. One of those could go to the Raiders for Moss. Moss > Branch.

Eagles -5.5 over BUCS
McFlab is going to bounce back this week and absolutely destroy the Bucs D. I think he has one of those 4 TD games in him this week. The kind where he eats up a bad defense and does a stupid dance after a TD pass. I hope that this year he does win the MVP, because for years he has be the be all end all for that offense. The 2001 season was arguably his most MVP season for them because of how he carried that offense, but his level of play this year is at his highest. Now he has a midget named Westbrook to help shoulder some of the load.

Steelers -2.5 over FALCONS
The reason teams in the NFL don't use the toption is because the beatings QBs take and the speed of NFL defenses. Watching the Falcons quasi-spread offense come to a halt in 5 weeks has been fun. Here's a shout out to Warrick Dunn, who, if used properly in his first couple years in the NFL, could have retired with the same glow that Curtis Martin and Jerome Bettis have received. Those two are not Hall of Famers and neither is Warrick Dunn, yet they get tons of glowing coverage and will probably be elected. F-Halls of Fame.

Chargers -4.5 over CHIEFS
Woohoo! only 4.5 at Pinnacle right now, please go there and wager as fast as possible. I have said it before, watching the Chiefs get beat down by superior teams after they run the score up on weaklings is lots of fun. I was stupid to think they could beat the Steelers last week, and I will not make the same mistake (picking the Chiefs against quality foes) twice.

BROWNS +5 over Broncos
It's the spread and the road trip. The Broncos also don't care how much they beat opponents by. Shanahan also doesn't want to push Plummer at all.

Cardinals -3 over RAIDERS
The Raiders passed on Leinart. I mentioned this weeks ago as a stupid move, and this week can be step 1 in the revenge game schedule Matt Leinart has to run through over the course of his career. I can't wait until he plays the Titans.

Vikings +7 over SEAHAWKS
I like Minny's defense matching up against the Hawks. The Seahawks are pretty one dimensional right now, and Minnesota's pass defense is decent enough to keep them in check. I think the game film fromt he Bears game has been on replay non-stop in Minnesota this week.

Skins +9 over COLTS
The Skins can run the ball. Portis should get 20+ carries. Hear me Mr. Gibbs? The Colts will pick their defense apart. It's going to be high scoring and 9 should be enough to cover.

DALLAS -3 over Giants
I do not like the Giants on the road, and I do not like Eli versus the Dallas defense. This should be a traditional, low scoring NFC East affair. Maybe 17-10. Whomever wins this game can grab the wildcard and maybe even the division (depends on Westbrook's knee for Philly). Both teams have tough stretches of games coming up, and need this win to kick start playoff chances.

Friday, October 13, 2006

nfl picks week 6

Buffalo -1 over DETROIT Buffalo's strengths on defense match up well against the Lions. The Lions still are not running the ball and have a dinged up Roy Williams.

Carolina +3 over RAVENS Sorry, but the Ravens just do not have it offensively. They can not move the ball, and are relying on their defense to score or put them in short field position. That can work with mistake prone offenses. The over/under is 33; go with the under. This has 17-9 written all over it.

Bengals -5 over BUCS The Bengals have a great RB; the Bucs a bad run D. Not a great mix. Palmer has performed okay since coming back, and considering Culpepper's return, that is great! I said this last year, people were doubting Palmer's return yet he blew only 1 ligament, Culpepper blew 3. Rudi Johnson should have 100+ yards and 2 TDs. Marvin Lewis will probably workt he run game to take the load off of Palmer.

DALLAS -12.5 over Texans Texans on the road, bah. This one will not be pretty. The Dallas offense will have too much firepower for the Texans, and the Texans might squeak out 10 points. The Dallas front seven will be too quick for the Texans line. I think the Cowboys/Eagles game last week will be stuck in their minds and probably push TO to go off on the lowly Texans.

FALCONS -3 over Giants Atlanta's defense should get to Eli on a consistent basis and force him to make those "back foot" throws. With the Atlanta secondary, there could be some INT TD Return opportunities. If I were the O-coordinator for the Giants, I'd start the game in the no huddle, with Shockey lined up in the slot. Eli works well in the no huddle, and it would force the Falcons to stick to one package of defense.

Eagles -3 over SAINTS I love the Saints story, I really do. I just don't think they have the stuff to take down the Iggles this week. McNabb showed he can play at a super high level with bums as weapons, and he did it against the Dallas defense. The Saints are not at that level for defense yet. The key for the Saints moving the ball will be keeping Drew Brees upright. If they can, he can get the ball to his weapons and force the Iggles to respect the passing game, which will open lanes up for Deuce and Reggie.

Seattle -3 over St. Louis The Rams have 2 cornerbacks out. Not what you want to be missing when the Seahawks come to town. I know Shaun Alexander is out again, but Hasselback should have a 300 yard game with his receiving options. Deion Branch now has several weeks under his belt with the Seahawks offense, and that should make a big difference in his play.

SKINS -10.5 over Titans Titans on the road, Skins at home with a healthy Portis: no brainer. This should be a big day for the Skins offense. Look for them to put up 30+ points.

Chiefs +7 over STEELERS I like Big Ben a lot. I just don't think he is 100%. I don't think they have it this week; look at their injury list. Key parts of their D are out this week. The Chiefs offense should put up 20 points on Pittsburgh, and with the +7, this would force the Steelers offense to put up 4 TDs to cover. You think they can do that right now?

Miami +2 over NY JETS I think this is the week Nick Saban lays into the O-line and they get Ronnie Brown 100 yards. He can haul, and they just need to give him a crease for that 4.35 speed to kick in. The Jets are weak up the middle, and if they stick to the run early, they will wear the Jets D down. The Jets let Jason Ferguson go last year, and John Abraham go this year. You can't lose two quality D-lineman and expect to be strong up front. Think about how the Pats and Iggles are always drafting big D-lineman. The Mangina is a couple of years away from building his 3-4 defense.

San Diego -10 over 49ERS Alex Smith is not doing anything this week. The Chargers pass rush should put him on his back and contain their offense. These guys put a 0 spot up against the Chiefs. San Diego will win big.

DENVER -14.5 over Raiders There is no reason to wager on the Raiders, even with a 2 TD spread. I've got a feeling that Moss is going to end up on the Ravens by year's end.

Bears -9.5 over CARDINALS Sorry Matt Leinart, meet the new Monsters of the Midway.

Friday, October 06, 2006

NFL week 5 picks

After taking 2 years off from fantasy football, I was worried about coming back and being a chump. Given the last pick in the draft, I was very worried I'd be the clown in the league. Fortunately, I have the coveted no. 1 waiver spot all year. Thanks to some stupid draft picks ahead of me, I landed Rudi Johnson at number 12. Mr. McNabb has carried me this season, and my only complaint is with Ronnie Brown. While I have benched the Deuce all season, that might end soon if Ronnie Brown can't put up points. It's not Ronnie, it's Daunte Culpepper. Culpepper can't pass a lick, and this means other teams can stack the box. It also means that the Dolphins can't convert third downs. Drives stall and 3rd down is usually 3rd and long not 3rd and short. Ronnie has had games with fewer than 10 carries, and that is NOT what Nick Saban wanted (should have signed Drew Brees). I'm starting him this week because Rudi has it off, but if he does not improve, I'm going to have to switch him for the Deuce (who I drafted 3 rounds after Reggie Bush).

BEARS -10 over Bills
The Bears dismantled the Seahawks and the 4 wide, 3 wide, whatever offense. Hasselbeck had as low as 4 points in some fantasy leagues (5.75 in mine). This is a top tier QB, perfect for the west coast offense and he could not move the ball on the Bears. JP Losman will not pick them apart. He might get a bomb by them as the Hawks did have two dropped bombs as the Bears secondary had problems handing off a receiver to the next man in the zone. Think about how deep the Bears defense is, a rookie started at free safety last year for them and played very well, 3 INTs. He has been replaced by a rookie. The score will be 24-7, and I hope Bernard Berrian has one deep TD (yeah a waiver wire pick up).

PANTHERS -8 over Browns
I am surprised the Panthers do not use more 3 wide sets with Keyshawn, Steve SMith and Colbert. I think Colbert could be an effective slot receiver for them to complement the big posession WR in Key and the speed threat with Stevie. As long as the Panthers have a healthy Kris Jenkins, I trust their D-line. I do not see Charlie Frye having a good game this week, maybe a garbage time TD to pad the stats.

Lions +7 over Vikings
The Lions can score. They have the tools. I think Kitna can do just enough for them. I also think they are cursed for never giving Barry Sanders a competent QB and pushing him out of the game early. This will be a low scoring affair, and 7 points is a lot for the Vikings terrible offense to cover. Bly should do enough to keep Troy Williamson from striking deep, and Minnesota's defense is good enough to force Kitna to beat them rather than Kevin Jones pound it in on them.

Dolphins +10 over Pats
The points are too high for this match up. No matter the team's records, the games are always close. The Pats will do enough to win, and give up a late TD for the cover. I just hope it is Ronnie Brown on a swing pass for 6. Notice who is the leading receiver for the Dolphins? Ronnie Brown. Culpepper isn't using the "good" WRs of the Dolphins, and has to check down or panic and dump it off. This is a desperation game for the Phins as well, and they will be playing with a huge sense of urgency.

Rams +3 over Packers
I mentioned Barry Sanders above. Here's something scary to think about. The Packers passed on Barry Sanders for Tony Mandarich. I know Mandarich was going to be the next John Hannha, but Barry Freakin' Sanders was available. The best college RB since Herschel Walker. A backfield of Sanders and Favre would have won an extra Super Bowl or 2, uhh 3. I can't believe the Packers are favorites. Didn't the bookies watch MNF? Favre was leaving WRs out to hang. I'm benching Donald Driver in favor of Greg Jennings because I don't know how many shots Driver can take like he did on Monday night. How horrible would it be for Favre to go down and Rodgers to step in and lead them to a respectable finish? Wouldn't that force his retirement, instead of the hemming and hawing?

SAINTS -6 over Bucs
The Bucs can't stop the run (30th in the NFL), and the Saints have two quality RBs to throw at them. I am predicting a big game for Deuce and Reggie. Sean Payton will give Deuce 20-25 carries and Reggie 10-15. I can see him using the run game to wear the Bucs old defense down, and give Brees a rest. Sean P will want to use Deuce and Reggie to allow Drew's shoulder a breather. He can't keep hoisting up 40 passes a game. Have you seen the Bucs depth chart on D? A lot of guys still leftover from the Super Bowl....from 4 years ago.

COLTS -18 over Titans
Peyton is going to go for 400 yards this game. I think he enjoys beating up on the Titans now for the hurting they put on him earlier in his career. I sincerely dislike Vince Young, and nothing warmed my heart last week more than seeing him flail around versus the Dallas defense. Mr. 6 Wonderlic came to play as he ran sideways a lot, threw into triple coverage, misread blitzes. It was fantastic. I can't believe they have given up on the season already and thrown him to the wolves. How lazy was Billy Volek this offseason? Young reminds me of a less spectacular Mike Vick. I don't see him making the adjustment well to the NFL, and he will be out of the game by age 30. If Norm Chow can turn him into a serviceable "quarterback", it should get him a head coaching job.

Skins +5 over GIANTS
These are two teams going in different directions (yeah, it's week 5). The Giants are sniping at their coach, and the Skins are putting in the hours and working hard. The Giants do not play well coming off of the bye, and the Skins have Clinton Portis back. It's simple: get a top 5 RB back in the lineup, and your offense improves greatly.

Soon I am going to do a review of Lavar Arrington's last year at Penn St., and write about how he should have won the Heisman in '99. That year was a good year for the award be up for grabs by a frosh (Mike Vick for that amazing freshman year he had) or a defensive player (Lavar), and his senior year was just that special. Who won it in '99? Ron Dayne for the lifetime achievement of running over 5 foot 8 Big ten defensive backs. Sorry if 2000+ yards in the big ten is so special, why didn't Larry Johnson win it his senior year? The Heisman is an embarassingly poor award as far as selection. Such a distinct honor should be given greater consideration than "Uhhhh, who's the QB on the national champ?" The era of '89-'03 might be the worst 15 year stretch of winners: 3 great pros, Eddie George, Carson Palmer and Ricky Wiliams (make it 4, Charles Woodson). The stretch from '74-'88: Barry Sanders, Vinny Testaverde, Tim Brown, Bo Jackson, Flutie, Mike Rozier, Herschel Walker, Marcus Allen, George Rogers, Billy Sims, Early Campbell, Tony Dorsett.

CARDINALS +3.5 over Chiefs
The Cardinals are a good home risk. I like the premiere of Matt Leinart versus a KC defense. Teams can throw deep on the Chiefs, so Fitzgerald and Boldin should be open. Here's something I do not like about the Chiefs: the run up the score on weak opponents. They act like a college team at times. I like when good teams spank them, and put them in their place. Sadly, they always seem to find a way into the playoffs where they get beaten like schmucks because they can't play D.

JAGS -6.5 over Jets
Jags defense, meet an offense that can't run and can't throw deep. Feast upon them.

49ERS -3 over Raiders
Raiders blow an 18 point lead to the Browns. 49ers get blanked by the Chiefs. Tough call, but I am going with the home team. I think Randy Moss is tanking on purpose to get an in-season trade. A big name in-season trade has not happened since Eric Dickerson went from the Rams to the Colts.

Cowboys +2.5 over EAGLES
Westbrook, Sheppard, Hood, Jevon Kearse and Stallworth are all questionable or worse. Sheldon Brown is going to play, and it looks like Michael Lewis is cleared to play after getting knocked on queer street on MNF. Why do I type this? I think that's too many men out for the Iggles versus the Cowboys offense. Can the Boys pick up the blitz? I think so. I think they pick it up enough for Bledsoe to get the ball to his playmakers. The one thing I hope Bledsoe is going to look for is for the fake out blitz look. The Skins did it to him last year at the end of the season; show blitz and drop 7 men back. It made him dump passes off early. I think the Iggles D-coordinator is just going to keep coming with the blitzes until they knock Bledsoe around and make him gun shy. On the other side of the ball, I just don't think McNabb can beat the Cowboys D all by himself. Stallworth and Westbrook need to play to give their offense a shot to win. I am not going to talk about TO. Lord have mercy on his sould for what will happen to him and be yelled at him this weekend.

CHARGERS -3 over Steelers
I can't believe Marty pissed the game away for the Chargers. The quote from Bart Scott of the Ravens "I'm glad he stuck with his gameplan, because that Rivers kid could play" is perfect for how Marty does not trust his players to execute. You do not go into a shell in the 3rd quarter; this is not high school football. I do not see this being a worry this week. The Steelers have to put up points for me to consider them a threat to the real AFC contenders. Here's a question: how did Najeh Davenport's career spiral so fast out of control? How did he get the back to back injuries and miss out on his payday? I thought 3-4 years ago, he was going to get paid big bucks to be the no. 1 back for another team. A few injuries later and it's all gone. Freaks me out because he is 10 months older than me.

BRONCOS -4 over Ravens
This game is not as even as the spread show.s The bookies think Denver is only a 1 point favoriate excluding home field advantage. No way. The Ravens have no rushing attack. Jamal Lewis is done. His tip toe act was ok when he had that great acceleration at age 23-24; he's lost a step with that prison stint and age. Yeah, 27 and he has lost a step. Doesn't it freak you out that he is in his 7th year and only 27. I wonder how he will be remembered because he does have that sick 2066 yard season under his belt. Will he be revered for having such a quick step for a bruiser or will he be a warning to young kids about throwing away your talent and mixing with the wrong crowd? I vote warning. He was just removed from the 2000 yard season and was lucky to sign a 3 year deal with his own team. The NFl should collect stories like Jamal's and Mandarich's in a behdin the music format and show it to high school seniors and college players. Don't use 'roids (Mandarich), leave your drug dealing homies behind (Lewis), have a heart and try (both Mike Williams-es).

Saturday, September 30, 2006

NFL week 4 picks

Dallas -9 over TITANS
If TO plays, he will put up 100 yards and 2 TDs. I think he's going to use this accidental overdose as a way to come back with a vengeance. That statement does not make any sense. My real reason for this wager is Dallas' defense which should destroy the inept offense of the Titans. I also think Dallas will be able to pound the ball with Jones and Barber. I think they'll run the ball 35+ times this week. They may not even need TO if he plays. Considering the defenses that the Titans have faced, I do not think they will match up well with the 3-4 schemes of the 'Boys. Dallas' defense is maybe a bit faster than San Diego's and the Titans got nowhere on them. Dallas has forced critical turnovers in their first two games this season, and I think that trend will continue this week.

Indy -9 over JETS
The Jets do not have a running game, and that is the way to beat the Colts. I also think their defense is terrible. If you have any receiver for the Colts, start them on your fantasy team this week. I am interested in how the Colts are going to run or stop the run come January. Addai needs to step up before then to alleviate some strain on their passing game because we know what can happen to Manning when he has to do everything in the postseason. Their defense also has to toughen up on the run, but everyone knows when you have a smaller, fast defense, you're vulnerable to a rushing attack.

Miami -3.5 over HOUSTON
Houston is beyond terrible, and I cannot believe I took points with them last week. David Carr is the bright shining spot for this team, and hopefully, he can earn himself a ticket to another franchise. I have said it before, he could be a breakout star for another team. I'd love to see him go to Minny or some other team with ready made weapons, a decent O-line, but no QB.Ronnie Brown will probably run for 125+ this week. If he does not, the Dolphins line is in worse shape than I thought. Pound the ball and take it out of Culpepper's hands.

BUFFALO (even) over Vikings
Great pass defense with no offense at home versus a team with no real offense and a good defense. I take the home team. The Bills have looked much better in their games than the Vikings. The Vikings need a Qb for the future because they can just waste time with the talented weapons they have with a 39 year old QB throwing to them.

Saints +7 over PANTHERS
This game makes me nervous but for some reason, the Panthers team just does not have it together this year. I know Steve Smith is really amazing, but they shouldn't nearly blow a game to a team whose QB has internal damage. I like the Saints ability to pound the Panthers with both Bush and Deuce this week. It will help rest their defense just to chew up clock.

San Diego -2.5 over RAVENS
San Diego is my pick to win the AFC West. If the Colts look shaky in their Bengals and Pats games, I may move the Chargers to my number 1 AFC team. This game will make more people believe because for some reasont he Ravens D is playing like it is 2000. Well, against bad competition.. They lucked into an easier schedule because of their 3rd place finish in the west last year. They have everyone rested because they did not make the playoffs. They have an amazing ground game, and can slowly bring along Rivers through the season to get him ready fro the playoffs. They do not have to force him to win games because their defense is so stout and the running game is so good. He can pull a Big Ben in '04.

San Fran +7 over KC
KC is dead without Trent Green. Huard can throw dump off passes, and that is it. I like the points here, because San Fran will be scoring plenty. I'm sitting Eddie Kennison on the bench right now because Trent Green is not in the lineup. It's killing me to have one good WR.

RAMS -5.5 over Lions
The Lions are so bad that Millen is starting to look smart for being able to keep his job for so long. I want the Lions to draft Dwayne Jarrett next year to add another 6 foot 5 receiver to their team. Maybe he can mushroom to 230-240 lbs like Mike Williams. Speaking of Mike Williams, it's amazing how the Maurice Clarett early entry has nearly destroyed his career as well. The NCAA jobbed him by not allowing him to re-enter the Trojans program (which steamrolled competition without him). During his off year, he worked out with Chris Carter on running routes, ran a 4.55, and was drafted in the top 15. Since the draft he has added 20+ lbs, and been listed as inactive on a terrible team. In 5 years, he could be in shape and destroying defenses as a 27 yr old that is a mismatch no matter who covers him. In 5 years, he could be out of football on a police blotter for throwing away his NFL money on drugs.

Browns -2.5 over RAIDERS
Who is Q for the Raiders? Why did they pass on Matt Leinart? Why did they sign lamont jordan? Why aren't they shopping randy moss around? Why isn't Gallery the next Tony Boselli? With Leinart, they'd at least have a future to look forward to. The 2005 NFL draft had a ton of RB prospects out there, and the Raiders threw away their top 1st round pick for Randy Moss without a healthy gunslinger to throw the bombs to him. With those 2 picks they could have bundled them to move up and pick one of the top 3 backs. Even doing the trade, they could have grabbed a serviceable RB instead of signing Lamont Jordan. Al Davis needs to pass on so they can bring in new management.

Jags -3 over Skins
Beating up on the Texans is not a statement game for the Skins and the Jags will be smarting after the loss to the Colts. The Skins offense will be overmatched versus the Jags defense. They have the power in the front line to stuff the Skins rushing attack and force Brunell to beat them. If the Jaguars could figure out a way to beat the Colts, they could host a playoff game. It makes a huge difference home versus on the road in the playoffs and add to that the Florida team in cold weather factor.

BENGALS -6 over Pats
This will be the point in the season where the Pats show their true colors as the 10-6 AFC L-East champs. They'll host a playoff game, and probably get the snot beaten out of them by the Broncos or Jags. I'm hoping Rudi Johnson pulls out a big game because his no show last week made me lose my fantasy match up by .5 points. Anyone know a QB who has bounced throws and created turnovers to benefit the other side? Tom Brady, yeah, Mr. Make no Mistakes himself. If Phil Simms announces this game, listen for his glossing over of Brady's bad throws (the one hopper in week 1 was hysterical to listen to Simms cover up).

Because the Pats are the most expensive team to see live, I have this scary feeling that the Pats ownership is not playing to win. It is as if they know they can win the division and host a playoff game, which generates huge dollars for the home teams. The team is 13 mil under the cap, generates huge revenue streams, and is probably printing money. Because of the 3 SBs in 4 years, they do not need to deliver the goods to the fan base. They can sit back, build a young team for another serious push in a couple of years, and still make tons of money.

BEARS -3.5 over Hawks
The Bears Defense will handle the Hawks because Shaun Alexander is not there. Even with Shaun, I don't see the Hawks scoring more than 20 points. I do see the Bears Defense forcing turnovers because Hasselback is going to have to throw 35-40 times this week. This will probably decide home field advantage in the NFC. I can see the NFC playing out like it did last year, with the South and East beating each other up leaving the conference to whomever gets homefield. Seattle never impresses me. They were the shabbiest 13-3 team in recent memory, but because they get homefield, it's almost a lock come playoff time with how beat up the South and East teams are. I even commented on this last year about the Seahawks having an easy road to the Super Bowl.

Packers +11 over EAGLES
I can see the Packers scoring enough garbage time points to cover. The Eagles have a problem with consistency, as shown by the last two weeks. While this is a home game, it is a MNF game for Favre to put on his holster and play the part of gunslinger one last time.

Friday, September 22, 2006

NFL week 3 picks

NFL 2006 has begun and already Super Bowl picks are being rescinded. The backers of the Dlophins and Panthers feel a little shaky right now. Fortunately, the Panthers can blame Steve Smith's bum hamstring; the Phins just have a crappy quarterback. What I don't understand about Miami is that they did not use ronnie brown early in the 2nd half to help settle Daunte down. I am not saying that because Ronnie is on my fantasy team. I was happy with the 12 points he gave me, but was seriously thrown off by Miami's attempts to throw the ball when the Pats showed the week before you can run on the Bills smaller D.

As far as fantasy football, I am now 2-0 and lead the league in points. I faced the team with Peyton Manning last week, and survived his 400 yard 3 TD performance. I just want to rack up the wins early because we only have a 4 team playoff. Rudi Johnson, thank you for falling to pick number 12 in the draft, thank you idiot fantasy GMs. My fantasy football league has many campaign managers/workers for Democrats; their ineptitude works in football as well.

Panthers -3 over BUCS
Steve Smith has to be playing this week? right? The Panthers lost last week on a fluke fumble versus a better defense than the one they will face this week. The Bucs D finally looks old. I can't believe it happened now in 2006.

BROWNS +7 over Ravens
I'm taking the points here because this should be a hideously ugly game to watch. The kind of 13-7, 12-6 AFC North match up we have all come to hate. I don't want to spoil the party, but Steve McNair isn't looking like 2000 McNair. He looks like an old man who is holding on. If Jamal Lewis plays (listed as questionable), he could get 125 yards as the Browns defense still looks awful. I'd hate that as he is on my opponent's fantasy team this week.

Bengals +2 over STEELERS
I hate going against the Steelers at home, but the Bengals have looked vastly surperior on offense compared to the Steelers. The Steelers O has had no real flow the last two weeks, and the Bengals will put up points. If Troy Polamula is still playing at 50%, Palmer should have a good day. I'm looking for Palmer to torch the secondary early, softening up the defense for Rudi Johnson to slice through in the second half.

Green Bay +7 over DETROIT
The Lions still suck, and Matt Millen should be gone midway through this year. He is a retard, and has a job because he has pictures of the Ford family doing unspeakable things to dogs. I think Favre is going to go bonkers this week, and find Donald Driver 10 times. He does not want to start 0-3 and open the Aaron Rodgers door.

MIAMI -10.5 over Titans
The Titans have no offense and face Nick Saban's schemes. They might score a TD. On the other side, Ronnie Brown should put up 100+ on the Titans D. Take the pressure off of Daunte and move the ball on the ground. When Daunte does not have the weight of the game on his shoulders, he can relax and bomb away.

COLTS -7 over Jags
If this were in Jacksonville, I'd take the points. I just don't see the Jags offense keeping up with the Colts. The Jags are not afraid of the Colts, but I can still see Peyton and Co. putting up 350 yards throught he air on them.

BILLS -5.5 over Jets
This is because the Bills D faces up well against the Jets O. The Jets move throught he air and this si playing to the strength of the Bills. I can see this game being a 20-10 special. The Bills defense is fast enough to negate the use of the screens, which is about Chad Pennington's range.

Chicago -3.5 over VIKINGS
I believe in the Bears defense, and I believe they have a good enough ground game to open things up over the top for Grossman. The Bears defense is as potent as last year's version, maybe better, and the now have a QB who can take advantage of the play action passes down the field.

TEXANS +4 over Washington
The Skins can't move the ball without Portis being healthy, and he still is not 100%. They looked pathetic last week against the Cowboys. The Texans can move the ball through the air, which is a weakness of the Skins D now, but their defense still stinks. In their defense, they have gone up against the Eagles and Colts in back to back weeks.

Eagles -6 over NINERS
I like how the Eagles say they are going to run more, and then do not follow through because their running game sucks. You have to love how they signed Brian Westbrook to an extension and he still cannot close out games for them. "He's perfect for the west coast offense of reid and co", ummm, no he does not put games away when the west coast offense has given your team a lead. He is no Roger Craig. I think the Niners are still a ways away before they can contend with the likes of the Eagles defense.

Giants +3.5 over SEATTLE
While I dislike this pick, the Giants have looked better in their two games than the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks miss Hutch, and the Deion Branch trade smells of desperation to improve their passing game. Also of note: the sports guy called another QB "knack for pulling lucky throws out of his ass". Ummm, Tom Brady. Anyone else know a QB who trows so often while almost on the ground that is was considered strange when he got picked off (MNF loss to Miami 2 years ago) doing that very thing and no one said "jeez, he does that on a regular basis, you knew it would happen sometime". Go back to doing what you do best Simmons, ripping other screenwriters' sports movies while never writing your own sports movie script.

CARDINALS -4.5 over Rams
I like Arizona at home, I am a big fan of them when someone else has to travel. The Rams also have this problem of putting the ball in the end zone. I don't think that will cut it this week versus the offense of the Cards.

Broncos +7 over PATRIOTS
The Patriots do not blow out teams, even the bad ones (see last two weeks). This is going to be a low scoring affair, and the 7 is very tempting. The Broncos defense is too good to give up 20 or more to the Pats. I also don't know how well the Pats are going to do against a team that has a more balanced offense than the last two they have faced. I also want to make it known that I hope Tedy Bruschi makes it through this season alright. I can't be the only person who fears the team doctors carting him off one Sunday.

SAINTS +4 over Falcons
It's all about emotion. A return to the Superdome. Reggie Bush's national television NFL debut. A crazy home crowd. No matter what, I am staying up to watch the entire game. I hope you all do, too.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

NFL Week 2 picks

One week down in this glorious season. As a Cowboys fan, I was stunned by the first quarter of the Jags-Cowboys game. watching what looked like a Super Bowl team. Reality then set in for the next 3 quarters. The NFC East is going to be a huge battle this season, and I think that it is going to come down to scheduling and who can win the intradivison games on the road. Scheduling favors the Eagles, but do they have a defense to contain the Giants? Maybe. Do they have an offense to put up points against the Cowboys? Ehhh.

RAVENS -12 over Oakland
The Ravens D looked revamped and rejuvenated. They actually had something going on offense versus a Tampa Bay team known for their defense. They get to beat up on a terrible Oakland team. I kind of want Oakland to go 0-16 to see if Randy Moss goes insane. It would guarantee them that they could draft Brady Quinn, and everyone knows Al Davis loves quarterbacks with strong arms. Why else would they have brought Jeff Geroge out of retirement?

BENGALS -10 over Browns
The Bengals D will stifle the offense of the Browns. It will probably make all of those people who picked up Kellen Winslow off of waivers look stupid this week. I'd like to see another big game from Rudi Johnson for my fantasy team; like a multi-TD game. Carson still is not 100%, listen to me Marvin Lewis.

MIAMI -6 over Bills
Nick Saban will belittle his team all week for their performance on Thursday Night. They have 10 days of rest, home field advantage, and a Bills team with a shaky QB coming to town? Throwing well for one half on the Patriots is one thing, throwing on the Dolphins is another. I also like the prospects of the Dolphins running game. The Bills were sliced by Maroney and Dillon all day. Ronnie Brown should have some clear avenues this game and help the Dolphins control the clock. They need this to help Culpepper stay calm.

INDY -13 over Houston
I'd go so far as to give up more points so my payout could be better with this game. I face Manning this week in fantasy football, wrong week, he'll probably throw 5 TDs. I like Indy's chances this year, but they need to figure out how to get a rythmn to their run game. If they do not, it will just play into the hands of the defensive schemes of the Chargers/Steelers/Pats (yes even the aging Pats).

BEARS -9 over Lions
I can't take the Lions on the road. I also can't take them on the road versus the Bears defense. The Lions D looked good versus the Seahawks but remember the Seahawks don't have Hutch anymore. With no passing options it was easier to stack the line than years past. I also like the way the Bears work their ground game and use play action pass. They effectively use their TE too. I can see this game being 16-0 or 16-3.

EAGLES -3 over Giants
I think the Iggles can contain the Giants this week. This will be a traditional, tough NFC East game with a final score of 20-17 or something low. That of course trounces the promotions of this game which are all focused on the offensive stars. I don't like how the Iggles don't have a run game, but it can still win them regular season games.

Panthers +1 over VIKINGS
The Panthers will not lose two in a row. Fox is too tough a coach to let them drop the ball twice. I also had to start picking road teams. Steve Smith is coming back right?

FALCONS -5.5 over Bucs
I hate how the NFC South is doing this rotational "who is the good team thing" again. Why can't they just have one cominant team and then a bunch of douchey challengers like the AFC East? It makes gambling much easier. I did catch some of the Falcons game, and it looked like Madden 05 come to life. Vick gunning like 10 passes and then scrambling like his college days. I think Vick will get injured by week 10. Then Schaub will lead them to a 6-0 mark to finish the year, and the Falcons finally trade Vick to Oakland for the number 1 pick (Adrian Peterson in this case).

Saints +3 over PACKERS
How did the Pack get the back to back home games to start the season? Lame. I am a Saints fan while they have Reggie Bush. Before this season, when they added Brees and Bush I looked at the over/under for their total wins and said, let's put cash on the over. I believe it can happen. In fact, I think they will win this game, go into the week 3 home opener with a 2-0 record and play the Falcons tough, getting tons of press coverage along the way. The Bush phenomenon is awesome. He had 140 total yards, caught, ran, returned with some flash, and off the field he is donating tons to charity and giving the people down their some love. Between that and Drew Brees taking a full page ad in the New Orleans's Times Picayune (sp?), the karma is stored up for this team.

Cardinals +7 over SEAHAWKS
I think the Madden jinx is alive and well. This is besides the fact that Shaun Alexander had 430 carries last year at age 29. I also think that the Seahawks had tons of lucky breaks last year to go 13-3. I also think Arizona could put up 30 on the Hawks. I trust Dennis Green for some reason. The guy always was coaching with an axe over his head and made the playoffs continuously in Minnesota.

Pats -6 over JETS
I dislike the Pats but this Jets team is bad, despite beating the Titans on the road. Here's 2 questions about the Pats: don't you think after a while the tight ends get mad with all of the TDs that go to LBs and linemen? Don't you also think the RBs get mad with all of the TDs that are 5 yard or less play action passes? It's like the team deliberately keeps some players stats down sot hey do not have to pay them off with decent contracts.

DENVER -10.5 over Chiefs
No Trent Green, no money on the Chiefs. That his was really horrible and should have brought on a flag. I also like the Broncos running game against the swiss cheese D of the Chiefs.

St. Louis -3 over the 49ERS
The Rams drove the ball and their defense looked great. I kind of wish they could have punched one into the endzone, but that shouldn't be a problem versus the 49ers defense. This is not Denver's vaunted D, it's the freakin' Niners. One thing that needs to be brought to people's attention is the amazing run of RBs that have come out of Miami University since the mid 90s. The list is amazing: Gore, McGahee, Portis, the Edge, Jimmy Stewart. The LBs have been awesome as well, but those scouts know what they are doing.

CHARGERS -11.5 over Titans
Ladainian is going to have huge games while the Chargers bring Rivers along. It will be fun watching him run over teams. I think by the end of the year he'll have at least 6 25+ carry games under his belt. It will probably ruin him for next year, but it will be fun to watch. Because the Chargers did not make the playoffs last year, LT and the gang got some extra rest. I've got a feeling they are winning their division. They have the schedule, the RB and the defense to do it.

COWBOYS -6 over Redskins
I know this game will probably end up 13-10 to spite me, but I just can't go against the Boys in their home opener against that pathetic Skins team from last Monday. A frustrating part of the Old Bledsoe experience is the flashes of brilliance between the mediocrity. I just don't know how this happens. Brunell, Favre and Bledsoe all go through this, and maybe it is a sign to leave the game. My question to the Cowboys' fans is, who is the long term answer at QB? It's been the problem since the Aikman era ended.

JACKSONVILLE +3 over Steelers
Home on Monday night and the Steelers do not have Big Ben. Sorry for doubting you last week Jacksonville.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

NFL Picks and some college football observations

Looks like Notre Dame is going to get the push to be in the BCS and hopefully for ratings sake, the national championship. They still have a bad defense that is not up to speed with the likes of Ohio State, Texas, etc. I hope they fall on their face like last year. The OSU-Texas game is very entertaining. I am amazed how the Longhorns are running the show with a Frosh QB. Maybe I shouldn't as they had a killer offense with Mr. 6 Wonderlic test score QB last year. I hope the game keeps up the great defensive play and running (I am pro running the ball, anti-West Coast gay passing). Now with this week's picks for the NFL.

I have to retro pick this, but if anyone picked the Dolphins to win on Thursday they are retarded. Steelers to cover was a no brainer. I have several co-workers who went to the game, and they had been talking about it for weeks. There was no way Pittsburgh was losing.

Bills +10 over PATS
I don't like the Pats when they are giving this many points, plus last year the Bills should have beat the Pats in Foxboro when Willis ran wild. They will cover and willis will have 30 carries.

TAMPA BAY -3 over Ravens
I think this will be low scoring, so a wager on the under would not be bad either. Both teams have some old defenses, sad reminder of what was in the early 2000s.

TITANS -2.5 over Jets
Pinnacle has the spread at -7. That might be more appropriate. I can see the Jets going 0-16, just so they draft Pederson out of Oklahoma. Then again, if they do not see any development or promise out of the Clemons kid, they could draft Brady Quinn. I can't believe I am talking draft before week 1, stop the Mel Kiper routine.

RAMS +4 over Broncos
The Rams at home are usually tough, and after the housecleaning this offseason, should be in the clear. Maybe now with Martz gone they will have a RB carry the ball more than 15 times in a game. I wish I had Steven Jackson on my fantasy team.

BROWNS -3 over Saints
Maybe I'd go with the Saints if they were home, but the Browns are hungry and Willie McGinest sounds incredibly angry. Some of his comments this offseason have been bitter. Belicheck needs to take his head out of his @ss and maybe pay up to keep someone. You won 3 Super Bowls with a great core and some serious luck, the core is almost all gone now.

Seattle -6 over DETROIT
I am tempted by the idea of Kitna with all of the talent around him, but The Hawks are going to steamroll their defense. Losing Hutchinson because they cheaped out and transition tagged him rather than franchise tag him was stupid, but then again, this team delayed signing Shaun Alexander to a huge contract and franchised him, therefore giving out more guaranteed money than they would have had to if they did it a year earlier.

Cincy +7.5 (really Pinnacle is off or something) over CHIEFS
The Chiefs lost their two tackles, and everyone is a year older. Their defense is still sh*tty, and Carson Palmer should have enough in him to handle their secondary. It is easy to throw deep on the Chiefs; it has been for 4 years now.

Eagles -5.5 over TEXANS
F-you Texans and how you screwed over Reggie Bush from the number 1 overall pick. All for a defensive lineman who was not the best guy on his team in college. Oh yeah, enjoy another 3-13 season.

PANTHERS -5 over Atlanta
The Falcons on the road with an older Warrick Dunn and nobody for Vick to throw to, no way. I don't like them this season at all. Then again, this might be the year Vick reverts back to his Va Tech days and carries them to the SB.

Cowboys +2.5 over JAGUARS
Dallas needs to start quick and fast this year if they expect to win the NFC East and keep TO happy or at least tolerable. I also don't like the Jags as they have a difficult schedule this year after the cakewalk they had last season. They are not going to sneak up on anyone this year.

CARDINALS -7.5 over 49ers
The Cards are good against the spread at home, and the 49ers just plain suck. If they had not been suckered into the Alex Smith project (he's smaller than me and an NFL QB), they could have had a combination of Ronnie Brown/Cadillac/Benson at RB with Vince Young/Matt Leinart at QB. Kurt Warner will throw for 300 yards this game.

Bears -3.5 over GREEN BAY
Green Bay could go 3-13 this year and then be fortunate to get a shot at Brady Quinn so the nation can suffer through more shots of Mrs AJ Hawk at games. Sorry, she just isn't hot to me. Kind of looks porny with bad hair.

Colts -3 over GIANTS
I don't buy the Giants being the chic pick for the NFC East crown. Before Clinton Portis' injury, I would have said Washington, then Dallas, then Philly, then NY. Tiki has a lot of miles on him now, and he won't carry them again. You can't have 3 career years in a row.

Vikings +4.5 over WASHINGTON
Sorry, I saw the Skins up close and personal at Foxboro. Their offense is horrible without a healthy Portis. God Awful.

Chargers -3 over OAKLAND
San Diego, Schottenheimer in particular, hates the Raiders. He will go out of his way to punish them. LT should get 25 carries this game.

Good luck. Hey, Look! The Texas Longhorns start their season like the ended it against USC, a terrible call by the officials leads to a Texas touchdown. F-u Longhorns!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fantasy Football Draft results

The fantasy football draft countdown was down to 30 minutes left when I signed on and discovered that I had the last pick. The random selection managed to screw me, but the snake draft format and stupid competitors saved me from being stuck with a sh*tty team. Having won back to back titles in FF, I am a little apprehensive to put my rep on the line in a new league.

The first round had a giant surprise with the #4 pick. LJ, Shaun Alexander and LT went in quick order, and then Lamont Jordan was selected with the 4th pick. It was a such a bad pick that a fellow competitor called me to ask if that guy was drinking at his computer. Sadly, alcohol was not an excuse. With Lamont Jordan being picked so high, and another team selecting Steve Smith with the 8 pick, I suddenly found myself looking at Steven Jackson, Edge or Rudi Johnson. To my wonderful surprise Rudi Johnson fell in my lap. I was a very happy FF GM.

Now who to pick with my next pick which was directly after my Rudi steal? I thought about picking up my boy, Julius Jones, but the injury bug worried me. I went with Ronnie Brown thinking that he is not splitting carries this year, which should push his yardage numbers up over 1000 and increase TDs. This established the rythmn that I had to consider picking two guys at once with the snake format. After the initial back to back picks I felt more comfortable and got into a groove.

My team is made up of D. McNabb, R. Johnson, R. Brown, D. Driver and Alge Crumpler as starters; Denver's Defense and Matt Stover as the kicker. My bench is deep: Deuce McAllister, Steve McNair, Eddie Kennison, Chris Cooley, Mark Clayton, and LenDale White. My thought was to stack up on RBs, and take flyers on the McNair/Ravens offense.

What was surprising was seeing Reggie Bush go 3 rounds ahead of Deuce and Joseph Addai go 3 rounds ahead of Dominic Rhodes, yet both rookies are back ups to the vets. Most analysts are expecting Deuce to get 15+ carries a game. I don't get why he fell to round 6. My big regret was not getting Ben Watson or Tom Brady. The Pats will be stuck throwing the ball a lot because Dillon is washed up and Maroney isn't ready yet. I saw the Pats/Skins pre-season game on Saturday and let's just say the Pats have two options when they pass: decrepit Troy Brown and Ben Watson. They need to resign Deion Branch. Both Watson and Brady were picked 3 spots before I could get them, so I will be keeping a keen eye on their progress so I can joke on that FF GM for stealing my picks. Stupid trends in my draft were drafting WRs going early and often and the back ups over starters thing mentioned above. Three different teams had 2 of their first 3 picks be WRs, with one FF GM picking 4 straight WRs. That guy's QB is Jake Plummer, with Brett Favre backing him up. Good luck bozo.

We'll see how things progress, and I will keep all y'all up to date with the "Narnia Centaurs" of the "LT Crack All Stars" league.